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The cult climbing brand from Tyrol puts fair working conditions and sustainable production first - and of course casual designs.


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More about Chillaz

Why is Chillaz a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

Even after 20 years, people with a love of detail are still making clothing for climbers and outdoor enthusiasts. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Chillaz is characterised above all by the following points:

- The owner-managed company is committed to responsibility throughout the supply chain

- Design in Tyrol/Austria, production in Italy, Croatia and Istanbul/Turkey

- The company pays attention to the resource-saving use of packaging materials and drives innovations forward

Feel-good clothing with aspiration

Born in the Tyrolean Alps, Chillaz loves adventure. No way? No way! That also applies to the clothing. Functional is good. Functional, durable and sustainable is better: "We live nature. That's why we conserve resources and ensure short distances. We pay wages that people can live on and create clothes that last a long time. For us, that means sustainable business." From design to production to packaging, Chillaz pays attention to the impact on the environment, especially the greenhouse gases emitted by the production of the materials and the water used for this. (Organic) cotton and the wood-based fibres Modal and Tencel are used.

Production takes place in Italy, Croatia and Turkey, and the people employed in Turkey have been part of the Chillaz family for over 20 years. A commitment to handshake quality. "We treat our brand like our personal signature. If you don't sign everything lightly, there is a lot of responsibility behind it." Chillaz´s entire philosophy centers around the two key words Search & Respect. The search continues to lead the company to new fiber-creations time and again, which are worked under fair work conditions. The first award for this was the ISPO Brand New Award, which the company received only five years after its inception.

Who´s all part of the Chillaz family?

The brand´s name is an acronym for “Chilling and the Zillertal (an Austrian valley)”. After all, hectic is completely out of place in climbing as well as in life in general. The laid-back brand was founded by Ulf Kattnig and Florian Proxauf in 2001 in the Austrian village of Vomp, which is located in the Innsbruck area, just at the outskirts of the scenic Zillertal. In subsequent years, Ulf´s wife, Sandra, joined the team and has become a cornerstone in terms of design and marketing. Today, a crew of ten runs the whole, successful show. You can really connect with one of these people by simply giving him or her a call – an occasion which should not be taken for granted in today´s world.

Chillaz: Tangible Love

Chillaz´s clothing is all about the feeling to it. The key to the brand´s success is the great quality of the chosen materials. There is so much professionality and love involved, you will have a hard time to find something similar. Chillaz really cares about details, like, for example, the characteristics of the colors, which must not be cancer-provoking, and that the composition of the material does not only say Lycra, but you can also feel the fiber´s high quality. 

The Chillaz line consists of clothing, which is suited for sports and leisure alike. The program comprises pants, pullovers and shirts, climbing jackets, and shorts with a special focus on coziness. The bright, fresh, and functional products are not only made for athletes, but also excite a plethora of people all over the world, no matter how active or old they might be.