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Bike Trailers

Bike trailers at Sport Conrad

Whether in everyday family life or on your bike tour, if the kids can't ride a bike yet, alternatives have to do the trick. Bike trailers for children are the ideal solution for parents to stay mobile. The trailers for bikes are robust, offer plenty of space and above all comfort for the little ones. Both for e-bike or conventional bike, but also for jogging or cross-country skiing you can take the kids comfortably in the bike trailer. Even if you have more luggage than fits on the bike, the trailers are a practical solution. Discover the right bike trailer in our online range at Sport Conrad!

The right trailers for e-bikes & Co.

E-bikes are very popular among bicycles at the moment. However, in order to attach a bike trailer to the e-bike, the bike must not go faster than 25 km/h. For conventional bikes, a trailer is therefore much more suitable. Most bike trailers have two wheels, a sway bar and a Weber hitch, with which the trailer can be quickly and easily attached to the bike. Especially for routes over busy roads, we recommend parents to get rear-view mirrors to have the bike trailer and the kids always well in view.

Weight and size of the trailer are crucial factors when buying a bike trailer. Bike trailers for children are already available for babies who can sit independently. But even with a newborn, the bike trailer can become an ideal companion in everyday family life if a special seat is available. Up to elementary school age children may be transported in a trailer for the bike, so it is important to adjust the size of the trailer to the child.

Another plus point of bike trailers: they offer additional storage space for bags and other luggage and are therefore your ideal companion on larger trips! And even dogs can now accompany you on all of your trips, especially if they're grown quite old or the distance is just too long to be covered on four paws.

Bike trailer with multifunction

Bike trailers should above all offer a lot of safety and robustness - and of course it doesn't hurt if they look good while doing so. Our offer includes different models of trailers that feature different functions. For example, the sporty version is very lightly built and ideal for active parents. Whereas the cross model is especially suitable for outdoor tours in uneven terrain, as tires and design offer even more stability. All our trailers meet the highest safety standards and have other useful features that are convenient in everyday family life and on your trips.

The trailer for any weather

No matter whether it’s windy and rainy or bright sunshine: the children have to go to kindergarten. To ensure that they stay dry in the trailer or are not blinded by the sun, the bike trailers have a rain cover and a sun visor that can be easily removed or adjusted. Your children are thus always protected from excessive UV radiation from the sun, but also from heavy rain, snow or wind. At the same time, closable ventilation slots ensure pleasant and optimal climate inside the trailer.

Whether on bike tours with the whole family or on the daily way to the grocery store or kindergarten: with the right bike trailer nothing stands in the way, even in winter.

Bike trailer with high comfort

Especially on longer trips, sitting in a bike trailer can quickly become an uncomfortable affair. That's why the seats of our bike trailers are additionally padded and offer long-lasting comfort. Individually adjustable suspension also ensures comfortable rides in the trailer as it safely absorbs shocks, and the reinforced floor provides children with a firm and stable footing when sitting. Luggage and drinks can be easily stored in the bike trailer thanks to large storage space, without constricting the children or obstructing the view outside to the big world.

A plus in safety

The high level of safety is particularly important for bike trailers for children. Therefore, our range offers only tested products that impress with their reliable and outstanding performance. The bike trailer's rear light ensures increased visibility even in dark seasons. Another plus in stability is promised by the reinforced tilt resistance.

Even though our bike trailers are extremely stable and easy to handle, we recommend practicing with an empty trailer before using it for the first time. Above all, the turning circle and braking distance can change significantly due to the additional load of the bike trailer. So, to ensure the safety of your children, it's important to ride with an empty trailer on your bike first until you get used to it.

The variety of bicycle articles at Sport Conrad

Our range of bike trailers promises high quality and the best performance and safety. Whether for bicycle tours on the weekend or trips in everyday life, whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter - the bike trailers transport your children safely and comfortably from A to B. But not only on the bike, the trailers can be a helpful companion. Thanks to the innovative design, each bike trailer can be folded or converted quickly and easily. So the trailer can also be used for jogging, walking or even cross-country skiing. Now nothing stands in the way of a sporty outing in everyday family life with your child. Find the perfect bike trailer online now at Sport Conrad!