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Sun glasses | Alpine skiing

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More about ski sunglasses

Fresh snow and marvellous weather? With the proper ski sunglasses, you can safely enjoy your day on the mountain. But what are ski sunglasses anyway, which UV protection do they offer and what details do you need to look out for when buying these glasses to ensure clear vision at the heights of the mountain peaks? Find out here.

What are ski sunglasses? What is the difference with ski goggles?

Whether they are sunglasses or ski goggles, having the right pair of glasses is important to protect your eyes from the sunlight. Especially in winter, the UV radiation is often underestimated, although at this time of year the light is even more reflective than on summer days due to the snow.

Compared to ski goggles, ski sunglasses do not have an elastic strap, but straps. These ensure a secure hold during your sporting activities or during a well-deserved visit to the ski lodge afterwards.

In addition, interchangeable lenses let you vary, depending on the weather conditions to protect your eyes from UV rays in the best possible way.

UV protection, protection classes and light filters

Depending on the weather conditions, you can choose different lenses. When buying ski sunglasses, you can differ from 5 categories (0-4). These give you information about how light-transmitting your glasses are. The light transmission is indicated with the VLT (visible light transmission) in %.

The highest light transmission is achieved in category 0. Such lenses are particularly suitable at night, as 80 - 100 % of light is transmitted through the glasses. The percentage decreases with each additional category. Category 1 with a VLT of 43 - 80 % is best used on days with very dark and flat light. On days with moderate sunlight, category 2 with a VLT of 18 - 43 % is ideal. However, if the sunlight is a bit stronger, it is advisable to use category 3 lenses with a VLT of 8 - 18 %. In category 4, the VLT value finally lies between 3 - 8 %. Category 4 ski sunglasses are therefore perfect for extreme sun exposure and bright winter days when your eyes need special protection from snow-reflected light.

No matter which category of light transmission you choose, it is not related to UV protection. Especially in the snow, your eyes are exposed to extremely high ultraviolet radiation, so we strongly recommend that you choose a 100 % protection against UV for winter sport activities.

Buy YOUR ski sunglasses

Once you have clarified the most important technical specifications of the lenses, you can now choose the glasses that suit you best. On one hand, the ski sunglasses must fit your head shape, so that they seal well at your temples and forehead and do not let unnecessary light through. On the other hand, due to the large selection, you can also take into account your style, so that the glasses round off your winter day as a fashionable accessory. Fortunately, various manufacturers offer you ski sunglasses in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that perfectly matches your outfit.

With this in mind: Sunglasses on and off to the mountains!