Ortovox Wool Promise

With the Ortovox Wool Promise (OWP), Ortovox initiated its own wool standard for the highest quality of animal welfare and sustainable economic management. This was one of the reasons for us to award Ortovox with our WIR DENKEN UM label.

For over two years, Ortovox held talks with wool farmers, suppliers and producers to develop their own fully comprehensive wool standard. Based upon the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), the Ortovox Wool Promise takes an even more extensive approach to satisfy our company’s high requirements: The OWP focuses upon animal welfare, farm and land management, and slaughter and transport. More than 60 indicators are checked regularly on the farms by a certified, independent auditor. Furthermore, Ortovox is working on a certified traceability system that should ensure that only wool from selected farms ends up in Ortovox products.



In 2012, Ortovox discovered Tasmania as a source for merino wool. The raw material for mountainwear now comes from over 45,000 sheep on selected farms. The Ortovox Wool Promise (OWP) provides the necessary transparency for the company, for dealers and for customers: This wool standard ensures that farm production systems fully comply with Ortovox’s high quality requirements. From farm and land management, animal welfare and transport through to slaughter: the OWP covers a wide range of sustainability issues in wool production. Ortovox knows the farms that produce the merino wool and visit them regularly. Multi-year contracts are concluded with the wool farmers and relationships with wool producers are kept direct and personal. At an annual round table, Ortovox brings together the various parties from along the wool supply chain and provides a platform for critical discussion, transparency and new solutions. A further aim is to use the OWP audit as a basis for achieving complete traceability of the wool used along the supply chain, and so present all of the processes along the supply chain in a transparent way. The OWP audits are thus just the beginning of the Ortovox Wool Promise.





To fulfil the OWP standard, the areas of farm management, animal welfare, land management, and transport and slaughter must all meet Ortovox’s exacting quality requirements. These four areas are regularly monitored and evaluated in regular audits by independent inspectors.


Farm Management


All OWP farms offer complete transparency and provide access to all of the relevant facilities and documents. Each person that comes into contact with the sheep has duty of care to the animals and always adheres to the applicable animal welfare and environmental protection laws. The caring and appropriate handling of sheep is compulsory. Even seasonal workers are comprehensively trained.


Animal Welfare


OWP sheep and livestock farming methods are monitored regularly. This includes the validation of feeding practices, body condition scoring, infrastructural inspection of shelters, sheds and fences, health management and responsible animal husbandry practices regarding, for example, tagging and castration. Shearing is performed only by experienced shearers whose main focus is the wellbeing of the animals. OWP wool comes exclusively from non-mulesinged sheep.


Land Management


OWP farms are very environmentally conscious. All activities are carried out from the point of view of environmental protection. As such, all farmers use soil and health strategies to monitor food sources and soil erosion, among other things. The use of fertilizers and pesticides is very limited and only carried out under supervision. Appropriate allowances are made for nature reserves.



Transport and Slaughter


OWP sheep not only provide valuable wool: After they leave the farm, most sheep are transported to abattoirs for slaughter. This aspect is not part of the wool supply chain, but rather concerns the meat processing industry. It therefore presents a major challenge. Transport methods and slaughtering methods are checked at both farm and industrial level for the OWP. Operators are quality tested and use humane slaughtering methods.



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