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Inline Skating Helmets & Protectors

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Skateboard helmets & inline protectors at Sport Conrad

Whether advanced or beginner, when skating - falls and collisions can not always be avoided. On skateboards or inline skates you quickly reach high speeds, especially on uneven terrain this can be dangerous. To prevent injuries, such as abrasions or bruises, skate helmet and protectors are ideal. But these products are not only suitable for protection, protectors also provide more self-confidence. Discover now the range of our protective equipment for skating at Sport Conrad!

Protection equipment and acessories for inline skaters

Fast speed, asphalt or obstacles can pretty much spoil the fun when skateboarding or on inline skates. After all, every skater might have experienced falls and abrasions at least once. Especially the head should always be protected when skating, whether on skateboards or inline skates. But also wrists, knees and elbows should not be forgotten. With the right protective equipment, the entire body is protected and the sensitive skin remains intact.
But those who protect themselves properly not only avoid injuries. Protectors and helmets provide more motivation and self-confidence. When skating, higher speeds or fancy jumps can now be dared without fear of injury or concussion.

Skater helmets with essential features

Various manufacturers offer numerous products and accessories for inline skating. The selection of the right protective equipment is not always easy. When buying accessories, the right size, high-quality workmanship and weight are particularly important. After all, protectors and helmets should protect and not hinder. Our range therefore includes all the essential features that guarantee the best possible safety and maximize the fun-factor.


Since the outer shell of the helmet must absorb the most, hardshell helmets are best suited for inline skating or roller skating. The durable ABS shell is extremely robust and therefore offers optimal protection against impact. In addition to functional features, also the appropriate design plays an important role. Sporty graphics and an eye-catching color are particularly popular among skaters. But also simple models in black or white are available.

Soft lining for comfortable wearing properties

In order to provide the appropriate comfort, the inner lining of the helmet is often made of lightweight EPS foam, which is connected to the robust outer shell. Additional padding reliably cushions falls and improves the comfortable feel. For even more comfort, breathable and soft materials in the inner helmet prevent overheating and quickly wick moisture to the outside. Air channels on the inside of the skater helmet also promise optimal ventilation. So full concentration remains guaranteed even during strenuous tours with inline skates.

Optimal support thanks to anatomical fit

All the functions of the helmet are of no use if the fit is not right. However, with the help of an ergonomic inner piece, each skater helmet can be quickly and easily adjusted to the ideal head shape via a rotary knob. The innovative closure system also provides an even more secure fit and maximizes protection. To determine the appropriate size of the helmet, it is recommended to measure the head beforehand. The perfect skater helmet should fit comfortably on the head without constricting or slipping, even when jumping or running fast.

Protectors – reliable head to toe protection

Whether roller skates, inline skates or skateboards - protectors or pads are just as important as skate helmets. Hard and robust plastic shells on the outside of the protectors reliably protect against impact and abrasion. On the inside, breathable and soft mesh pads provide the necessary comfort. Thanks to simple closure buckles on the front, the protectors can be universally adapted to any body shape and joint. However, since women usually have a narrower anatomy than men, there are special models for women that are tailored to the shape of the elbows, wrists and knees. Also for children we have protectors in the set, which are light and comfortable.

The best skating equipment from our top brands at Sport Conrad

A practical protector set or stylish skater helmets, in our assortment every skater gets his money's worth. High-quality and robust protective equipment from K2 and more bring every workout and every tour on skateboard or inline skates to a new level. Our skater helmets also have a bicycle helmet certificate, which is why they not only provide optimal protection when skating, but are also suitable for cycling for other outdoor sports. Find the right protectors and skater helmets online at Sport Conrad now!