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On’s sustainability mission is simple: to design highperformance products with the smallest possible footprint thanks to innovations in circularity, materials, and production methods.


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More about ON

Why is On a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

On's mission is to develop high-performance products with the smallest possible environmental footprint. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, On stands out primarily because of the following:

- The company is committed to responsibility throughout its supply chain

- On produces in a resource-conserving manner and focuses on innovations in the areas of circular economy, materials and production methods

- The company promotes transparency and fair working conditions within the supply chain

On is a brand built on optimism

In 2010, the Swiss brand launched with the goal of revolutionizing the running experience. However, the Swiss' ambitions go beyond developing high-performance running shoes and apparel: "On was born in the Swiss Alps, where we unfortunately experience the effects of climate change firsthand. It's up to our generation to reverse course and stop robbing our planet of its resources," says founder Caspar Coppetti. As the brand grew, On took more and more responsibility for its impact on the environment and society. For On, this is an opportunity for more innovation - in products, in operations, in everything we do. " we envision a future where everyone can thrive on the planet we share. We know we have a long way to go toward that destination, but we are committed to investing in solutions that bring us closer." On is focusing on innovative, sustainable materials, resource-efficient production and a circular economy. With the Cyclone, On launched the first subscription model for running shoes.

From garden hose to sports innovation

As a result, and through countless experiments (some of them involving pieces of cut-up garden hose), they have created the ’ON’, a shoe that first amazed and has since delighted the running world. ONs are not just a new running experience: they are far more than that. And the company’s three co-founders have become ambassadors of a new running sensation whose success has far outpaced their expectations.

The story of ON begins four years ago in Zurich. You probably think that it takes a long time until a brand establishes itself on the world market. But it is just the opposite with ON. Within a very short time the brand became so popular that one could hardly imagine a world without them.

Today, only four years after the foundation of the brand, ON running shoes are known everywhere. These shoes are available in more than 25 countries and many professional athletes are enthusiastic about them. ON has even opened a second location in Portland, Oregon. In other words, the shoe specialist is well-known throughout Europe and has a presence across continents.

The brand ON has already received several prices. The prototypes of the brand have won for example the ISPO BrandNew Award. The Wall Street Journal has also referred to ON as a revolutionary shoe. In addition, ON was awarded the Design Preis Schweiz for pioneering running shoe design.


Running is supposed to be fun

ON wanted to change the running and has done so. The company wanted people to enjoy running and not to think too much about how to do it right. So, they thought that fun should be in the foreground. Normally you always have to adapt to your shoe. ON has, however, succeeded in adapting the shoe to your foot to give you even more comfort and to support your natural running style.

Responsible for this effect is the patented CloudTec® damping. This technology absorbs the impact on the road, which naturally allows you to roll on the forefoot. The Cloud elements ensure stability and thus also a powerful kick.

Individual running

What is special about the shoes of ON are the so-called "Clouds". Thanks to this innovation the sole is made up of many separate elements that either dampen your landing where you need it or react complied. As a result, your natural running is supported and you have full control.

The whole body is important

ON has the opinion that the focus should not only be on the ankle and the feet, but on the whole body. The optimal landing point is placed on the midfoot area. Therefore, you are ready for the repulsion right after landing and you do not lose any speed.

A versatile collection

Since ON is aware that not everyone has the same level of running, they have developed a wide range of shoes. They think that your individual running style can always develop further and thus they offer you the ideal companion depending on your running stage. No matter which one of them – the Cloud, the Cloudsurfer or the Cloudventure for example – they will have the perfect, lightweight running shoe for you.

Sport Conrad is also fascinated by the brand that has changed the running sport. We offer a diverse assortment for ladies and gentlemen, where you will surely find your ideal companion. When are you looking around and convince yourself? You decide whether you want to change your natural running feeling and make running a whole new experience.