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More about Snowboard Gloves 

We all know the same problem! Wet and freezing hands on the mountain,
burning and numbness on the fingers and the hope of a warm cup of coffee to help coffee to help thaw them out.

Whether backcountry snowboarding or early-bird on the freshly prepared slopes, even in double-digit sub-zero temperatures and the most adverse conditions, you won't stay in the comfy heated cabin? Then you absolutely need snowboard gloves that you can rely on!  In our online store you will find snowboard gloves from brands like Burton, Future Wild, Picture, Hestra and many more. From Gore-Tex membranes, integrated protectors to touchscreen-compatible gloves, we'll show you which gloves won't freeze your fins, which functions freeze, what features they offer you and which fabrics provide maximum thermal performance

Classic Single finger, lobster or mittens?

In terms of the shape, snowboard gloves can be can be divided into: Finger Gloves, Mittens and Lobster gloves.

In classic gloves, each finger is individually insulated and can be moved more easily in terms of better fine motor skills. In mittens, all fingers except for the thumb are enclosed together. Mittens therefore offer the highest thermal performance, but at the expense of fine motor skills. Lobster gloves are available with single thumbs, the index and middle fingers enclosed together, or fifty-fifty splitted. These gloves offer optimum thermal performance with good handling of, for example release handles of avalanche backpacks.

A large number of snowboard gloves have an extended snow guard, which reaches far above the wrist and closes the last gap between hand and forearm. In addition, these can be tapered by sewn-in elastics and leave no more room for snow, wetness and cold..

Fabrics for snowboard gloves

Durable like the hell of leather? Snowboard gloves can be described as an incredibly,
technical piece of clothing. They offer a high level of insulation to the extremities, but should remain equally easy to move. A mix of materials of synthetic fiber, leather, down or even merino wool provides robustness, warmth and the necessary protection from wind and water.

Leather offers valuable material properties, especially on the stressed palms of the gloves. It is to a certain extent breathable and water-repellent and thus serves optimally as an outer membrane. In addition, leather is particularly cut safe and durable against abrasion. It is easy to maintain and offers its functionality for many years.

In the majority of snowboard gloves, synthetic fiber fabric is used on the back of the hand as the outer material and insulation. Depending on the design and treatment, it provides waterproof properties, high breathability and good thermal performance in case of wetness. Down-lined gloves have a higher thermal performance in relation to the weight, but this is reduced in wet conditions.

We recommend snowboard gloves with removable and washable lining! In some models, the inner lining can be easily removed, washed or dried. Especially if you often have your gloves on the mountain, regular washing is recommended, because unfortunately bacteria can multiply incredibly quickly in a glove. In combination with dry and chapped hands in winter, this can quickly have unpleasant consequences.

Find the perfect glove size!

Fitting Gloves are not only for snowboarding the most important thing, no, the perfect glove size serves to ensure the thermal insulation and at the same time still have enough fingertip feeling. Especially snowboard gloves with protectors then offer reliable protection, provided that they fit perfectly.

Basically, snowboard gloves should not be too tight, but also not too loose fit. This ensures that all features such as protectors and pads remain in the important places of your hand and thus guarantee their full function. Therefore, when buying gloves, keep to the manufacturer's size chart. Here, size ranges are given, which quickly help to find the right size. Size charts can be found either via search or directly on the item detail page. Translated with DeepL

Attention, this is a secret tip! You have small hands and simply can not find a suitable size in the adult models? Then just look at the children's snowboard gloves! The size ranges partly overlap with the small women's sizes. So you are guaranteed to find your matching gloves. Don't worry, these gloves don't differ in warmth or quality.

Snowboard gloves according to your wishes

Using the "Function" filter, you can search freely according to your personal needs and have a pre-selection displayed. With the feature "Insulating" you will find all gloves that really keep you warm. With "Waterproof" you get a quick overview of all snowboard gloves that reliably keep moisture away from your hands.

Also be aware! There is unfortunately not one glove for everything! Depending on the use you will probably count two pairs of snowboard gloves to your equipment. Light gloves are perfect for the ascent on splitboard tours and for the descent you simply switch to the powder version. The fun is then guaranteed nothing more in the way!

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