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The best stories are those that tell of a great passion. Like the story of Sport Conrad - when Hans Conrad senior registered as a shoemaker in St. Johannisrain, the origin of Penzberg, in 1897. When his grandson - and today's senior boss - Dieter Conrad joins the company, the shoemaker's business develops into a retail business: as an enthusiastic ski racer, Dieter Conrad opens the first ski department in 1958.

30 years later, the 4th generation joins the family business with the siblings Hans Conrad and Christina Linder (née Conrad). The passion for mountaineering and experiencing nature had long been ignited. Stories are still told today about wild alpine tours, on foot, on skis or on bikes in the mountains.

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We have a history

1897 Everything starts here: Hans Conrad registers a trade as a "shoemaker without assistants" in St. Johannisrain.

1932 Generation change and the same name: Son Hans Conrad takes over the business.

1958 Skiing is developing into a leisure sport: Son Dieter Conrad joins the company and, as an enthusiastic ski racer, opens the first ski department.

1975 Brick by brick: New construction of the commercial building in Penzberg.

1988 Brothers and sisters: Hans Conrad and Christina Linder (born Conrad) join the company as the 4th generation.

1999 Entering the world wide web: Launch of the online platform – the first bestseller is a freeride ski, which is ordered 100 times overnight from the USA. Joy? Big! Packaging? Labor intensive!

2000 major fire in the Penzberg store: The damage amounts to approximately 7 million German Mark and the shop will remain closed for a year during the renovation.

2008 New, new, new: Opening of a new store in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

2013 The house of the elves: The now worldwide online trade gets a new building. State-of-the-art logistics are moving in – from now on, 1,500 packages can be sent to 52 different countries every day.

2019 Wir Denken Um: Our label for sustainable products and suppliers. Sport Conrad is climate neutral.