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Winter Boots

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Winter Boots

You are looking for new shoes for the cold season? Find your perfect winter boots for ice and snow with us!

Fairy tale winter forests, frozen lakes and snow-covered meadows and hills - the time for winter hiking is finally here and the anticipation increases with every centimeter of fresh snow, but this joy can quickly be clouded if there is no suitable footwear in the shoe rack. Hiking in winter not only places high demands on clothing, but also on the right footwear. With the wrong pair this excursion may not turn out as planned, wet and cold feet as well as slippery parts on icy paths are pre-programmed and in the worst case you still get a cold or an injury.
With the right winter boots, your feet stay pleasantly warm, and the boots ensure a safe step, both on icy surfaces and on slippery snow slopes. Get Perfectly equipped for your next winter hike.


In the winter boots section we distinguish two areas because it makes a difference whether you want to wear the winter shoes in everyday life, in the city or for outdoor activities. The requirements for the shoes are different depending on the activity. Waterproof, warm and with a non-slip sole are both winter boots for everyday use and winter boots for extended hikes. Let's take a look at the differences.

Winter boots for everyday life

When visiting the Christmas market, on the way to work or walking the dog, you would like to have warm, dry feet and not look like you are about to set off on your next outdoor adventure? You want to look "urban" with winter boots in a casual outdoor look? There are winter boots for men and women that look good and still provide warm feet, and are very often waterproof or water-repellent.

Half-high, plain boots, or yet high, lined boots that have the look of classic boots but are fully equipped in terms of function. Lined sneakers or ankle boots are also an alternative to chunky boots in winter. However, you should not go on a long snow hike with winter boots for everyday wear, because casual shoes cannot meet these requirements.

Differences in the shoe upper

"Upper?" Yes, it's true, the term "upper" generally refers to the entire upper part of a shoe. In the case of winter boots, this refers to the tube-like area that can reach just above the ankle or, in the case of very high boots, almost to the knee. Even hiking boots come with a different shaft height depending on the purpose and weather. You can adhere to the following motto here - "form follows function". This means that for light to moderate snowfall you are well-equipped with a medium-high shaft, while for hiking in deep snow you should rather fall back on a boot with a high or half-high shaft.

Winter boots for outdoor use

In order to be ideally prepared for all facets of winter, such as sledding, extended snowshoe hikes and even ankle-deep slush, functionality is simply the highest priority for action boots.

The choice here for men and women is either medium-cut or boots. For shorter hikes on paved terrain on warmer days, outdoor low shoes are sufficient - as well as a good winter companion in the city. Proper outdoor boots are designed to protect your feet from wet, cold, and rocky terrain, and to provide you with optimal support while hiking.

If you choose high boots, you are on the safe side, because they support the ankle and prevent painful twisting. The classic and modern boots for mountaineering and hiking are mostly made of an intelligent material mix of leather and water-repellent synthetic high-tech fabric.

Now just find the right size

Winter hiking boots should fit tightly and be as snug as possible without pinching or constricting the feet. Ideally, the circumference of the shoe can be optimally adjusted to your individual foot shape. It is best to try on the shoes with your hiking socks and also with thicker socks, so that you can put on and wear the boots comfortably even at the lowest temperatures.

It may be that you have to buy one size larger. This also applies to winter hiking boots with a warm lining. Do you have questions about the right shoe size, or are you unsure? Then our team will be happy to advise you online (through our contact-form) and in person in one of our stores.

Choose the right material for your winter boots

Warm, breathable and waterproof - is that possible?
Our feet sweat even when temperatures drop below freezing. The inner material should therefore not only be warm, but also absorb moisture as good as possible and wick it away to the outside. From the outside, on the other hand, the shoe should be made of a waterproof / water-repellent material to reliably keep out snow, ice and slush. For this to happen, the following materials have proven themselves for winter boots:

Leather: highly water-repellent and extremely breathable, therefore often the material of first choice for winter outdoor boots

Synthetic materials: polyurethane or polyester are particularly resistant, can be completely waterproof and have insulating properties on top of that, thus protecting you perfectly from wetness. Therefore, they are often combined with leather, for example.

However, shoes made of pure rubber are not recommended, because you will quickly sweat in them due to the lack of breathability, while pure leather shoes, in turn, require intensive care. For this reason, hybrid models are often used in outdoor sports, which combine the positive properties of both materials.

Lining for every weather condition

Let's take a look at the different linings of winter boots.
Here, among other things, a distinction is made between warm and cold lining. Depending on the activity, either the one or the other lining comes into question for you:

Cold lining: cold-lined shoes do without a fur or other warming inner lining, which means that the shoe tends to warm the feet less. The cold lining is therefore ideal for mild winters and winter hiking in regions with warmer temperatures. However, by wearing thick socks, a warming effect can be achieved if needed. So you can wear the shoe with cold lining in a wide range of weather conditions.

• Warm lining: The so-called warm lining is to keep the foot warm from the inside. For this purpose, the winter boot is lined with a warming material, for example fur or polyester. If you tend to have cold feet or are traveling in particularly icy regions, a winter boot with warm lining is ideal for you!

When temperatures drop well below zero, it's especially important that your feet don't get cold. On the other hand, if the shoes are too warm, your feet will start to sweat even in winter. Therefore, it is important to always choose winter boots suitable for the prevailing climatic conditions.

Winter boots for children

Especially children do not want to come indoors in winter, they prefer to play outside in the snow for hours. To keep your children's feet nice and warm in winter, winter boots should be chosen carefully. Because here, too, the area of use is an important criterion - so which shoe for which use?

• For simple walks on flat terrain or in the city, snow boots that offer a lot of freedom of movement and high wearing comfort are recommended, here half-high winter boots are a good match.

• For snowball fights, building snowmen, as well as extended winter hikes, waterproof tall winter boots have proven themselves, they keep wetness out longer and the feet stay cozy and warm.

So we've figured out, the three most important features of kids winter boots: Waterproofness, comfort and warmth! The choice of the right shoes also depends on the physical limitations (age of the child) and only then on the needs. The weight of the shoes also plays a role, because too heavy children boots will quickly tire the kids out.

So that the little ones do not already despair when putting on the boots, most children's winter boots are fortunately equipped with Velcro straps or zippers, so that they can easily be put on and taken off on alone with gloves or mittens. Now nothing stands in the way of a family excursion in the winter!

Get ready for the winter and grab a pair of winter boots

In our winter boots store you will definitely find the perfect pair for you, we have a wide selection of different brands such as Meindl, Hanwag, Sorel, Lowa and many more. For every outdoor action we offer you the right pair of winter boots, whether stylish boots for the city, winter hiking boots or winter boots for the little ones.

We are always happy to take the time for a personal consultation in one of our stores. We recommend that you wear new winter boots for a while before you set off on your next big hike. In addition, it is always advisable to have a pair of crampons in your backpack or jacket pocket so that ice, snow, mud and slush do not pull the ground out from under your feet.

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