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Sustainability at Petzl

The story of the Petzl family business began in the 1930s when Fernand Petzl, a passionate speleologist and inventive craftsman, developed tools for cave exploration in his workshop. In 1970, the Petzl company was founded, based on four pillars that still guide Petzl's decisions today.

> The stability of a family business
> Fostering the pioneering spirit to develop world-class solutions
> The guarantee of industrial excellence with a zero-defect goal
> Close cooperation with the people in our communities

In the world of outdoor equipment, Petzl has long stood for quality, innovation and safety, and is one of the top brands when it comes to vertical activities and lighting.

In addition to these outstanding qualities, the company also strives to fulfill its responsibility to the environment and society. From the factory to the final product, Petzl is committed to sustainable practices, helping to protect the natural world it so passionately explores.

"More than ever before, we are aware that our actions and our products have a lasting impact on our environment, and that they have a decisive influence on our future and that of our children. We are committed to using our inventions and innovations to sustainably reduce the impact of our actions."

- Sebastian Petzl, CSR Director -

Commitment of Petzl

Environmentally friendly production

Petzl places great value on ensuring that its products are manufactured as environmentally friendly as possible. The company has set itself the goal of reducing the ecological footprint of its production processes by 50% by 2030. This will be achieved through the use of environmentally friendly and recycled materials, the reduction of waste and the use of renewable energy.

Petzl's manufacturing facilities are designed to use resources efficiently and minimize emissions. This includes the use of the latest technologies to reduce energy consumption as well as the optimization of waste reduction and recycling processes.

Responsible use of resources

Petzl is also committed to protecting the natural resources needed to make its products. The company is working to reduce water consumption, emissions and energy use in its manufacturing facilities. In addition, Petzl is committed to protecting the ecosystems in which its customers experience their adventures. This includes supporting environmental projects and promoting biodiversity conservation efforts in areas that are important to outdoor sports.

Resource Conserving Materials

Petzl uses carefully selected materials that are not only durable and high performing, but are also produced in an environmentally responsible manner. Recycling is an important part of the material sourcing process, and the company is continuously working to increase the amount of recycled materials in its products. The goal is to recycle 100 percent of waste and eliminate single-use plastics worldwide by 2025.

The use of sustainable materials extends across Petzl's entire product range, from climbing harnesses to headlamps. By selecting materials with a lower environmental impact and through comprehensive supplier evaluation, Petzl contributes to minimizing the negative impact of its products on the environment

Sustainable sourcing

Petzl places great value on a sustainable supply chain, ensuring that the materials used are sourced in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner. The company works closely with its suppliers to ensure that raw materials are sourced under fair conditions and that environmental impacts are minimized.

By adhering to stricter environmental and social standards when sourcing materials, Petzl contributes to reducing the negative impact of its supply chains on the environment and local communities. This includes reviewing working conditions, adhering to environmental guidelines and promoting fair trade practices.


Another important aspect of Petzl's sustainability strategy is to focus on durable products that last for years. Through the use of high-quality materials and careful workmanship, Petzl strives to maximize the lifespan of its products.

Job satisfaction

Petzl is aware that its employees are the heart of the company and therefore places great value on their satisfaction in the workplace. The company fosters a positive work environment based on respect, teamwork and continuous improvement.

Petzl offers its employees the opportunity to develop their skills and grow in their careers through personal development and training programs. In addition, the company places great emphasis on work-life balance and offers flexible working hours as well as support in combining work and family.

The employees of Petzl are proud to be part of a company that not only manufactures high-quality products, but also makes a positive contribution to the environment and society. This combination of sustainability, social responsibility and employee satisfaction makes Petzl a leader in the outdoor industry and inspires customers around the world to make their adventures safe and eco-friendly.

You can find out more about the brand's CSR efforts on the Petzl website. You can also view the Petzl Impact Report 2022 directly.

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Petzl takes its responsibility as a leading manufacturer of outdoor equipment seriously and is consistently committed to sustainability, social responsibility and employee satisfaction. From environmentally friendly production methods to supporting nonprofit organizations and promoting a positive work environment, the company demonstrates its commitment to a sustainable future. Based on product and company-related criteria, Petzl was awarded our WIR DENKEN UM label. We want to make the selection in our shop easier for you if you value fair and environmentally friendly production. You can find the criteria for our WIR DENKEN UM label here. By purchasing Petzl products, outdoor enthusiasts can not only rely on high-quality equipment, but also support the values ​​of responsible corporate governance. Find a large selection of Petzl items in our online shop.