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Inline Skates & Scooters


Inline Skates at Sport Conrad

You train balance and endurance, easy on the joints, and also move in the fresh air: Inline skating is one of the increasingly popular sports. Men, women and children keep fit by skating through parks, around a lake or on the promenade and have a lot of fun. We have the right equipment for beginners and professionals. Discover the variety of our products now and find your new inline skates from top brands at Sport Conrad!


high-quality products for inline-Skating

Inline skating is all about the right technique. If you push your legs off the ground alternately in rhythm, shifting your weight and letting your arms swing along with the loaded leg, you not only protect your joints but also skate safely. With a clean technique on inline skates, advanced skaters can reach high speeds without any problems. But what good is all the skill if the equipment does not fit?
The inline skates must also be of high quality and supportive while skating. The products in our range promise a pleasant comfort thanks to soft boot technology and soft padding. The aluminum rail additionally guarantees optimal power transmission between shoe and rollers. Different closure systems offer a wide range of choice - from buckles to turnbuttons and Velcro to classic lacing. The different manufacturers have other excellent features that make the Inline skates unique. For example, K2 inline skates have an inner shoe with additional inserts that provide more flexibility and support by supporting natural movement.

But also inline skates from brands like Fila or Rollerblade are very popular. Breathable, comfortable and secure, these are just some of the advantages of the inline skates offered in our range.

Inline-Skates: different models for individual athletes

Not all inline skates are made for every rider. Women often have narrower feet than men, so there are special models that adapt to the anatomy of the female foot. Also for children there are different size adjustable inline skates, because they grow quickly. So that there is no need to constantly buy new inline skates, these products offer a cheap alternative especially for young skaters.
But not only age and gender should be considered when buying inline skates. Also important are the own ability and the preferred area of use.

smaller wheel diameters for beginners

Inline skates for beginners have smaller wheels with a diameter of about 80mm. The inline skates are thus not only closer to the ground, you are also more agile and do not reach too high speeds. Beginners should first practice braking when inline skating and then slowly approach higher speeds. On a flat and wide track, the first practice laps can be made easily with the beginner models of inline skates. At the same time, these inline skates offer easy handling and additional stability for more safety.

Inliners for advanced skaters

If you are already more experienced and confident on inline skates, you can switch to larger wheels. These not only promise a faster pace, but also provide even more skating fun. The inline skates for advanced skaters often offer more freedom of movement and flexibility. Fitness skates are ideal for workouts or relaxed rides in leisure time. If you want to reach really high speeds, it is best to reach for special speed skates. The large wheels are ideal for quickly gaining speed.

Inline-Skates for Freestyle skaters

For freestylers who try out in skate parks and on ramps, the so-called Aggressive skates are the perfect choice. The very small wheels allow fast turns and have a stable grip. These sturdy skates often have a hard shell on the outside to absorb falls and ensure the longevity of the inline skates. Due to small camber(s) of the rail, sliding is also possible.
In addition to freestyle skates, there are also special inline skates for other sports, such as inline field hockey or Nordic skating, similar to cross-country skiing only on rollers.

Inliners or Roller-Skates

With the variety of products and categories in inline skating, it is easy to lose track. Roller skates are the classic version of this sport. Each shoe has two wheels at the front and rear end parallel to each other and a brake at the front. Inline skates or inliners, on the other hand, have three to four wheels distributed directly behind each other along the entire length of the inline skates. This arrangement of the wheels makes it possible to reach high speeds in roller sports and to be particularly maneuverable. Roller skates, on the other hand, are more suitable for relaxed rides and less for skating.

Comfort, freedom of movement & performance with inline skates from Sport Conrad

Which inline skates are best suited depends primarily on personal ability and preferences. In addition, the right fit and stability are also important. Breathable materials that adapt to the movement and anatomy of the footbed provide extra comfort in the inline skates. In our range we have a selection of inline skates from various top brands that guarantee the best possible performance and a safe and comfortable feeling. Find your new inline skates in different sizes online at Sport Conrad now!