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Mountain Equipment

Your guide to the ultimate outdoor experience

Welcome to the outdoor fan's paradise! At Sport Conrad, you will find everything your adventurous heart desires. From weatherproof outdoor clothing and high-quality backpacks to hiking poles and camping equipment - here you will find everything you need to enjoy nature to the fullest.

Outdoor Gear for the Whole Family

At Sport Conrad, we know that outdoor adventures should be accessible to all family members. That is why we carry outdoor equipment for men, women and children. From mini backpacks for the little ones to technically sophisticated clothing for adults - you can find everything in oine shop.

Top brands for top quality

We carry outdoor equipment from top brands such as Ortovox, Patagonia, Hanwag, Meindl and many others. These brands stand for highest quality and innovation.

Most people enjoy their time in the great outdoors. You need a new tent for an exciting outdoor trip? A sleeping bag for a night under the stars? Snowshoes for your next hike through a beautiful winter landscape? Or do you just want to know what the latest in outdoor apparel is? Click through our Outdoor categories and get inspired by our products for your time outdoors.

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Outdoor apparel by Sport Conrad

Your protection in all seasons

Outdoor clothing is more than just a fashion statement. It is your first line of defense against the elements and a critical component of a successful outdoor adventure. Whether you are trekking through the wilderness, climbing a mountain, crawling through a cave, fishing along a river, or just spending time in nature, the right clothing is essential.

The right outdoor gear for every season and activity

Whether you are hiking in the summer, skiing in the winter, or enjoying outdoor adventures year-round, the right outdoor gear is the key to a successful experience. It protects you from the elements, keeps you warm and dry, and keeps you comfortable while you explore the outdoors.

The right outdoor gear allows you to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest, no matter what the conditions. Choose carefully and invest in quality clothing that will accompany you on all your adventures. We offer a wide range of outdoor clothing from renowned brands such as Icebreaker, Peak Performance, Patagonia, Salewa and Maloja that meet the highest quality standards. Dress for the outdoors and experience nature in all its glory.

Outdoor clothing requirements

Choosing the right outdoor clothing is crucial for comfort and safety in any outdoor adventure. Whether you want to hike, camp, climb, or just enjoy the outdoors, the right gear plays a decisive role.

An important factor when choosing outdoor apparel is the fabric. Breathable, waterproof and windproof clothing is essential to protect you from the elements. Synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon are ideal because they wick moisture while insulating body heat. This keeps you warm and dry in cold weather, while the breathability keeps you from overheating in warm weather.

Another important aspect is the fit of the clothing. It should be comfortable and not too tight so that you can move freely. Make sure that there is enough room for additional layers so that you can adapt to the weather conditions.

Outdoor apparel

The basics of outdoor clothing

The basics of outdoor clothing are protection, comfort and functionality. Here are some of the most important aspects to consider when choosing outdoor clothing:

• Weatherproofing: your outdoor clothing should protect you from the vagaries of the weather. It should be waterproof to keep you dry in the rain and windproof to protect you from cold winds. Breathable materials wick away moisture to prevent overheating and perspiration.

• Versatility: The best outdoor garments are versatile and adapt to different weather conditions. Layering is often a smart choice as it allows you to add or remove garments as needed. 

• Durability: Outdoor clothing needs to be hard-wearing to withstand the rigors of the terrain. It should be tear and abrasion resistant to protect against tears and damage. 

• Fit and comfort: The right fit is crucial for comfort. Your clothing should offer you sufficient freedom of movement and fit comfortably without restricting you. Adjustable cuffs, hoods and drawstrings are handy for customizing the fit. 

• Insulation and warmth: For colder conditions, you need insulated clothing that retains heat. Down or synthetic fillings offer excellent insulating properties.

• UV protection: If you are traveling in sun-exposed areas, UV protection is crucial to protect your skin and eyes from the sun's harmful rays with the right sunglasses.

• Pockets and storage space: Storage space is important for safely stowing important equipment and accessories. Numerous pockets, compartments and fastening options are an advantage.

Different types of outdoor clothing

Outdoor apparel includes a wide range of garments, including:

 • Outdoor jackets: Rain jackets, down jackets, softshell jackets and hardshell jackets offer protection from wind and weather.

Outdoor pants: Hiking pants, rain pants and thermal pants keep you warm and dry in different weather conditions.

Baselayers: Thermal underwear and base layers provide warmth and moisture management.

Tops: From breathable T-shirts and warm vests to cozy fleece pullovers, you'll find a wide selection of outerwear.

Dresses & skirts: Comfortable, breezy dresses & skirts for outdoor pursuits and leisure in summer, as well as insulating, warming skirts for adventures in the cold.

Accessories: belts, beanies, gloves, scarves and headbands complete your outdoor wardrobe and provide additional warmth and protection.

Headwear: Sun hats and caps protect you from intense sunlight.

Gloves and socks: Special outdoor gloves and hiking socks offer protection from the cold and blisters.

Outdoor Shoes by Sport Conrad

Choosing the right outdoor footwear is crucial as it can make the difference between a comfortable and safe outdoor experience and uncomfortable foot problems. Regardless of your outdoor activity - be it hiking, trekking, climbing, trail running or simply exploring the great outdoors - the right footwear is crucial. Here are some general aspects to consider with outdoor footwear:

• Fit and size: fit is one of the most important criteria when choosing outdoor footwear. Shoes that don't fit properly can lead to blisters and discomfort. Make sure you choose the right size and fit for your foot.

• Type of activity: Depending on your type of outdoor activity, you will need specific footwear. Hiking shoes are different from trail running shoes, and mountaineering boots are different from sandals. Make sure you choose the shoes that are best suited to your planned activity. 

• Sole profile: The sole of your shoes should be matched to the type of terrain you are running on. Shoes with an aggressive tread are ideal for rocky terrain, while flatter soles are sufficient for easy hikes. 

• Waterproofing: In rainy or damp conditions, waterproof shoes are an advantage to keep your feet dry. Pay attention to the material and coating of the shoes. 

• Weight and comfort: Lightweight shoes are ideal for minimizing fatigue, especially on longer hikes. Make sure that the shoes are comfortable and offer you sufficient support. 

• Durability and material: High-quality materials and workmanship ensure that your shoes are durable and can withstand the demands placed on them.

• Safety and protection: Protection from sharp rocks, roots and other obstacles is important, especially when hiking in challenging terrain. Some shoes have protective toe caps or reinforced heel areas. 

• Breathability: If you are out in warm weather, breathable shoes are an advantage to prevent overheating and perspiration.

• Adjustability and lacing system: An efficient lacing system allows for customization and ensures a secure fit.

Regardless of the brand or model of shoes, it is important that they meet your needs and the requirements of your outdoor activity. At Sport Conrad, you'll find a wide selection of outdoor footwear from brands such as Hanwag, Dolomite, Meindl, Scarpa, Reef and ON to ensure you find the perfect shoes for your next adventure. 

Whether you're climbing mountains, hiking in nature or simply enjoying the freedom of the outdoors, the right shoes are the key to a successful and comfortable experience.

Here we take a closer look at the individual shoe categories:

Outdoor shoes: your reliable companions in the great outdoors

Mountain boots: For the challenges of the mountains

Mountain boots are the kings of the outdoor footwear world and are indispensable for demanding mountaineers and alpine adventurers. These shoes are designed to withstand the extreme conditions in the mountains. They are characterized by the following features:

• Crampon-proof soles: Mountain boots usually have crampon-proof soles or are conditionally crampon-proof, allowing crampons to be worn for grip on frozen or icy terrain.

• Hard construction: They are stiff and offer protection from sharp rocks and edges, which is particularly important when you are moving in alpine terrain. 

• High ankle support: The shoes extend over the ankle to provide additional support and stability. 

• Waterproof and insulated: Mountaineering boots are usually waterproof to protect against snow and water, and they are often well insulated to keep your feet warm in extreme cold conditions.

• Robustness: These shoes are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, making them ideal for demanding mountain tours.

Hiking and trekking shoes: versatile companions for adventurous people

Hiking and trekking shoes are versatile and popular outdoor shoes that are suitable for a wide range of activities. They offer sufficient support and comfort for hiking in easy to moderately difficult terrain. Here are some of their features:

• Comfort: these shoes are comfortable and offer good cushioning, which is ideal if you want to cover longer distances.

• Different styles: There are lighter models for easy day hikes and more stable shoes with high ankle support for more challenging terrain.

• Robustness: They are generally robust and durable to meet the demands of hiking in the great outdoors.

• Versatility: Hiking and trekking shoes are versatile and are suitable for both easy hikes and more demanding trekking tours. 

Approach/access shoes: For climbers and mountaineers

Approach shoes are specially developed for climbers and mountaineers. They offer the ideal combination of support and comfort and are perfect for approaching climbing routes in rocky terrain. Here are some of their features:

• Grippy sole: approach shoes are equipped with grippy soles that enable precise walking and climbing on challenging terrain.

• Comfort: They are comfortable enough to tackle longer approaches, yet stable enough for technical climbing passages.

• Robustness: Approach shoes are robust and resistant to the stresses and strains of climbing terrain.

• Lightweight and compact: They are lightweight and easy to attach to a climbing harness when not being worn.

Speed Hiking Shoes

Speed hiking shoes are a special type of outdoor footwear designed to enable hikers and outdoor enthusiasts to move quickly and easily through challenging terrain. These shoes combine the best features of hiking and trail running shoes and are suitable for anyone looking for a lightweight, stable and versatile shoe for their outdoor activities.

Features of speed hiking shoes:

• Lightweight: speed hiking shoes are generally lighter than conventional hiking shoes. This reduces the strain on the legs and enables fast and agile progress.

• Cushioning: Despite their light weight, speed hiking shoes offer sufficient cushioning to absorb shocks on uneven terrain and increase comfort.

• Stability: These shoes are designed to provide a degree of stability to minimize twisting on difficult terrain. The soles are often reinforced to protect the foot from stones and roots. • Grippy sole: The outsoles of speed hiking shoes are equipped with grippy treads that are suitable for both dry and wet terrain. They offer secure grip and traction.

• Breathability: Many models are equipped with breathable materials that wick away moisture and keep your feet dry. This is particularly important during strenuous activities. 

• Lacing system: The lacing system is often precise and adjustable to ensure a good fit and minimize pressure points.

• Protection: Speed hiking shoes usually offer some protection for the forefoot and toes to prevent injuries from impacts or stones.

Applications of speed hiking shoes:

• Speed hiking: as the name suggests, these shoes are ideal for speed hiking, which involves walking at high speed through challenging terrain.

• Trail running: Some models are also suitable for trail running, especially if the terrain is technically demanding. 

• Easy hikes: Speed hiking shoes are also a good choice for easy day hikes where speed and agility are important. 

• Competitions: Some outdoor enthusiasts use speed hiking shoes for competitions and orienteering to save time.

Speed hiking shoes are the right choice for anyone looking for lightweight and agile footwear to move quickly in the great outdoors. They offer the necessary support and grip to tackle challenging terrain without sacrificing weight or comfort.

Multifunctional Shoes

Multifunctional shoes are the all-rounders among outdoor shoes that have been developed for a variety of outdoor activities. They combine the best features of hiking boots, trail running shoes and leisure shoes to create versatile and comfortable footwear for outdoor enthusiasts.

Features of multifunctional shoes:

• Versatility: multifunctional shoes are designed to support a variety of outdoor activities. Whether hiking, trail running, forest walks or traveling, these shoes are suitable for everything.

• Lightweight: They are generally lighter than conventional hiking boots, which increases freedom of movement and comfort.

• Cushioning: Despite their light weight, multifunctional shoes offer sufficient cushioning to absorb shocks on uneven terrain and increase comfort.

Grippy sole: The outsoles are equipped with grippy treads that ensure a secure grip and traction on different surfaces.

Breathability: Many models are equipped with breathable materials that wick away moisture and keep feet dry.

Lacing system: The lacing system is often precise and adjustable to ensure a good fit and support.

Stability: Multifunctional shoes offer a certain degree of stability to prevent twisting in difficult terrain.

Areas of application: 

• Hiking: Multifunctional shoes are ideal for hiking on a variety of terrain. 

• Trail running: Some models are also suitable for trail running, especially on technically demanding routes. 

• Everyday activities: These shoes are so comfortable and stylish that they can also be worn in everyday life. 

• Travel: Thanks to their versatility, multifunctional shoes are ideal companions for trips where different activities are planned. 

• Outdoor walks: Whether in the park or in the forest, these shoes offer comfort and protection for walks in nature.

Multifunctional shoes are the right choice for outdoor enthusiasts who value versatility and comfort. They allow you to move freely in nature and enjoy a variety of activities without having to carry several pairs of shoes. With multifunctional shoes, you are perfectly equipped for any adventure.

Casual shoes: For a relaxed walk and a stroll through town

Casual shoes are perfect for relaxed days in nature or for everyday outdoor activities. They are characterized by comfort and versatility and are ideal for activities such as walks, leisurely hikes or strolling around town. Here are some features of casual shoes:

• Lightweight and comfortable: casual shoes are lightweight and offer great comfort, so you can wear them comfortably all day long.

• Versatility: These shoes are versatile and suitable for a variety of activities, be it in the woods, in the city or in the parks.

• Breathability: Many casual shoes are breathable to ensure your feet stay comfortably dry, even on warm days.

Grippy soles: The soles provide adequate grip and are ideal for light terrain. 

• Modern look: Casual shoes are usually available in modern designs and can be worn both outdoors and in everyday life. 

Winter boots: warmth and protection in the cold

Winter boots are a must for winter hikes and activities in the snow. They are waterproof, insulated and offer excellent protection against the cold. Their grippy soles ensure a secure grip on icy surfaces.

• Insulation: These boots are well insulated to keep your feet warm even in extremely cold temperatures. 

• Waterproof: They are usually waterproof to ensure your feet stay dry, even in snowy conditions. 

• Grippy soles: The soles provide excellent grip on icy and slippery surfaces. 

• High shaft: Many winter boots have a high shaft, which provides additional protection for the ankles and lower legs from the cold. 

• Robustness: Winter boots are robust and hard-wearing and can withstand the rigors of winter.

House & hut slippers

House and hut slippers are the perfect choice for cozy hours at home or in a mountain hut. These shoes are designed to offer maximum comfort and warmth while providing a practical solution for indoor use. Features of house and hut shoes:

• Thermal insulation: House and hut shoes usually have a soft, insulating lining that keeps feet warm, especially in cold environments.

• Comfort: They are very comfortable and softly padded to minimize pressure on the feet. 

• Non-slip soles: The soles often feature non-slip material to ensure safe walking on slippery floors. 

• Easy to put on and take off: slippers are easy to put on and take off, which makes them particularly practical. 

• Different designs: There is a wide range of designs, from classic slippers to alpine-style slippers.

Slippers are the perfect choice for enjoying comfort and warmth at home or when traveling. They offer a pleasant way to relax and are a practical accessory to keep your feet warm when it's cold outside. With so many designs and styles to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect pair to suit your personal tastes and needs.

Barefoot shoes

Barefoot shoes are a special category of shoes designed to provide the most natural walking experience possible. These minimalist shoes mimic barefoot running by keeping the foot as close to the ground as possible and allowing natural freedom of movement. They are designed for people who are looking for the most natural and healthy walking and running experience possible.

Features of barefoot shoes:

• Thin sole: barefoot shoes have a particularly thin sole to allow the foot to feel the ground and move naturally. 

• Wide toe box: The shoes offer space for the toes, which supports the natural spread of the foot and provides more stability. 

• Flexibility: Barefoot shoes are very flexible and allow the foot to move naturally without restrictions. 

• Lightness: Barefoot shoes are lightweight and offer a carefree walking experience.
Breathability: Most models are breathable and wick away moisture to ensure a comfortable foot climate.

Areas of application for barefoot shoes: 

• Running: Barefoot shoes are popular with runners who prefer a natural running feel and want to improve their running technique. 

• Walking: Barefoot shoes are also great for walks and longer hikes to strengthen foot muscles. 

• Everyday use: Many people also wear barefoot shoes in everyday life to support the foot in its natural form. 

• Outdoor activities: Barefoot shoes are also in demand among outdoor enthusiasts looking for an authentic experience of nature. 

• Fitness and training: Barefoot shoes are used in gyms and for functional training to promote stability and strength.

Barefoot shoes are the right choice for people who strive for a natural and healthy foot posture. They promote the strengthening of the foot muscles and better posture and convey an authentic and liberated walking sensation. Whether for running, walking or leisure, barefoot shoes are an asset for anyone who puts their feet first. 

Sandals: light and airy companions for the summer

Sandals are ideal for warm weather and water sports activities. They are light and airy, yet offer protection and support for your feet. Their quick-drying materials make them perfect for water sports such as canoeing and rafting.

• Breathable and lightweight: Sandals are lightweight and offer good ventilation to keep your feet cool. 

• Quick-drying: Most sandals are quick-drying, making them perfect for water sports such as canoeing and rafting.

• Grippy soles: The soles provide good grip, even on wet surfaces.

• Adjustable straps: The straps of the sandals are usually adjustable to ensure a customized fit. 

• Protection from bumps and stones: Some models have protective caps for the toes to protect your feet from bumps and sharp stones.

Sandals are the ideal companion for hot days and outdoor activities in summer. They offer comfort and air circulation for your feet, making them the perfect choice for relaxed adventures in nature. Whether on the beach, in the park or when hiking - sandals ensure a carefree walking and wearing experience. 

Shoe accessories & insoles

The right accessories for your outdoor footwear can make the difference between an enjoyable adventure and a frustrating experience. Here are some essential accessories that will optimize your footwear and prepare you for any outdoor challenge:

• Grödel or crampons: Grödel are a type of spikes or crampons that attach to the soles of your shoes. They are ideal for hiking and trekking tours in snowy or icy areas. Crampons provide additional grip and prevent slipping on slippery surfaces. They are an essential accessory for winter adventures and mountain hikes.  

• Gaiters: Gaiters are protective covers that are wrapped around the lower legs and shoes. They keep snow, stones, dirt and moisture away from your legs and feet. Gaiters are particularly useful when hiking in deep snow or on muddy paths. They keep feet and legs dry and clean. 

• Spare laces and accessories: It is always advisable to have spare laces with you. They are lightweight and space-saving, but can be vital in an emergency. There are also accessories such as lace stoppers, which prevent the laces from coming undone during activity, and special lacing systems, which can be used to quickly adjust the firmness of the shoe.

• Shoe care products: Proper shoe care is a decisive factor for the longevity and functionality of outdoor shoes. Using high-quality shoe care products can make the difference between a reliable companion and a worn-out shoe 

Insoles can improve the comfort and fit of shoes. They provide additional cushioning and support, which is especially important on longer hikes. In addition, special soles, such as waterproof or insulated soles, can optimize the protection and performance of your shoes. They are ideal for adapting your shoes to different weather conditions and activities. 


Your freedom of movement in winter wonderland

Snowshoes are the key to discovering the snowy splendor of nature in winter. We have a wide range of snowshoes from Tubbs, TSL, MSR and many more that give you the freedom to move through deep snow and explore remote winter landscapes.

• Different sizes: Whether flat trails or steep slopes, snowshoes adapt to your needs and weight. 

• Climbing aids: With climbing aids, you can master inclines with ease and move through the snow with less effort. 

• Non-slip bindings: Secure and comfortable bindings ensure a firm grip and comfort when snowshoeing. 

• Durable materials: Our snowshoes are made from durable materials to withstand the challenges of winter.

Experience the magic of winter in a whole new way. With our snowshoes, you can explore snow-covered landscapes far off the beaten track. Enjoy the freedom and breathtaking beauty of winter with snowshoes from Sport Conrad. 

Backpacks & Bags

Backpacks: your reliable companion on every tour

Backpacks are one of the most important pieces of equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. They are not only used to transport your equipment, but also to distribute weight evenly and give you the freedom to have your hands free for outdoor activities.

Whether you're planning a day hike, a multi-day trekking tour or an adventure in the city, it's important to consider the specific requirements you have for your new backpack. Here are some important points to consider when choosing your backpack:

 • Load capacity and carrying system: a well-designed carrying system and the ability to carry heavy loads comfortably are essential, regardless of the backpack brand. 

• Storage space and organization: The ability to keep equipment well organized and easily accessible is a decisive factor for the success of an outdoor tour.

• Lightweight: A lightweight backpack is especially beneficial on long hikes to minimize fatigue and increase comfort. 

• Adaptability: Backpacks should be adaptable to different conditions and requirements in order to offer maximum flexibility and functionality.

• Robustness: The durability and ability of the backpack to withstand the demands of the outdoors is of great importance. 

• Storage space: Numerous pockets, compartments and fastening options are important to keep your equipment organized and easily accessible.

• Innovative features: Integrated rain covers, attachment points for accessories and other innovative features contribute to the functionality of the backpack.

We offer you a wide selection of backpacks from various manufacturers such as Deuter, Cotopaxi, Osprey, Ortovox and Fjällräven that meet these criteria and allow you to enjoy a comfortable and safe outdoor experience. Whether you are already an experienced hiker or just starting out in the world of outdoor sports, choosing the right backpack is crucial to ensure it meets your needs. 

Categories Backpacks & Bags


Depending on the activity, there are different types of backpacks that have been specially developed for specific purposes. These include daypacks, hiking backpacks, trekking backpacks, travel backpacks, laptop backpacks and others. Make sure you choose the type of backpack that best suits your plans.

• Daypacks: These compact backpacks are ideal for short day hikes or excursions. They offer sufficient storage space for food, water, clothing and other necessities.

• Hiking rucksacks: Hiking rucksacks are specially designed for longer hikes and multi-day tours. They have several compartments, compression straps and comfortable carrying systems. 

• Trekking backpacks: Trekking backpacks are larger and offer space for more extensive equipment. They are suitable for longer trekking adventures and often have a separate compartment for sleeping bags. 

• Climbing rucksacks: Climbing rucksacks are generally narrower and flatter so as not to restrict freedom of movement when climbing. They also offer attachment options for climbing equipment. 

Kids backpacks

Little adventurers on big journeys

Kid´s backpacks are specially designed for young adventurers and offer the perfect fit and the necessary storage space to make their journeys of discovery enjoyable and exciting. These backpacks are available in different sizes and designs and offer space for snacks, water bottles, clothes and other children's essentials. They are lightweight and comfortable to carry to get your little one excited about the outdoors.

Kid carriers

Carrying the little ones safely and comfortably

For parents who want to take their children on outdoor adventures, child carriers are the ideal solution. These special backpacks are equipped with ergonomic seats and straps to provide safe and comfortable support for little passengers. They have ample storage space for baby supplies and are designed so that parents can transport their little ones safely in the great outdoors.

Duffle Bags / Bags

Robust companions for adventurers

Duffle bags or pouches are versatile and robust travel companions that are ideal for outdoor adventures. These bags are available in different sizes and offer generous storage space for clothing, equipment and personal items. They are often made of durable material and can be used as travel bags, sports bags or for organizing gear.

Packing bags & material bags

Protection for your equipment

Pack sacks and gear bags are essential for protecting your equipment from the elements. They are often waterproof or water-repellent and are ideal for keeping clothing, sleeping bags, electronics or other sensitive items dry. These bags are also useful for organizing and transporting your gear.

Drinking systems

Hydrated in the great outdoors

Drinking systems, such as hydration bladders or drinking bottles with an integrated drinking tube, are crucial for staying sufficiently hydrated when being active outdoors. These systems allow easy access to water without having to take off your backpack. They are ideal for hikers, runners and anyone who is outdoor-active.

Waist bags & hydration belts

Compact solutions for on the go

Waist packs and hydration belts are small, compact bags that offer space for important items such as keys, cell phone, money and snacks. They are worn around the hips and are ideal for short hikes or runs where you only want to take the essentials with you. Some models also have integrated water bottle holders.

Culture bag & Purse

Order in the wilderness

Wash bags and wallets are perfect for keeping your personal belongings organized. These bags offer space for toiletries, medication, money, IDs and other essentials. They are lightweight and compact and fit into backpacks or bags.

Rain covers & accessories

Rain covers are essential to protect your equipment from rain and moisture. They are often available in different sizes to fit different backpacks. There are also a variety of accessories, including additional straps, carabiners and repair kits, to supplement your equipment and keep it in perfect condition.


Your sturdy outdoor companions

Poles are versatile outdoor accessories that offer hikers and nature lovers additional support and stability. They are available in various designs, including hiking poles, Nordic walking poles and various pole accessories to suit the requirements and preferences of every adventurer.

Hiking poles - stability on uneven terrain

Hiking poles, also known as trekking poles, are indispensable companions for hikers and trekking enthusiasts. They provide stability on uneven terrain, relieve pressure on the joints and support balance.

Nordic walking poles - full-body training outdoors

Nordic walking is a popular outdoor sport that trains both the leg and upper body muscles. The poles specially developed for Nordic walking are longer and have hand straps to support the correct technique.

Pole accessories - additions for your poles

The pole accessories include various additions that make the pole even more functional.

Here are some important and more detailed aspects about the different poles:


Hiking Poles

•Telescopic or fixed length: Hiking poles are either telescopic and adjustable in length or have a fixed length. Telescopic poles are versatile as they can be adapted to different terrain conditions.  

• Material: Most hiking poles are made of lightweight but robust material such as aluminum or carbon.  

• Handles: The handles of the poles are ergonomically shaped and offer a good grip. They are often made of materials such as cork or foam.  

• Tips and plates: The tips of the poles provide a good grip on various surfaces, while the plates prevent the poles from sinking into soft ground.  

• Cushioning system: Some hiking poles have a cushioning system that absorbs shocks and vibrations to minimize stress on the joints.

Nordic Walking poles

• Adjustable length: Nordic walking poles are usually adjustable in length to adapt them to your body size and optimize your technique.

• Material and weight: Poles are often made of lightweight aluminium or carbon to minimize the overall weight.

• Hand straps: The hand straps are designed to support efficient movement and take the strain off the wrists.  

• Tips and pads: The tips of the Nordic walking poles are rubberized or fitted with special pads to ensure a good grip on asphalt and solid surfaces.

• Joint-friendly training: Nordic walking is a full-body workout that is easy on the joints, improves endurance and strengthens the muscles. 

Stock accessories

• Replacement tips: Replacement tips are useful accessories to replace worn tips and ensure grip on different surfaces. 

• Replacement plates: Replacement plates are useful for adapting the poles to different conditions, be it snow, mud or solid ground.

• Bags and covers: Bags and sleeves protect poles from damage and make transportation easier.

• Grip covers: Grip covers provide additional comfort and are ideal for long hikes.  

• Protective caps: Protective caps protect the tips of the poles when not in use and prevent damage. 


Your home in the wilderness

Camping is one of the purest ways to experience the outdoors and get up close and personal with the beauty of nature. We understand the allure of camping and offer a comprehensive range of camping equipment to make your outdoor adventure even more comfortable and memorable.

Camping is one of the best ways to experience nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We have a wide range of camping equipment from BasicNature, Light My Fire, Sea To Summit and Origin Outdoors, among others, to make your adventure safe, comfortable and unforgettable. Whether you're traveling alone, with your partner, family or friends, you'll find everything you need for a fantastic camping experience. Immerse yourself in nature and enjoy camping life to the fullest!

You can find more information about the individual camping categories here:  

Trekking, Camping & Travel

The tent - your outdoor home

The tent is at the heart of the camping experience. We offer a wide range of tents, from compact one-person tents to spacious family tents. Choosing the right tent depends on the number of campers, the planned length of your stay and the weather conditions.

Tents are made of high-quality, waterproof materials that protect against rain and moisture. Some models have additional features such as improved ventilation and protective canopies to make your stay in the tent even more comfortable.

We also offer outdoor tarps, which are a versatile companion for your outdoor adventures. These versatile tarps offer protection from the elements and add flexibility to your outdoor experience. Whether you're camping, hiking or picnicking, outdoor tarps are lightweight, compact and easy to set up. Discover our selection of high-quality outdoor tarps.

Also take a look at the tent & tarp accessories category for the perfect groundsheet, repair kits or tent pegs to complete your equipment. 

Sleeping bags, sleeping mats, bivouac bags and hut sleeping bags - for restful nights

A good night's sleep is essential when camping to be fit and rested for the next day's adventures. The sleeping bags in our online store are rated for different temperatures so that you can choose the right sleeping bag for every season.

From lightweight summer sleeping bags to insulated winter sleeping bags, you'll find the right choice here.

Insulation mats & pillows not only provide additional comfort, but also insulate against the cold of the ground. They are lightweight, easy to transport and ideal for improving the quality of your sleep.

Sleeping bag liners are lightweight and compact sleeping bags designed primarily for use in mountain huts or hostels. They are usually made of breathable material and offer hygienic protection in communal sleeping areas. Hut sleeping bags are easy to transport and make it possible to spend the night in huts and hostels without having to worry too much about the cleanliness of the bedding. They are also ideal for use in warm climates or as liners for cold weather sleeping bags.    

Bivy bags are lightweight sleeping bag covers that have been specially developed for protection and insulation during overnight stays outdoors. They offer protection from wind, rain and cold and are ideal for emergencies or situations where you have to spend the night outdoors. Bivy bags are very compact and easy to transport, making them an important part of an adventurer's emergency kit.

Whether you're staying in a mountain hut or camping in the wilderness, hut sleeping bags and bivy sacks provide protection and comfort, making your outdoor experience safer and more enjoyable. These practical items of equipment are essential for being equipped in a wide variety of environments and for getting a good night's sleep after an eventful day outdoors. 

Cooking equipment - Delicious food outdoors too

Preparing meals in the great outdoors can be a real pleasure. The selection of camping cookware includes stoves, pots, dishes, cutlery and even portable grills. Whether you're cooking over a campfire or using a compact camping stove, we have the right products for delicious meals in the wilderness.

And if you're in a hurry, grab a delicious trekking meal from Bla Band, whether it's Indian chicken stew or vegetarian pasta with cheese and broccoli, there's something for everyone - just pour boiling water into the bag, wait 10 minutes and enjoy!

Take a look at our blog "Outdoor Kitchen", where we write about everything you need for the perfect camping vacation.

Lighting and navigation

Headlamps, lanterns and solar panels are indispensable camping accessories. They not only provide light in the dark, but also keep your hands free when cooking or setting up the tent. Headlamps are energy-efficient and offer different lighting options for different needs.

Navigation is very important when camping so that you don't get lost. We have GPS devices, sports watches and compasses to help you find your way in the great outdoors. 

First aid - your safety first

First aid is an essential part of any outdoor adventure. Unforeseen situations can occur and being well prepared is crucial to ensure that you and your fellow travelers are protected.

First aid equipment includes bandages, disinfectant, rescue blankets, flashlights and much more. Whether you need to treat a minor cut or get caught up in a major emergency, we have the products you need to keep calm in critical moments.  

Drinking bottles & accessories

Drinking bottles are indispensable companions on hikes, bike tours or during daily training. Here you will not only find a large selection of high-quality drinking bottles from Grayl, Camelbak, Les Artistes Paris and Nalgene, but also drinking systems for water treatment so that you always have fresh and clean water on the go.

Drinking bottles: Whether made of stainless steel, plastic or glass, our drinking bottles are available in different sizes and designs. Choose the bottle that best suits your style and your activities.

Drinking systems: We offer innovative drinking systems that not only optimize your hydration, but also ensure clean water. With filters and purification systems, you can safely enjoy water from natural sources.

Insulated bottles: Keep your drinks hot or cold, whether you want a cup of coffee or refreshing water.

Water purification: With our water purification systems and bottles, you can safely enjoy water from various sources and focus on your adventures without worrying about drinking water quality.

Water bottle accessories: We also stock accessories such as bottle holders, cleaning brushes and spare parts to ensure your water bottle is always ready for use.

Stay hydrated and be optimally prepared for your adventures, whether in nature or in everyday life. With our drinking bottles and water purification systems, you can explore the world carefree and are always supplied with fresh water.

Even more outdoor equipment

Water sports - adventures on the water

Water sports have a very special appeal and stand-up paddleboards (SUP) are the ideal way to explore the waters. We have a selection of SUPs and accessories from Starboard and Firefly for the ultimate water sports experience.

• Inflatable SUPs: Practical and easy to transport, inflatable SUPs are ideal for adventures on rivers, lakes and oceans. 

• Versatile shapes and designs: Whether you're looking for a SUP for cruising, surfing or yoga on the water, we have the right board for you. 

• Accessories and paddles: Our selection of accessories such as paddles and carrying bags ensures that you are well equipped.

Experience the freedom of water sports and paddle on calm lakes, raging rivers or along the coast. Discover the world from a new perspective with our SUPs. 

Inline skates & scooters - fun for young and old

Inline skates and scooters are the perfect companions for fun adventures on wheels. In our selection you will find a variety of models that are suitable for both children and adults.

• Inline skates: With adjustable sizes and comfortable pads, our inline skates are ideal for fast skating on smooth paths. 

• Scooters: Scooters offer stability and maneuverability for exciting rides on the sidewalk or in skate parks.  

• Protective equipment: Safety first. We also stock protective equipment such as helmets and protectors to keep you safe while riding.

Sledges & bobsleighs - fun in the snow

Winter is the ideal time of year to have fun in the snow. Sledges and bobsleighs are the classic means of transportation for speedy descents.

• Sledges: We offer a selection of sledges in various sizes and designs, suitable for both children and adults.

• Bobsleds and toboggans: Bobsleds and toboggans are specially designed for maximum speed and fun in the snow.

Make the most of every season and enjoy exciting activities in the water, on wheels or in the snow. 

Sport Conrad - Your partner for unforgettable outdoor adventures

At Sport Conrad, we want to support you in your outdoor activities in the best possible way. Our extensive range of outdoor equipment and clothing for men, women and children has something for everyone. Our aim is to offer you the best selection of high-quality equipment so that you are perfectly equipped in nature, in the mountains and when traveling.

Our passion for outdoor adventures is reflected in everything we do. We know that the right equipment makes the difference between a good time and an unforgettable experience. With Sport Conrad, you can be sure that you are well equipped for any adventure.

Whether you're climbing peaks, traversing forests or simply enjoying the beauty of nature - we're here for you. Explore the outdoors and make memories that will last a lifetime. Your adventures start here at Sport Conrad.

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