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Nordic Ski Boots

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Cross-country ski boots at Sport Conrad

If you are going on a winter vacation to cross-country ski through snowy landscapes, you need not only the perfect cross-country skis and poles, but also the right cross-country boots in your ski equipment. The variety of shoes is in no way inferior to the numerous models of cross-country skis. Therefore, when choosing your cross-country ski boots, it's all about your preferred style. Get more information about cross-country ski boots at Sport Conrad!

Buy the right cross country ski boots online

The right equipment for cross-country skiing is just as important as functional clothing. Cross-country skiing not only challenges your legs, cross-country skiing is a full-body sport and you need not only a lot of endurance but also the right technique. Therefore, cross-country ski boots are also adapted to the predominant techniques classic, skating and backcountry.

There are cross-country ski boots for the classic cross-country style, which give your feet more room to move and more freedom of movement. Shoes for the classic style support the feet especially in the rolling movement and therefore also have a lower shaft and a soft sole.
Shoes for skating, on the other hand, are much more stable and made of harder material. The skating cross-country shoes and also the shoes for backcountry provide above all an optimal power transmission between feet and cross-country skis and offer very good grip due to the long shaft and the hard sole.
For casual recreational skiers and beginners, there are of course also cross-country ski boots that are suitable for any style. Whether classic or skating, the combination shoes allow you not only good stability but also enough flexibility so that you do not run blisters.

The cross-country ski boots are of course also available with different closure systems. It all depends on which model makes the most sense for you. There are cross-country ski shoes with lacing, but also with Velcro or buckles. Decide here according to your own preferences and the best fit. Whatever cross-country ski shoes you are interested in, at Sport Conrad you will find high-quality shoes from numerous top brands, such as Salomon, Madshus, Alpina Sports, Fischer or Rossignol.

The right cross-country ski boot for different binding systems

In addition to the appropriate cross-country skiing technique, the choice of your cross-country ski boots also depends on the standard of the bindings of your cross-country skis. If the cross-country ski boot does not fit the binding, the cross-country skiing experience is over very quickly. There are two binding systems that are very common and that have different advantages. Therefore, when buying your boots, pay attention to which binding you have on your cross-country skis.

Cross-country ski boots for SNS bindings

The SNS bindings or Salomon Nordic System bindings are, as the name suggests, primarily produced by Salomon. The SNS cross-country ski boots have two crossbars made of metal on the sole, in front under the toe and further back on the ball. Cross-country ski boots for an SNS binding are therefore not compatible with an NNN binding.

Cross country ski boots for NNN bindings

The NNN binding or New Nordic Norm is produced mainly by the Norwegian company Rottefella. On the sole of the shoes there is only one bar made of metal directly at the toe. Like the SNS cross-country ski boots, the NNN cross-country ski boots are only compatible with the corresponding bindings.

Cross-country ski boots for women, men and children

When choosing cross-country ski boots, you should therefore not only pay attention to your preferred style, but also to the binding of your skis. However, the most important thing in cross-country skiing shoes is the fit and comfort during use. If the shoe is too tight, you can quickly get problems on the feet despite soft and functional socks by blisters or abrasions. If the cross-country ski shoes are too wide, they do not offer you the necessary safety and the right support. The right size of the shoes makes the difference here.
Here you will find cross-country ski shoes in different sizes for women, men and kids from numerous top brands. Find your new cross-country ski shoes easily online at Sport Conrad!