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The Lower Bavarian family business Völkl combines high-tech innovation with German craftsmanship


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More about Völkl

Völkl: a company with a long tradition and great success

Hardly any other brand stands for such high quality and functionality as Völkl. Since 1884, the manufacturer has stood for German tradition and production. As the largest ski manufacturer in Germany, the company employs several hundred people and has not only remained true to its roots, but has also developed new, sustainable ideas. Völkl skis have been impressing enthusiastic skiers for many years and have made the name Völkl legendary. Come and enjoy the high-quality skis, felts and poles from Völkl and discover the sport of skiing anew for yourself!

For the protection of the environment: That is why Völkl is a WIR DENKEN UM brand

In addition to Völkl, the Marker and Dalbello brands also belong to MDV Sports. MDV Sports not only unites top brands, but also common standards and values. For MDV Sports, not only the perfect setup is at the top of the list of priorities, but also the protection of the global ecosystem. This is why Völkl can also be described as a WIR-DENKEN-UM-MARKE. The company is characterized by the following points, among others:

• The company acknowledges its responsibility along the entire supply chain.

• The company takes care to conserve resources and promotes fair working conditions. 
• Völkl is the last ski manufacturer to produce at its headquarters in Straubing, Bavaria.

From Grüner Georg Völkl to today - a family business with tradition

The history of Völkl can be traced back a long way. All the way back to 1884, when Georg Völkl founded the company. Initially, Völkl built horse sleds, but the company soon expanded its product line to include boats and sleds. When Franz Völkl took over the company in 1923, he developed the first alpine ski under the name Vöstra (a combination of the Völkl name and the Straubing production site). Series production began a few years later. What began with Franz Völkl is now one of the most successful companies in winter sports.

Völkl still produces its skis in Straubing, Bavaria. This not only keeps the company close to the mountains, but also demonstrates a sense of responsibility.

Today, Völkl is one of the world's leading manufacturers of skis, and its long history and consistent production location promise quality and tradition made in Germany. Völkl is also internationally successful, for example in racing. Here, the manufacturer has a strong presence and numerous World Cup victories and Olympic medals have been won on Völkl skis. But Völkl is also strong off the piste. A wide range of touring and freeride skis is available worldwide for those who like to spend their winters in deep powder. Thanks to close cooperation with top athletes from the racing and freeride sectors, technologies and innovations are constantly being developed and optimized.

Völkl products for more sustainability

From the very first step in the life cycle of a ski - the extraction and processing of raw materials - Völkl places the utmost importance on sustainability. The company relies on cooperation with selected local partners in Europe. In this way, Völkl is able to source 100% of its raw materials from Europe and thus have relatively short supply chains. For example, the company sources wood for its ski production exclusively from FSC- and PEFC-certified European forests. The company also pays attention to sustainability with its suppliers. For example, wood waste that is not used for ski production is 100% recycled. For example, they are used to generate energy or are sold directly by the suppliers as wood chips to local farmers.

But the company does much more to keep its ecological footprint as small as possible. For example, a closed-loop system for grinding water has reduced water consumption in the plant by almost 50 percent. To transport the various production materials, the company uses wooden pallets without plastic wrapping because they are reusable and sustainable. As mentioned above, the location of the Völkl factory in Straubing ensures short transportation routes and thus a reduction in pollutant emissions.

The Völkl factory in Straubing is also energy-certified according to DIN ISO 50001. In the interests of cleaner production, the company has also drastically reduced the use of toxic and harmful substances and in many cases eliminated them altogether - for example, the harmful substance DCM (dichlormethane) is no longer used in the production process. Völkl is also careful when it comes to disposing of waste and residual materials. When it comes to disposal, Völkl works closely with regional, certified disposal companies and places great value on environmentally friendly recycling. Aluminum shavings or parts made of steel, paper or wood. This shows that Völkl, as a ski manufacturer, is aware of its position in the ecological responsibility chain and is actively working to be a role model for other companies as a German quality manufacturer.

Thanks to the brand's efforts, up to 28% of a ski can be made from recycled or sustainably produced materials. In addition, a complaint and repair service in Straubing, Germany, helps to reduce material consumption. By replacing individual parts, the replacement of an entire ski can be avoided. A service that not only benefits customers, but also the environment.

Völkl Ski & More

Völkl offers a wide range of products. The company produces for men, women and children and offers a variety of skis and accessories. Völkl is not an exclusive brand for professionals, as beginners will also find what they are looking for at Völkl. The latest technologies are the hallmark of Völkl products and guarantee safety. Skis, poles, bindings and more are designed to combine safety and fun.

The product range includes skis for all disciplines of winter sports. Ski poles, touring skins and bags round out Völkl's equipment. Not only are Völkl's skis innovative and versatile, but so are the bags that go with them. From duffle bags to ski sacks, the brand covers a wide range and ensures that you can rely on Völkl from head to toe on your tours.

You can also rely on the German brand when it comes to skis, because there is no terrain or run that Völkl is not equipped to handle. The company's bread and butter, however, are its racing skis, as the Racetiger series not only impresses Weltcup athletes, but also recreational skiers and those who want to become one. With a wide range of radii, tailings and technologies, the manufacturer offers all ambitious skiers the right ski for the slopes. Völkl also guarantees innovation and the latest technologies in the area of all-mountain, freeride, freestyle and touring skis. In addition to the Racetiger series, the Flair, Deacon, Revolt, Blaze and many more offer the right support for optimal performance.


With over 130 years of experience, Völkl has written ski and winter sports history. Production in Germany not only stands for the highest quality, but also for a strong sense of responsibility. Völkl products guarantee the highest level of performance and safety, with the focus on fun in deep snow or on groomed slopes. See for yourself and discover the perfect Völkl ski equipment at Sport Conrad!

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