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The Lower Bavarian family business Völkl combines high-tech innovation with German craftsmanship


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More about Völkl

Why is Völkl a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

For MDV Sports, which Völkl – like Marker and Dalbello – belongs to, the perfect set-up is high on the priority list, but so is protecting our global ecosystem. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Völkl stands out in the following ways:

- The company is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain
- It pays attention to the resource-saving use of raw materials and promotes fair working conditions
- True to its motto, “HIGHTECH MADE WHERE WE LIVE AND SKI. BAVARIA, GERMANY,” Völkl still manufacturers its skis at its headquarters in Straubing, as one of the last ski manufacturers in Germany

Yes, we care !

Starting in the first stage in a ski’s life cycle – the sourcing and processing of raw materials – Völkl puts a premium on sustainability, relying on alliances with hand-chosen local partners. The raw materials they use come from 100 percent European sources. For example, the wood used to make the skis comes exclusively from European FSC- and PEFC-certified renewable sources. The suppliers recycle 100 percent of the wood that cannot be used in ski production, for example to generate electricity, or by suppliers giving it directly to local farmers in the form of sawdust.


They transport the individual raw materials used in production in returnable wooden packaging without film wrapping that is reusable and sustainable. The location of the Völkl factory in Straubing, Germany, allows for short transport routes, reducing emissions of pollutants. The main Völkl factory in Straubing is one of the world’s most advanced ski production plants. The energy management system at the factory in Straubing is certified according to DIN ISO 50001. In the interest of clean production, Völkl has significantly reduced the use of poisonous and hazardous substances, and they have completely eliminated them from many stages of production. For example, the hazardous substance dichloromethane (DCM) is no longer used in the production process.

The recirculation of grinding water has allowed to reduce water consumption by almost 50 percent. Recycled materials, such as steel edges and coatings, generally play an important role. Up to 28 percent of the skis are now made from recycled or sustainably produced materials. High-quality, long-lasting products are a key element of Völkl’s efforts to be sustainable. This is complemented by a complaint processing and repair service in Straubing, which prevents the disposal of an entire product by replacing individual parts, thereby reducing the use of materials. Völkl works closely with certified regional waste disposal service providers and put great emphasis on the extensive reuse and recycling of individual materials including aluminium chips, steel, paper and wood.


Founded in the 18th century by Mr. Georg Völkl, Völkl initially produced carriages, boats and sledges. In 1923 the first alpine ski was developed and series production started a few years later. Even today Völkl manufactures its skis in Straubing, Bavaria. As a result, the company is not only close to the mountains, but also shows a sense of responsibility and promises its customers German quality and tradition.

Today Völkl is one of the leading manufacturers of skis. It is particularly present in the racing sector, which has won many World Cup successes and Olympic medals. But Völkl is also very strong off-piste. A wide selection of touring and freeride skis delights all of those who like to spend their winter in powder. Thanks to close cooperations with top athletes from the racing sector, as well as freeriders, technologies and innovations are continuously developed and optimized.

The product range includes skis from all branches of winter sports. In addition, ski poles, touring skins, backpacks and bags complement the equipment for this sport. The brand's speciality are the racing skis, because not only World Cup athletes shine with the Racetiger series! With a wide range of radii, widths and technologies, the manufacturer offers every sporty skier the right ski for the slopes. Of course, you can also expect high quality from Völkl’s freeride, freestyle, touring and all-mountain skis.