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Outdoor Watches at Sport Conrad

In a world of modern technology and constant progress and change, there are always new developments in the field of sports watches. If you are currently looking for an outdoor watch and wondering which one is right for you, here is a brief overview to help you make your decision.


Basic considerations

The first thing to think about is the type of sport you want to use your watch for. There are already differences in the pre-installed functions. For example, did you know that there are sports watches for golfers? These watches come pre-loaded with maps of various golf courses.

Many outdoor watches also come in different designs and sizes. You can opt for a rugged, larger model or a watch that feels light to wear.

You should also consider how much you want to spend on your outdoor watch. The price range is now very wide. It's a good idea to look at all the functions and features and decide whether you really need them, otherwise you could save a lot of money.

Does a friend have a sports watch and you want to motivate and challenge each other? Then go for the same brand. You can link your watches and track and monitor each other's training progress.

An overview of the most important functions of an outdoor watch and their significance

First of all, there are functions that every outdoor watch should have and be able to perform. First, the watch should:

• Have multi-frequency reception: GPS allows you to track your activities more accurately. Thanks to the GPS function, you can also navigate or have the watch show you the route you have taken. This can be very useful in the mountains when the weather gets bad or you get lost.

• Be waterproof. If you're caught in the rain and still want to track your activity or don't want to take your watch off, it's important that it's waterproof! It also gives you the ability to track different swimming activities.

• Be able to measure your heart rate. Watches use what is called "optical heart rate measurement". This uses light and reflection to determine the amount of blood being pumped, which results in your heart rate. The sensor or light for this is usually located on the back of the display. Please note that there are several factors that can distort or influence the measurement (e.g. tattoos, cool outside temperatures or sweat).


Most of the functions of an outdoor watch work together and are determined by your heart rate. For example, it can recognize your fitness or training status and create training plans for you. It can help you choose activities, tell you when to rest and when your body is ready for a strenuous workout. Some watches can measure and analyze your stress levels and sleep data.

Other useful features

•Compatibility: Don't want to take your cell phone out of your pocket or bag every time you want to check incoming messages or calls? Make sure your new outdoor watch is compatible with your mobile phone. This will allow you to view incoming messages or calls on your watch.

•Music function: Who hasn't been there? It's summer and you're ready to go for a run, but your shorts and T-shirt don't have a pocket for your phone. But you still want to listen to music. No problem! Just pair your watch with your music provider's app on your phone and you can listen to music on the go.

•Pay function: Go jogging without your wallet. Then an unexpected detour to the bakery. That's no problem with Pay. You can store your card details on the watch and pay contactlessly, even if you don't have your card at hand.

•Solar: For some people, it's hard to imagine life without solar power. A solar-powered watch usually lasts longer and charges itself on sunny days. So if you tend to forget to charge your gadget, this is a good choice for you.

•Battery life: As with a cell phone, battery life is an important consideration. Everyone has different priorities.

•Altimeter/Barometer: If you plan to spend a lot of time off-road or in the mountains, your watch should have a barometer. It will help you keep track of the meters of altitude you have covered.

•Operation: There are touch, button, and a combination of the two. Which you prefer is more a matter of taste.

•Accessories: There are different accessories for different watches. For example, a chest strap to measure your heart rate. If there is something that is particularly important to you, you should check before you buy whether the accessory is available, or if you already have an accessory, whether it is compatible with your new watch.

Appearance matters

In addition to all the technical features, appearance also plays a role - for some more, for others less. If you want to wear your watch on a daily basis, it should not be too big and should look attractive. This is why many manufacturers offer you the option of simply changing the strap of your watch. This has the advantage that you can change the color of your watch to match your outfit, and sometimes you just want to wear something new!

Of course, you should also pay attention to the case of your watch:

The size of the watch should fit your wrist. One thing to keep in mind is that most watches have the heart rate monitor on the bottom of the case. This part of the watch should always rest comfortably on your skin. It is best to wear your watch about two finger widths above your wrist. Appearance is also important. Unfortunately, you cannot change the color of your watch case as easily as you can change the strap. That's why you should think about what color you want it to be.


What else to consider

To ensure that your watch remains a faithful companion for a long time, you should take it off and clean it regularly. Especially in the summer, when you apply sun cream or lotion, or after a strenuous workout, clean the strap and case with a mild soap and dry thoroughly. Give your skin a break. Various substances or sand under the band may cause skin irritation. Take-off your watch from time to time or change your wrist.


At Sport Conrad you will find various models from Suunto, Garmin or Wahoo. Just browse through our shop or visit us in one of our stores and get advice on the spot.