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Mountain Equipment

Mountain Equipment

Mountain Equipment has been providing mountaineers with gear for expeditions to the world's most inhospitable regions for 60 years now. The British specialist in down garments and sleeping bags has developed its own Down Codex for species-appropriate down production.

Mountain Equipment

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Why is Mountain Equipment a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

Ecological and social responsibility have top priority alongside function and quality that meet the highest standards. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Mountain Equipment stands out in the following ways:

• Committed to accountability throughout the supply chain
• Fair purchasing and environmentally friendly and resource-saving production
• Mountain Equipment has held the Leader status of the Fair Wear Foundation since 2012

Down Codex and Down Cycle

The beating heart of Mountain Equipment: Down feathers. That is why, back in 2009, the down specialist was the first outdoor brand to introduce a system that makes the entire down supply chain transparent and traceable. An independent organization audits the supply chains and ensures compliance with strict specifications. The Down Codex guarantees: Animal welfare, exclusion of live plucking and force feeding and environmentally friendly processing.

Mountain Equipment is already taking the next step: "We recycle down and give it new life in high-quality, sustainable products." 95 percent of the disposed material is reused. 70 percent water savings can be achieved by recycling compared to the use of new down. All DOWN CYCLE products contain 100 percent recycled down. Recycled polyester is used for the outer and inner material, resulting in a significantly reduced overall ecological footprint. "Our motivation is to always improve standards and goals and to consistently continue on the path already taken with Down Codex, Down Cycle and the FWF."


Mountain Equipment offers the right equipment for every outdoor adventure. The popular and versatile sleeping bags with down and synthetic fiber filling are available for a wide range of different temperatures.

Whether glacier expeditions at up to -35 degrees or mountain tours in spring and autumn, when the temperatures are still in the plus range: These faithful companions guarantee optimal body temperature under all conditions. In addition to the well-known sleeping bags, the 1961 founded company, offers bivis, waterproof hardshell jackets, functional trousers and accessories such as beanies and headbands and gloves.

This high-quality and functional mountaineering equipment is also highly appreciated by the German Alpine Club (DAV). Mountain Equipment has been the official outfitter of the DAV expedition squad since 1999. In three years of training programs, young junior alpinists, together with experienced mountain climbers, climb untouched summits and develop new routes.

All sorts of challenges await the women's and men's teams, in which they are always supported by their reliable Mountain Equipment gear. Incidentally, with over one million members, the DAV is the largest mountain sports association in the world.