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Snowboard Pants

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Snowboard Pants for piste and powder

Snow-covered mountains, perfect weather and the desire to conquer the slopes with your snowboard is rising? All you need for your perfect day is a cool pair of snowboard pants? Snowboard pants are the basic equipment of every snowboarder, and you should make high demands on them. They should keep you warm on cold days, but not too warm when the sun comes out, and they should keep you dry when it snows, or you lie in the snow.

No problem, because we at Sport Conrad offer you an extensive assortment of many brands for women, men and children, in which you will surely find your suitable snowboard pants.

Snowboard clothing is one of the most important components for fun on the slopes or in the backcountry, so warm and waterproof snowboard pants are indispensable for boarding. The robust pants protect you especially well against water and snow and are partly equipped with a breathable membrane like Gore-Tex.

If you like to let off steam in the snow park and practice new jumps, then freedom of movement through a wider cut snowboard pants is the be-all and end-all for you. For snowboarders who ride a lot in deep snow, dungarees are particularly suitable, because the snow has hardly a chance to penetrate from above into the pants. Putting them on and taking them off is not quite as comfortable as with normal cut snowboard pants.

What is really important when you want to buy a new snowboarding pants?

You want snowboard pants for everything? Whether you want to chill in the sun or shred through the finest powder and cut a good figure at the same time - there are many situations and occasions where you can use a functional and stylish pant. But what actually makes a good pair of snowboard pants?

Here are the most important criteria and requirements that you should consider and compare when buying your snowboard pants.

A pair of snowboard pants should:

• be breathable,
• be windproof,
• be waterproof or water-repellent
• have a comfortable fit,
• have a snow guard,
• have reinforcements on the knees and buttocks,
• be equipped with vents for good ventilation,
• as well as offer practical pockets for the most important things and still look stylish.

What Fabrics are used?

Snowboard pants can be either hardshell or softshell material. Most pants are made of hardshell, as they bring waterproof properties and protect you against moisture in snowfall, rain or deep snow.

In addition, snowboard pants are often equipped with a special membrane that provides good breathability in addition to waterproofing. This is important so that moisture such as sweat can escape, and you stay dry and warm.

The following fabrics are best suited for snowboard pants:

• Nylon: For high resistance, most snowboard pants have a thick outer layer of crack-resistant nylon. This also contributes significantly to the waterproofness of the pants.

• Gore-Tex: Gore-Tex is a particularly functional material. It is characterized by the fact that it is extremely crack-resistant, but still very breathable. Snowboard pants made of this material are usually a bit more expensive, but they also offer great comfort on the slopes.

• Synthetic fiber for insulation: When the cold sets in on the slopes or in the backcountry, you'll be grateful for a warming insulation. Synthetic fibers are predominantly used for snowboard pants, as they provide better protection against moisture than wool, for example. The inside is often lined with fleece.

What water column should your snowboard pants have?

The water column of a pair of snowboard pants indicates how waterproof they really are. Thus, the water column is one of the most important features you should look for when buying your snowboard pants.

For modern snowboard pants, the water column starts around 8,000 millimeters. This means that at a pressure of 8,000 millimeters, three drops of water will form in the pants. So the higher the water column, the longer the pants will keep tight. Snowboard pants now have a water column of more than 20,000 millimeters and range up to just under 30,000 millimeters.

Important rule of thumb → Snowboard pants are considered waterproof from a water column of 1,5000 millimeters - but that's not enough for use on the mountain. We recommend that you go for a water column of 10,000 millimeters or more, as this will provide you with the desired comfort in any weather.

What is the difference between ski pants and snowboard pants?

In terms of functionality requirements, there are no differences. Also, in terms of styling, ski pants are no longer in the shadow of snowboard pants. Classic snowboard brands now also produce pants for skiers. One difference from ski pants is that snowboard pants basically offer more freedom of movement.

What are the differences between women's and men's snowboard pants?

The pants are made of the same fabric, but of course they differ in cut and also in colors. There were times when women resorted to men's snowboard pants to get the baggy style they wanted.

Meanwhile, snowboard pants are no longer worn too baggy. Women's snowboard pants are certainly cut a bit more form-fitting than men's snowboard pants, and they come in a variety of feminine colors and patterns.

The right care for your snowboard pants

Theoretically, it is possible to simply put your pants in the washing machine after boarding. It is important that you do this only with the right detergent, which does not destroy the breathability, and that you always follow the washing recommendations of the manufacturer.

It is best to buy an extra detergent for Gore-Tex or for the material your pants are made of. You can also take your snowboard pants to a specialist for cleaning.

If the pants are no longer properly sealed, simply get a special waterproofing spray and spray the pants with it outdoor in the fresh air. The snowboard pants will be tight again, and you will have more fun on the slopes. Products for washing and impregnating your snowboard pants are available in our online store.

Snowboard pants for the whole family - well equipped with sport conrad

To make sure you're equipped with cool snowboard pants for your next run on the slopes and can shred through the snow in any weather without distractions, we do our best. It's important to us to always provide you with high quality, that's why we offer you snowboard pants from many top brands like Burton, Armada, Elevenate, Future Wild, Rehall and Picture. Find your perfect snowboard pants in our online store and let us advise you in one of our stores or online.

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