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Beanies and Headbands at Sport Conrad

With a warm head on the slopes: To avoid cold ears and stinging headaches while skiing, ski hats are an important companion. But what do you have to look out for when you want to find the right headwear? We have helpful information for you so that you have the perfect ski hat with you on your next trip to the mountains.

Functions of a suitable headgear

No skier or snowboarder would want to be without a warming headgear on the slopes. They are not only important for physical well-being, but also for protection against cold, wetness and wind. You lose a large part of your body heat through your limbs and head. To counteract this loss, we recommend that you wear suitable headgear. Sport Conrad offers you a wide range of different headwear for women, men and children. We have not only the classic ski beanies, but also different models of headbands and balaclavas on offer.

Hats and more for your next trip to the slopes - but which model is right for you? Each model has its advantages and disadvantages.

The classic ski beanie

The classic ski cap covers the entire head and thus keeps the entire head warm in winter temperatures. Freezing ears are thus history. But even here there are different variants. When choosing the material, you can decide for yourself how warming your cap should be.

Ski hats made of mulesing-free merino wool, for example, have moisture- and temperature-regulating properties and prevent the development of unpleasant odors. Caps with a proportion of elastane, on the other hand, provide additional stretch and mobility. You can also buy caps with 100% lambswool from us and thus contribute to environmental protection, because these caps are recyclable and can be biodegraded. In addition, these caps are also heat insulating.

When it comes to the style and design of the caps, there are also some differences here. You can find ski caps in beanie design, caps with double turn-up or ribbed knit pattern to pom-pom caps in our store.

The Headband

When choosing a headband, you have the advantage that it keeps you warm enough even in milder temperatures without causing increased sweating. In addition, due to its usually thinner material, it fits under any helmet and has the advantage of drying quickly. This model is also thermoregulating, breathable, odor-resistant.

As for the materials of the headbands, you can choose between wool, polyester, polyacrylic and cotton. A disadvantage here could be that the headband does not provide protection against sunburn on the scalp. Also, in case of rain and increased wind, the headband does not offer you as much protection as, for example, a ski cap.

The Balaclave and Balaclava (ski mask)

A balaclava or ski mask offers you the most extensive protection. Since this form of headgear can be pulled over the entire head and neck, it offers you protection in all weather conditions and keeps you reliably warm in sub-zero temperatures. Due to its high proportion of elastic materials such as elastane, it can be worn under any type of helmet. In order to ensure perfect wearing comfort, when buying you should focus on good workmanship, soft seams and materials with high elasticity and breathability. This type of headgear also has the advantage of drying quickly.

The choise of material

A good ski cap should sit well on the head and not slip during winter sports on the slopes. Therefore, headgear with a certain amount of an elastic material such as elastane is recommended. It is also important that the ski cap is made of breathable material, because we also want to avoid excessive heat and sweating.

High-quality materials with these properties are, for example, polyacrylic and various types of wool, such as merino wool. Some models also have an inner lining made of fleece, this is to ensure even more comfortable wearing. This type of cap is especially recommended for children.

The right choise for kids beanies

Ski caps are also an indispensable winter companion for children, but here too there are some differences. For children, the right size and fit is especially important, because slipping of the cap or obstructing the view should be avoided at all costs.

In addition to functionality, children also increasingly attach importance to the appearance of the cap. In addition to the classic models such as beanie, ski mask and headband, the playful bobble hat is also very popular here. Preferred materials for children's models are especially caps with fleece in the inner lining, because this creates a comfortable feeling without scratching. Our wide variety of colors and patterns also contributes to beaming children's faces on the next ski vacation. In addition to the choice of appearance, the use of reflective features on the ski cap is also beneficial for the safety of the child. Reflectors on children's clothing provide extra visibility for the child.

Fit and size

Since caps are usually made and sold in one size fits all, it is even more important to make sure that the cap really fits and sits comfortably. It should offer a certain freedom of movement, but also not slip and thus perhaps even restrict visibility. With models made of elastic materials or with proportions of these materials, the risk of a too loose fit of the cap is very low. In the case of ski caps made of wool, it is recommended to try them on beforehand.

The right care

Proper care of garments is often an important point to be able to maintain the quality and durability. In this case, when washing ski caps and other headgear, there is nothing special that needs to be taken into account. They may be cleaned quite normally in the washing machine. There are also no explicit recommendations regarding the temperature for the washing process, and you should follow the manufacturer's washing recommendations. Thus, ski hats and co. can usually be washed in the 40 °C wash without any problems. However, hot washing should be avoided if possible, as the elasticity of the fibers and wool products could suffer.

Perfectly equipped for your next trip to the slopes with sport conrad

We at Sport Conrad offer you ski hats, headbands and ski masks from top brands like Icebreaker, Scott, Matt, Peak Performance and Maloja. Even the little ones are catered for with a cap from our large range. Find your matching model, from your favorite brand, in your desired color easily in our online store!

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