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Whether freeride, ski touring or alpine. The right ski goggles are essential for keeping a clear view in any weather and in any situation. They are not only a beautiful accessory, but also very helpful and indispensable for fun on the slopes.


They protect your eyes from snow, wind and sunshine and are part of the basic equipment for every skier. The only thing you have to do is to choose between several different models. Cylindrical or spherical lenses, light transmission, interchangeable lenses, fit and design are some of the factors you should look for when buying the most suitable ski goggles for you. With us you will find a wide range of different goggles, so that in the end everyone gets his money's worth and can enjoy his ski trip to the maximum.
No matter where you are with your skis, the last thing you should worry about is poor visibility on the descent or ascent. Whether it's due to wind, snow or the sun, there are many things that can negatively affect your visibility on the mountain. With the right ski goggles, your eyes are protected against all weather conditions and you can fully concentrate on skiing.


For those who don't know what the day will bring, ski goggles with interchangeable lenses are especially good. For example, if clouds suddenly appear on a sunny day, you can adjust your eyes to the new light conditions with an appropriate interchangeable lens - so you are prepared for all weather conditions.

So that you waste as little time as possible, many manufacturers rely on sophisticated interchangeable systems. Depending on the model, you can choose between clip-, click- or magnetic systems. They allow you to change the disc in a flash to lose as little time as possible on the slopes. For those for whom this effort is too great and who can live with minimal compromises in visibility, there are of course also all-rounder goggles that provide a good view in any weather conditions. In addition, most goggles have a ventilation system so that the lenses do not fog up during the descent and your field of vision remains clear.


Another thing you should pay attention to when buying your ski goggles is the shape of the lenses. Goggles with cylindrical lenses can be recognized by the fact that they are only curved horizontally, but not vertically. These models are usually cheaper, but can also filter light a bit worse than goggles with spherical lenses. These, on the other hand, are curved both horizontally and vertically, which, in addition to a larger interior volume, also provides somewhat better ventilation and a more expansive field of vision.

The tint of the lenses also plays a crucial role, as it is decisive for the light transmission, which is often indicated with the VLT value. The VLT value here stands for the percentage of light passing through the lens. The lower this value, the less light can pass through the lens of the glasses. Such glasses are ideal especially on sunny days, because they prevent you from being blinded. If it is rather cloudy or foggy outside, a higher VLT value is recommended so that you can still see enough and it does not get too dark for you on your descent. Especially in heavy light conditions, good visibility is the key, as the risk of injury is increased here. Snow masses pushed together often result in dangerous hills, which you can see very badly or only very late, especially in fog.

Instead of the VLT value, you can also come across the so-called S value when buying ski goggles.
A distinction is made between the values S0 to S4. Here, 0 stands for low and 4 for high UV protection. Models equipped with Vario technology are suitable for a wider range of weather conditions and include several S values.

In addition, it makes sense when buying ski goggles to pay attention to whether the lenses have a so-called "antifog coating". These glasses have been subjected to a special surface treatment which should prevent fogging. If the lenses of your goggles have not been treated in this way, you have the option to apply an antifog spray afterwards and thus avoid possible, annoying fogging.


If you normally wear prescription glasses, it is important to pay attention to the size when buying new ski goggles. The new goggles should fit comfortably and effortlessly over your prescription glasses. It is important that the goggles and helmet are compatible and that the ventilation openings of the ski goggles are not covered. In general, the ski goggles should have good ventilation openings so that the air can circulate well and fogging is avoided.
Otherwise, you always have the option to use a helmet with visor. This offers - especially for spectacle wearers - a lot of comfort.
Speaking of comfort: The wearing comfort must not be disregarded. The ski goggles should not cause any pressure points on your face. With most goggles, you can easily vary the width of the strap. In addition, the strap of some models is even equipped with a silicone gripper on the inside, which prevents slipping.

Ski goggles at Sport Conrad

Whether for children, women or men, we at Sport Conrad have a large selection of different brands such as POC, Smith or Sweet Protection. Here you will find ski goggles in a variety of colors and shapes. Just browse our store, or even better, stop by one of our stores. It's best to take your ski helmet with you so that you can find out on the spot whether the desired model also fits your helmet.