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Kohla has an enormously broad selection of backcountry/touring ski skins that deliver the ultimate performance for beginners as well as the “super elite” – "Made in Tyrol" since 1932.


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More Kohla Facts

Why is Kohla a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

The company’s products are largely developed, tested and manufactured in Austria with the advantage that they must meet the highest production standards and that the supply chain is fully traceable. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Kohla stands out in the following ways:

- The company is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain
- It prides itself on ecologically friendly, resource-saving production
- Kohla is a climate-neutral company

Brutal local love

Sustainability is an important concern for Kohla, with regard to environmental and social standards in the production chain and to the company itself. Kohla prefers to work with local companies, thus ensuring the availability of goods and short decision-making channels and transport distances.

Kohla's philosophy: "Our heart beats for the brutal local love of mountain sports – of nature. Of course, implementation is not always easy, but it is our passion to implement customer requirements and innovations while always remaining regional, genuine and fair, as well as continuing to follow the Tyrolean way."

That is why Kohla developed its own "Brutal Local" label. Award-winning products need to meet certain criteria: For example, at least 90 percent of their value creation must be in Austria and their supply chain must be 100 percent traceable. Brutal Local products are manufactured to the highest standards and provide secure jobs with full-time, year-round employment.


Basically, Kohla has become synonymous with climbing skins. For many years, the Tyrolean brand has been dominating the market for climbing skins in the Alps region.

In the 2015/16 winter season, Kohla introduced the Vacuum Base Composite skin which immediately got awarded with an ISPO Award. The innovative principle featuring a two-zone-undercoating rests on a Vacuum surface-structure, which attaches to the base of the ski under pressure. Modifications on the edge and the middle strip increase the functionality and handling of the Vacuum climbing skin.

Furthermore, Kohla also harbours a wide range of rather conventional climbing skins. All possible demands of ski touring are fulfilled: race skins like the Evolution Race with a 62 mm width can be found in the product range, just like skin widths of up to 145 mm. This span of various skins mirrors the entire spectrum of the sport: from race all the way to freeride-oriented ski touring.

Another important criterion for best-possible uphill performance are various materials which are used in classic skins. Here, mohair-mix or pure mohair are used as the base. Mohair convinces with exceptionally good glide characteristics, while synthetic fibre is more durable. A composite version, such as mix-mohair (mostly 70 % synthetic fibre and 30 % mohair), combines the respective characteristics.


Skin accessories like skin waxes and waterproofing sprays are part of Kohla’s product range. Further crucial accessories are separating foils for the transport of the skins and, of course, the different Multifit-attachment-options for particular skis, such as twin tip skis. All the above are products which are must-haves if a brand wants to be considered as an absolute expert in the realm of ski touring. In terms of ski touring, backpacks, telescopic poles, avalanche shovels, avalanche probes, and gaiters complete the product range of Kohla.


The origins of Kohla can be traced back to the early 1930s, when it was established under the name of Max Kohla KG in Innsbruck, Austria. Ever since, the brand has been standing for mountaineering gear “Made in Tirol”. The first products which were manufactured under the Kohla banner were hunting equipment like backpacks and poles.

2003 became a crucial year for the Austrian corporation. That year, Kohla was taken over by the Span brothers and has been a part of Ibex Sportartikel (sports gear) GmbH ever since. In the wake of this major change, the entire product range was revisited. The goal was a further focusing and specialization of product groups where Kohla was able to look back at multiple decades of experience. Today, the Tyrolean skin manufacturer is synonymous with local mountaineering gear. The entire cycle of development, production, and test phase, happens within one and the same region, meaning a significant contribution to environmental protection.