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Red Chili

Red Chili has managed to join the ranks of worldwide leaders in the realm of climbing shoes within a very short time span. While Uwe Hofstädter functions as the brand´s gray eminence and pulls all kinds of strings in the background, Stefan Glowacz is especially involved in design and marketing.
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More about Red Chili


Red Chili is synonymous with Stefan Glowacz, and vice versa. More than 20 years ago, the pro climber, alongside Uwe Hofstädter decided to go with the red chili pepper as the brand´s trademark. After all, the nutty climbing tours that Stefan Glowacz has managed to accomplished were indeed quite hot and spicy! By the way, the two are still climbing together. Not only for pleasure, but also in order to incorporate all kinds of creative influences into the popular Red Chili climbing shoes.

Initially, the story began with a climbing tour in Yosemite Valley. Once they reached the summit of El Capitan after a long tour, their feet started to burn big time. So, they thought about what a perfect shoe would look like. They thought so hard that, in fact, they took a wrong turn on their descent and consequently stumbled around all night long. However, the very first Red Chili climbing shoe was born a little later, after a number of glasses of red wine. The morning thereafter, all there was left was a stain of red wine and a chili pepper on a sheet of paper. Ever since, the two have been crafting climbing shoes and accessories which are marketed all over the world.


Red Chili crafts a variety of different models each and every season - for beginners, or asymmetric high-end shoes for advanced climbers. Right here, you´ll find all you need: no matter if for bouldering, the outdoor wall, in the 3 or 4 area, or way up between the eighth and tenth degree – Red Chili has the right shoes for every feet – and your feet will be more than thankful. Depending on the area of use, a special rubber sole is adapted to the shoe. A boulder shoe is generally equipped with more rubber than a shoe for outdoor walls, because there is a higher level of abrasion in bouldering. In our guide on climbing shoes, you can find some information on what you should consider when buying a new climbing shoe.

Nothing else is as decisive as the choice of the right climbing shoe. Be aware: once you are in the wall and suddenly realize that your feet start to give in, because the shoe is too tight or a bit too large, it´s certainly too late to act. Additionally, you should certainly keep an eye on the details of your climbing apparel as well. You may profit from pants with an additional stretch to give you a maximum level of mobility, bags and straps for your climbing essentials, such as carabiners or an attachment for chalk bags. In every piece of Red Chili clothing, you can feel the climbers´ spirit and their dreams.

Due to the Edelrid merger in mid-2017, now, some precious synergies are used in order to be able to serve the continuously growing climbing market. Climbing apparel, such as boulder shirts and pants, harnesses, chalk bags and much more. The realms of clothing and climbing shoe development remain with Red Chili, i.e. Stefan Glowacz and Uwe Hofstädter. Edelrid rather engages in the realm of soft goods and hardware.

An amateur climber, of course, needs some totally different essentials as a veteran. Which ones? Find out in our climbing essentials guide. After all, everybody starts at the bottom and, quite literally, can climb up that ladder.

Red Chili´s philosophy? Only climbers know what climbers need!