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Cross-country skiing is one of the increasingly popular winter sports. There are numerous ways to let off steam while cross-country skiing on a trail or in the wild. In addition to functional clothing and the perfect skis, however, the right cross-country ski poles should not be missing. Carbon or aluminum, Leki Trigger Shark System and Vario poles - Find more information here on what to look for in cross-country ski poles and find the optimal ski pole for your needs at Sport Conrad!

The right cross-country ski poles for your cross-country skiing technique

Whether classic, skating or even both - your cross-country skiing technique determines the selection of your cross-country ski poles. Since you are also propelling yourself with your arms during cross-country the poles should be particularly stable and of high quality. The right length also plays an important role in cross-country skiing (to the cross-country pole size chart), so that you distribute your power optimally and do not injure yourself.
The calculation of the ideal pole length for cross-country skiing depends on your body size, but also on your preferred cross-country skiing technique. If the length does not fit optimally, this will lead to incorrect and excessive strain. If you are more of a classic cross-country skier, your ski poles should be a little shorter. For skating, on the other hand, longer cross-country ski poles are recommended. If cross-country skiing is only a recreational sport for you and you like to switch between both techniques, length-adjustable Vario poles are just right for you!

Classic cross country skiing

In classic cross-country skiing, you push yourself forward primarily with your legs. Your arms help you stabilize and your poles should therefore not be too long. Measured at the loop exit, the ideal cross-country ski pole for classic cross-country skiing is not much longer than your shoulders. If you are a beginner cross-country skier, multiply your height by 0.82. If you are an advanced classic cross-country skier, multiply your height by 0.84. The result shows you the ideal pole length for your cross-country poles. Our tip: Sporty cross-country skiers should round up their result, those who prefer to be relaxed on the trail should round down.

The cross-country skating technique

When skating, you need enough strength and endurance in your arms for the right drive. In order to be able to push yourself far enough, it is therefore recommended to use longer skating poles that reach up to your chin. Beginners in skating technique multiply their height times by 0.87, while advanced cross-country skiers multiply their height by 0.89. As with the classic cross-country technique, we recommend that more athletic cross-country skiers round up the result for the pole length of the skating poles.

Vario poles for both cross-country skiing techniques

If you like to switch between both techniques, classic and skating cross-country skiing, there are also length-adjustable ski poles that can be adapted to your running style. Vario poles, e.g. from Leki, are more suitable for recreational sports, however, as they lose some stability in order to be able to adjust the length.

Aluminum or carbon - The optimal material for your cross-country ski poles

Not only the right size of your cross-country ski poles is crucial for the ultimate cross-country skiing comfort. The material also has an impact on, for example, the swing behavior and the hardness of the poles. The tip of the cross-country ski poles should therefore be as light as possible to avoid swinging forward when the poles are brought forward. The tips are primarily made of steel or high-quality carbide, which differ only in price and durability. The handles of the ski poles should not be slippery and are therefore made of cork or plastic. Both materials differ only minimally in their insulating properties, but these are often perceived very subjectively.
With the loops, on the other hand, it is important for cross-country skiing to retain enough mobility in the hands.
Swix, for example, offers different loop sizes to fit your hands perfectly. Also popular in cross-country skiing is the Leki Trigger Shark technology, which convinces with a removable strap system. The Leki Trigger Shark also reduces the risk of injury during cross-country skiing, as the loops can be flexibly removed with a click button and, for example, release themselves in the event of a fall.
The snow plates of the cross-country ski poles are mostly aerodynamic and suitable for all conditions and techniques. Only for cross-country skiing competitions should you get plates specially made for hard trails or loose snow. For the material of the poles themselves, you have the choice between aluminum, carbon and a mix with fiberglass.

Aluminum poles for cross-country skiing beginners

Aluminum poles offer you a favorable price-performance ratio, especially for recreational sports. The cross-country ski poles made of aluminum are stable and cheaper, but also somewhat more difficult in the swing behavior, because the pole tip likes to swing forward. For beginners and relaxed recreational skiers nevertheless a proven material.

Stability and lightness with carbon cross-country ski poles

Cross-country ski poles made of carbon are not only very light, they also do not give way when pushing off in the snow and convince with better swing behavior. For  advanced and competitive cross-country skiers, carbon is therefore the ideal material for cross-country poles. However, these cross-country ski poles belong to a significantly higher price category.

The alternative in cross-country skiing: carbon mix

A cheaper alternative is therefore the cross-country ski pole made of carbon and fiberglass. These poles continue to offer very good properties, similar to pure carbon poles, but are somewhat cheaper due to the material mix.

Cross-country ski poles for your needs

Whether beginner, advanced or competition cross-country skier, with us you will find exactly the right cross-country ski pole for your needs. Our various manufacturers, such as Komperdell, Salomon, Leki, One Way or Swix, offer you different cross-country ski poles that are very light but also stable. Leki convinces with the Trigger  Shark system, which promises a special flexibility of the hand. In addition to brand and material properties, you only have to decide on the right length, which you should make dependent on your preferred technique and your ability. If you have any questions, our team is always at your disposal. Find your perfect cross-country ski poles online now!