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Skitouring pants

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Ski touring pants at Sport Conrad

Especially in the mountains, the weather can change quickly and bright sunshine turns into an icy wind with snow and rain. That's why it's important that you get the right pants beforehand, which are adapted to the versatile requirements of a ski tour and offer the necessary weather protection. Find your perfect ski touring pants now at Sport Conrad!

The ideal pants for your ski tour

The various models of ski touring pants differ mainly in the material, such as hardshell or softshell, and in the functions. In general, you should pay particular attention to the wearing comfort of your ski touring pants. Ski touring pants that don't fit properly or restrict your freedom of movement quickly become a problem - not to mention that as a ski tourer you're engaged in a strenuous high-performance sport where you quickly work up a sweat.
Therefore, when buying your ski touring pants, pay attention to a good moisture exchange, moisture transport or moisture management of the materials. For the descents through deep snow with sometimes icy wind, your ski touring pants should be waterproof or at least water-repellent and windproof, so you do not freeze. Pants with closable vents that you can leave open on the ascent and close for the descent can also be an advantage. Especially important for your ski touring pants when you're skiing through deep snow or in powder are gaiters with snow guards on the legs that keep the swirling snow away from your body.

Hardshell, Softshell & more: start perfectly equipped into your skitouring advennture

Each brand makes its own ski touring pants with special features. The biggest difference, however, is the material from which the pants are made. Whether you choose a hardshell or softshell ski touring pants and which inner material you prefer on your pants depends mainly on your preferences on ski touring.

Hardshell pants for extreme weather conditions

Hardshell ski touring pants offer you good all-round weather protection, but are particularly advantageous in extreme weather conditions. Hardshell pants are made of extremely robust material and are therefore particularly durable. These pants are breathable and waterproof, which is why snow and moisture from outside can not reach your body, but the sweat on your skin is released to the outside. In addition, hardshells are tear-resistant and protect you optimally from wind and moisture.
If you are therefore often in higher regions or on long ski tours, hardshell ski touring pants are ideal. However, you should also note that the pants are less breathable in milder temperatures and work best in cold outdoor temperatures. Discover now hardshell pants for men and women from all theleading outddor brands as Ortovox, Vaude, Salewa, NORRØNA, Ternua, Dynafit, Scott and more!

more breathability with Softshell skitouring pants

Softshell pants are extremely elastic and guarantee a very good moisture exchange. Softshell ski touring pants thus regulate your body climate and ensure that you sweat less. At the same time, the material mix of the pants made of nylon, spandex and partly also polyester is water-repellent and keeps the cold from the outside away from your body. Softshell ski touring pants offer you not only a lot of freedom of movement, but also an optimal body climate on your ski tour.
Note, however, that the function of these pants quickly diminish when the weather conditions become harsh and difficult or you ski a lot through deep snow. Softshell ski touring pants are water resistant and will protect you from wind, but not from very cold temperatures or a lot of outside moisture. At Sport Conrad you can find softshell products from Ortovox, Martini, La Sportiva, Vaude and many more.

Fleece, Mernio & Co. guarantee for the funcionality you are looking for

Gore Tex pants are waterproof thanks to their unique membrane. For the lining of your ski touring pants however, fleece or merino wool are advantageous fabrics. Fleece is a soft material that transports moisture from the inside very well through the pants to the outside and thus protects you from cooling down.
Ski touring pants with merino wool are multifunctional. Merino regulates your body climate and protects you from the cold by releasing the sweat on your skin to the outside. At the same time, a merino wool lining cools you down when you overheat. Which material is best suited for your ski touring pants often depends on your own taste and the planned area of use.

Ascent, descent, skitouring - matching pants can be a decisive factor

On a ski tour, your clothing must be adapted to different conditions. When climbing the mountain, you quickly start to sweat and your pants should therefore quickly wick moisture away from the body to the outside and regulate your body climate. These properties are supported by ventilation zippers, which are opened during the ascent and allow excess heat to escape. For the descent in deep snow, they are quickly closed and the ski touring pants protect you from the cold again. In addition, water-repellent and windproof material for ski touring pants offers many advantages.

Therefore, when buying your ski touring pants, pay attention to which requirements the pants have to meet. Do you prefer long tours in high regions or do fast descents in deep snow have priority for you? In any case, it is important that your ski touring pants do not fit too tightly to the body and that lightweight materials give you plenty of freedom of movement.

Get your Skitouring equipment now - at Sport Conrad

The ideal ski touring pants, along with weatherproof jackets, hats, gloves and the right underwear, form the basis of your equipment on ski tours. At Sport Conrad you are guaranteed to find the perfect ski touring pants for your needs. We offer ski touring pants from most of the leading outdoor brands brands for men, women and children. In addition to pants and jackets, as always, you'll find the right hardware from ski boots to bindings to skis, for your next tour in the mountains. Discover now the ideal equipment for more weather protection on ski tours at Sport Conrad!