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High quality crampons for your ski touring equipment at Sport Conrad

On long ski tours at high altitudes, the weather conditions and the terrain can quickly become difficult. Especially when it gets steep and the surface freezes, the skins under the touring skis have only very little friction and you slip away quickly. For these situations, there are so-called crampons, which press into the snow and allow you to ascend. Get now more information about crampons at Sport Conrad!

Ski crampons or crampons

The most  crampons are made of lightweight steel or aluminum. When you get into steep terrain or even have frozen snow under your skis, crampons offer you many advantages. The aluminum claws of the crampons press under the pressure of your weight into the solid, firm snow and give you the necessary grip and better stability, so you don't slide to the side or back. As soon as you the lift ski again, the crampons push out of the snow and you can take the next step forward. For your own  safety, you should always have crampons in your ski touring equipment on your ski tour.

The right crampon for your binding

Crampons are attached under the binding of your ski. This means that the crampons must always be wider than the width of the skis. If the crampon is too narrow, you will not get them mounted at all, if the crampons are crampons are too wide, they wobble and slip and do not offer you enough stability. It is also important to know that many crampons are only partially compatible with different bindings and you often need crampons from a specific brand. Therefore, be sure to check the brand of your bindings and the  compatibility with the crampons.

Crampons for classic frame bindings

For classic frame bindings, the crampons can often be mounted right when starting your tour. So you can easily attach the crampons at the beginning of the ski tour and simply fold down the metal claws when needed. Until the crampons are used, they do not interfere with your walking. As soon as you hit icy terrain, you fold the crampons forward. However, crampons for frame bindings are usually not compatible with other binding models.

Crampons and pin bindings

Crampons for pin bindings are often very light, abd in most cases, you can slide the crampons in, via a small bar on the side as soon as you need them in steep terrain. However, if you have set the highest climbing aid, the crampons might not be able to grip in the snow. So make sure to use the crampons without a climbing aid if possible.

ATK & G3 bindings with crampons

G3 bindings require crampons specifically designed for the binding, but are sometimes compatible with other types of bindings with the help of an adapter. ATK bindings are designed for racing and therefore sometimes not at all suitable for crampons. Sometimes, this problem can be solved with a simple adapter.

When are crampons useful?

In principle, you should always have crampons with you when ski touring, just as mountaineers have their crampons. Especially in mountain regions, situations can change quickly. Therefore, it makes sense to know the route for your tour well in advance and to inform yourself about the weather conditions.
Crampons are especially useful when the snow surface is firm and icy. On the other hand, crampons are of no use if the snow surface is icy or rocky - the only thing that helps is to switch to climbing crampons on your boots. Overall, however, it is helpful if you strap on the crampons as early as possible in flat terrain and practice mounting them in the valley beforehand. Otherwise, on a steep slope, it quickly becomes difficult. 
Even if crampons support you on the ascent, it is advisable to master a good walking and turning technique. The steeper the tour, the more demanding are the requirements for ski tourers. Nevertheless, crampons offer you much more safety and stability in hard, icy snow, but only on the ascent. On the descent, even if it is only a short distance, the crampons block and can cause falls.

More safety on your ski tour with crampons from Sport Conrad

Crampons are important helpers on the ascent. Especially in spring, when the snow thaws during the day and freezes again at night, it is essential to carry crampons in your backpack. In the valley, no one can predict exactly what the conditions will be like up on the summit and this is where crampons can play the decisive difference. Find exactly the right crampons for your binding at Sport Conrad and be optimally prepared for your next tour in the mountains!