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Ticket to the Moon

Ticket to the Moon

What started with a parachute hammock development in Bali, Indonesia, led to a globally active venture with a portfolio of "feel-good" products with an ethically clean conscience. At Ticket to the Moon, they not only develop innovative and practical products, but also highlight alternative and conscious lifestyles. However, Ticket to the Moon's greatest concern is to make life as comfortable as possible for dreamers and visionaries worldwide.

Ticket to the Moon
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More about Ticket to the Moon

What makes Ticket To The Moon a WDU brand?

• First manufacturer of completely PFC-free hammocks

• Fair trade production

• Provides workers with social security, wages above local standards and limit to 40 hours per week with adequate breaks

• No waste of materials: Everything left over from production is recycled

• The TTTM Foundation supports projects in the fields of health, education, culture, and development aid in Bali.


From the straw net to the parachute hammock

As early as the 70s, Charly, founder and CEO of "Ticket to the moon" (TTTM), was making hammocks from his father's straw nets. In the 90s, during a visit to Bali, Charly discovered the fabric that was to bring the breakthrough for the brand: Parachute nylon. The "Ticket to the Moon" parachute hammock was born.

Advantages of parachute nylon

The special fabric makes the hammocks durable, elastic, breathable, mould-resistant and skin-friendly (ÖKO-TEX® Standard 100). The weight of the hammock is negligible as it is very light and can be stowed in a small bag.

The perfect "travel bed" for all those who don't like sleeping on an uncomfortable sleeping mat and prefer to travel light.

Safety of the mounting system

TTTM uses one of the simplest, safest and most robust mounting options: Even in the standard version, TTTM relies on stainless steel hooks and a robust rope suspension made of nylon, which has its origins in shipping. Optionally, the basic equipment can be upgraded to high-quality carabiners and ropes that are particularly gentle on trees.

TTTM - more than just a hammock

The unusual fabrics of parachute nylon also forms the basis for many products that go beyond the flagship hammock. For example, there is the Beach Blanket, a picnic blanket, or the Hanging Chair, a hammock-like chair that can be hung up. Eco-bags, for example, are made from leftover materials from the production process. These are hard-wearing and offer plenty of storage space - perfect for shopping at the next market. As you can see, no fabrics are wasted at TTTM and it offers a variety of uses.

10-year manufacturer's guarantee-a quality promise

Each of the products on offer is tested under extreme conditions and only sold once it has been ensured that it has passed the strict quality controls. For this reason, TTTM can offer a manufacturer's warranty of 10 years.

International and yet regional

TTTM is approved partner of the world shops in Austria, South Tyrol and Germany. This ensures that a number of criteria are met at every stage of the production process, including decent working conditions, fair trade practices and environmental stewardship.

Nothing is left to waist

True to this motto, the production of TTTM takes place in Bali. In addition to a resource-saving way of working, attention is also paid to the topic of upcycling. Material scraps are reprocessed into other products, such as Eco Bags. However, everything that cannot be sensibly reprocessed is recycled at the pioneer recycling company Eco-Bali and thus returned to the production chain.

Fair social standards and trading practices

TTTM is committed to put the local employees at the centre, because they form the basis of success. This is reflected in flat hierarchies, fair pay far above the regional average, direct profit sharing, social security and pensions as well as free leisure activities.

When selecting partners, the focus is on fair, regional and sustainable working methods as well as high product quality. The main focus is on long-term relationships and regular exchange in order to guarantee the high quality of the products.