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On’s sustainability mission is simple: to design highperformance products with the smallest possible footprint thanks to innovations in circularity, materials, and production methods.


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On pursues the mission of developing high-performance products with the smallest possible environmental footprint possible. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand On is distinguished primarily by the following:

-The company is committed to responsibility throughout the supply chain.

-On produces in a resource-conserving manner and focuses on innovations in the areas of

Circular economy, Fabrics and production method

-The company promotes transparency and fair working conditions within the supply chain.

supply chain

ON is a brand based on optimism

ON was founded in 2010 by 3 Swiss friends out of a simple idea: To revolutionize running revolutionize running and implement innovative ideas with modern technologies. The CloudTec® cushioning system is a Swiss technology designed to improve your running experience. The CloudTec system consists of multiple clouds on the sole that give you more comfort and support for your run. It is the secret power in every On shoe. It provides a soft landing and a powerful push-off. ON calls it: running like on Clouds. In 2022, after 6 years of research, CleanCloud was of research, CleanCloud was launched. CleanCloud is a high-performance foam, made from carbon dioxide emissions. The first CleanCloud shoe is proof that high-performance products can be made from carbon emissions.


It is not only the love for running that has inspired the former professional athlete Olivier Bernhard and his friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti came together. They are all committed to the same revolutionary idea. This is their story: after ending his competitive career as a professional, Olivier Bernhard devoted himself to a very special idea: the running shoe for the perfect running experience. This plan brought him with a like-minded Swiss engineer who had an idea for a new kind of running shoe. Dozens of prototypes were developed. The basic concept - cushioned landing, powerful rebound - was always first and foremost. It was this unique running sensation that also inspired Caspar Coppetti and David Allemann to collaborate. Together with Olivier Bernhard, they founded On in January 2010 in Zurich. Only one month February, the prototypes already won an ISPO Brand New Award.


A running shoe subscription? Yes, that is possible. The Cyclon Cloudneo is a recyclable high-performance shoe made from castor beans. When the shoe wears out, you just send it back to ON. In return, you get a new one. ON is committed to innovative, sustainable and resource-saving production. Even the Cyclon-T is also made from rhizinus beans. It's a T-shirt you won't throw in the trash can. Unlike Cloudneo, the t-shirt is yours, but when you're done with it, you send it back to ON. The models from Cyclon are designed to be recycled. The goal is to recycle future, everything ON makes will be produced in a circular economy.


What started in 2010 with experiments made of garden hoses has conquered the hearts and feet of more than seven million endurance athletes in over 50 countries in the following ten years. The Swiss manufacturer's various collections not only provide a unique running sensation, but are available in a wide variety of designs and colors and can be combined with any outfit. Whether it's the Cloudventure for trail running, the Cloudgo for running or the Cloudrock for hiking - at ON you'll find the right footwear for your sport.

Are you still missing the right outfit? Then ON clothing is just the right thing for you. ON equips you from head to toe for every season. Whether a tank T in the summer or a weather jacket combined with running pants in the fall, ON dresses you. ON also pays attention to the materials in their apparel and strives to use recycled polyester, recycled polyamide and cotton fibers from recycled and petroleum-free sources in their main fabrics. The high-quality premium functional materials make the clothing lightweight, breathable and stylish to support you optimally in your movements.


ON wanted to change the world of running, and they succeeded. They wanted running to be less about the way you run and more about enjoying the running itself. So the fun should be in the foreground. Normally, you always have to adapt to your shoe when running. However, ON has managed to make the shoe adapt to you, giving you even more comfort and supporting your natural running style.

ON believes that running is not just about the ankle and the feet. Rather, the whole body needs to be considered. For ON, the optimal landing point is in the midfoot area. After landing, you are immediately ready to push off again and are not slowed down unnecessarily. So you can continue your run full of energy.


Not everyone has the same level of running, ON is aware of this and has therefore developed a wide range of models. There is a shoe to suit every type of ground and weather. The Cloud 5 Waterproof, for example, is completely waterproof and keeps your feet dry even in the rain. Whether running, trail running, hiking, tennis or leisure, at Sport Conrad you will find the right shoe for your activity. Because Sport Conrad is also fascinated by the concept of the Swiss brand. We carry a large selection of ON products for men and women. Surely you will find your ideal companion.

So, what are you waiting for? Just take a look around and convince yourself - online or in person - of the ON products at Sport Conrad.