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Some prefer drinking out of bottles, some like having a tube to drink out of while running, and some just simply love to get the fresh water that comes down the mountain in a stream. But streams can not be taken with you as easily as hydration systems! Because these really are quite handy: you can easily stove them into your backpack and integrate them there which enables you to drink without having to fumble around. 

Hydration systems are handy, light-weight and safe

The most important aspect when it comes to hydration systems is for sure them being tight without any leakage. Also they need to be handy, if not you might as well take an old bottle. There are different types of systems. So called water bags or bladders can easily be integrated in your backpack. With these, a tube is fastened onto your shoulder strap around your chest so you can easily drink while running – kind of like one long straw, just a bit better! The bladder is located in your backpack. You can also purchase isolating covers for the system to keep the water cold in summer and prevent freezing in winter. Water bags are available in different sizes and liter capacities.

Next up, there are flasks. These are similar to regular bottles, but soft and flexible. Meaning you can stove this hydration system anywhere and it will not jump around and annoy you while running. Also, most flasks become smaller when the amount of water decreases and are free of PVC.

The systems all have a special coating, which prevents the water from changing in quality and taste over a longer period of time. But of course, this does not mean that you do not need to clean the systems every once in a while! Especially when using not just water but other liquids, the cleaning is very important. And this can easily be done! Another advantage of these hydration systems, is that they weigh next to nothing.


Hydration systems when trail running or in competition

Of course, hydration systems are not just good to have when trail running, but also when you travel, when doing ski tours, when climbing, when hiking, biking or doing any other outdoor sports activity. In competition, they are very often a must-have. Trailrunning competition oftentimes demand their participants to carry a certain amount of water with them. Furthermore, you will often have to have a cup with you, again the right kind can be found in our hydration systems. There are cups that are equally soft and flexible, dirt-repellant and can easily be put into or fastened onto your backpack.

Furthermore, you also need other equipment such as shoes, running poles, running backpacks and functional running apparel!

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