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Tax-Free Information

For customers from outside the EU (e.g. Switzerland, Norway, Great Britain...), VAT of 19 % is automatically deducted. This will be declared when you get to the "order summary". You will see the VAT-cleared price before you complete your order. Please note: instead, you will have to pay your national VAT + disbursement fee + tax charges later on!

• Switzerland (as of January 2024): 8,1% VAT + disbursement fee (2,5 % of VAT / minimum CHF 23.95)
• Norway (as of January 2019): 25% VAT + disbursement fee (3,5 % of VAT / minimum NOK 165.00)

• Great Britain: (as of February 2024): 20% VAT + disbursement fee (2,5 % of VAT / minimum GBP 12,90)


Please note: Shipping address must be outside the EU!

Non-EU customers who have their order shipped to a country with an address within the EU and then export the goods outside the EU can claim back the VAT. Therefore please fill out the Tax-Free Form, have it originally labelled by customs authorities and send it back to us by post including original invoice to realize the deduction afterwards. If you have trouble to fill in the German Tax-Free Form, you can use our how-to guide.

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For the refund of the VAT please attach your IBAN and BIC number.

Please understand that we cannot deal with requests when forms are not completed correctly, lacking IBAN/BIC or without the original invoice.