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More about E-Bikes

A few years ago, people were discussing the weight of their new road bike or the average speed they rode at the regulars' table. Tables have changed, and today it's the dialogue: "How far can you get on your battery?

E-bikes have conquered the bicycle market and the industry with incredible speed and, in a sense, revolutionized it. Now. But still, the electrically assisted bike is facing a lot of criticism, more on this in our blog: E-bikes and sustainability - does it work?

E-bikes inspire! But why? Strictly speaking, it is a pedelec (pedal electric cycle), i.e. a bicycle with switched-on electric assistance. The motor is only switched on when the crank is turned a few degrees and the rider uses his or her own strength, and this is precisely where the valuable advantage arises!

Regardless of age group, performance level or health restrictions, e-bikes make it possible to ride together in the fresh air and in nature. E-bikes move, whether in sporting use, leisure and mobility means in everyday life. They offer us the opportunity to quickly enjoy the home trail three times after work, instead of only being able to ride the enduro once. With electric support, it's possible to gain a decent amount of elevation on Saturday mornings without falling asleep in the afternoon while gardening with the kids. The e-bike offers a range on daily stages that is sufficient, for example, to ride day-filling cycling tour without worrying about your own fitness.

The e-bike is a wonderful evolution of the bicycle! Just as there are a variety of uses, there are also a variety of subcategories and types of electric bikes. With this guide, we want to help you get an overview. Translated with DeepL

What are the types of e-bikes?

In the e-bikes category of our store you will find everything with a drive- and battery unit. The bikes are electrically supported up to a speed of 25 km/h and are classified in the categories "Hardtail" and "Fully".

Hardtail E-Bikes

Are you looking for an e-city, e-trekking or e-mountain bike? Here you are just right! All bikes without a joint and rear shock are referred to as hardtail in this category.

Depending on the model and manufacturer, e-city and e-trekking bikes are available with low-entry frame and are also fully equipped. That means the bikes come with lights, mudguards, and luggage racks and offer plenty of comfort and storage space for every day commuting or bike touring. Some e-trekking bikes also come in a more minimalist design without the attachments described. Due to the frame design and riding characteristics, 80 mm suspension forks are installed in a majority of e-trekking and city bikes. Curved versions of the handlebars are used for an upright riding position.

On e-citycycles, the tires differ from the open tires on e-trekking bikes, with a profile for good riding characteristics on the road. Both bikes can be ridden on the road and on easy dirt tracks in dry conditions.

The lighting systems are connected to the driveunit and battery system and can be used directly when switched on and provide a high level of safety. Many of the installed luggage carriers with integrated light have a special mounting system for transport bags or baskets. Therefore, pay attention to the designation of the carrier.

Some of the e-city and e-trekking bikes use more efficient motors that have enough power for climbs, yet are designed for everyday use on the road. These motors include the Bosch Active Line and Bosch Active Line Plus motors.

E-mountain bikes are equipped with more travel. Due to the smaller head tube angle, there is between 100 and 120 mm of travel available. Additionally, the construction of the frames provides the necessary stability and allows a lot of tire clearance in the chain stay area. The wheel sizes vary from 27.5 to 29 inches and are equipped with tires that offer very good self-cleaning and plenty of grip on unpaved surfaces.

Handlebars with a width of around 74 centimeters provide plenty of control. The drive components offer a large gear ratio on steep climbs, and hydraulic brake systems with large discs ensure sufficient braking power. The latest drivetrains on e-bikes manage with only one chainring on the motor and 12 gears on the cassette. Due to the reduction of the drive and high tensile forces on the chain, this simple design reduces wear.

Compared to the e-trekking and city range, e-mountain bikes are equipped with motor units that have a greater torque, depending on the model and manufacturer. Accordingly, these motors have a slightly higher power consumption and consume slightly more battery capacity.

A large number of e-mountain bikes in our range feature Bosch Performance Line CX drive units. The fourth generation supports up to 85 Nm torque and 340 percent maximum support. The required energy comes from the Bosch PowerTube with 625 watt hours. Classic batteries placed on the frame are replaced by Intube batteries and give form-fitting design to modern e-bikes.

Fully E-Bikes

You love to be off the road in rough terrain or on technical trails? Or do you just want maximum comfort? Then you will find something suitable here! The category of Fullys includes all bikes with rear suspension. The advantage lies in the improved riding characteristics due to the shock absorption and the increase in traction. Due to additional pivots, swing arms and the shock, Fullys add up to a little more weight.

Manufacturer-dependent mullet wheel combinations are used for e-enduros with a lot of suspension travel. Mullet? Wasn't that once a hairstyle? It was! Mullet stands for a 29 inch wheel size at the fork and a 27.5 inch wheel size at the rear. This takes advantage of a good rollover behavior of large wheels and the maneuverability of 27.5 inch wheels. In addition, tire widths of up to 3.0 inches fit at the rear.

Except for the feature of the chassis, fullys are similar in their components to the equipment of the e-mountain bikes, which give you a lot of control and safety in technical terrain.

No suspension works fine without a proper tuning! In our blog mountain bike suspensions you will learn how it works!

Isn't an e-bike super heavy?

That depends on how "heavy" is defined. The majority of e-bikes weigh more than 20 kilograms, which is about 10 kilos heavier than a conventional bike. The battery is largely responsible for this, followed by the drive engine. Basically, it's a balancing act between large battery capacity and low weight.

Nevertheless, e-bikes do not ride clumsy! The low balance center of the bike ensures smooth and agile riding characteristics. In off-road terrain, just make sure to break a little earlier. But do not worry! You will quickly get used to the extra weight!

For cleaning and maintenance, what do you need to keep in mind?

If your e-bike is really dirty, needs to be serviced or simply needs some love, you don't have to pay much attention to cleaning it. Wash off the coarse dirt with a garden hose or a steam cleaner under low pressure. But do not permanently water the motor, battery or bearing areas.

But no worries, the electrical connectors are sealed and coated. In addition to cleaning, special bike and drive cleaners are suitable, which dissolve grease residues and stuck dirt. You can lather the bike properly, let it soak in a bit and use fine brushes for detailed cleaning.

Care only comes when there is not a crumb of dirt left to be seen! Special sprays preserve the paint, protect against corrosion and lubricate moving parts. Have a look into the shop at bike tools and care.

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