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Before breakfast, at lunchtime or after work - jogging is a great way to clear your head and at the same time do something good for your body while moving in the fresh air. Your run will be unpleasant if your socks become soaked with sweat during longer and more intense stretches and painful blisters form on your feet!

How important are the right running socks?

Very important! Because a good jog is not only about the right running shoes, but also the right running socks. So you have the perfect equipment for your run. But what exactly is the difference between conventional socks and sports socks? The foot releases a lot of sweat when running. As a result, the normal socks you use for an everyday sneaker soak up sweat very quickly. As a result, the socks are completely soaked very quickly. In addition, wearing normal socks often creates friction points that can cause excruciating blisters on the feet. With all these inconveniences, you lose the fun of running.

Therefore, you should definitely look for a suitable pair of socks. Thanks to the materials used and the padding in the necessary places, running socks even provide a supportive effect during your runs. Furthermore, the sports socks create a perfect foot climate. Running socks are very breathable and wick away sweat. Compared to everyday socks, running socks usually contain a synthetic fabric blend that ensures dry feet and maintains the fit. Another advantage of sports socks is that they are made with circular embroidery machines. Because of this, annoying

What should I look for when buying running socks?

Most running socks contain an anatomical foot board and differentiate between left and right. This allows the toe boxes to sit perfectly in the shoe and on the foot. A seamless design makes the socks a real foot-flatterer. Choose the right size based on your shoe size, but make sure you don't go up a size, as is the case with running shoes. Remember - running socks have to sit firmly on the foot and should not slip back and forth while running, leave no marks and in no case impede blood circulation in the calves or ankles.

The size of the running socks is based on the shoe size. They are also marked right and left. Another point to look out for when buying running socks. One thing you have to pay particular attention to is the length of the running socks. In addition to material, thickness, structure and size, running socks differ in length. These are divided into 3 variants: Low cut running socks, mid cut running socks and copression socks.

Low Cut Running Socks

Runners who do not like to jog with flashy socks are well catered for with the low cut version. These socks are short, non-flashy and disappear inside the shoe. They are also perfect for hot summer days. A compression zone supports the arch of the foot and relieves pressure.

Mid cut running socks

The mid cut version, on the other hand, goes up to the ankles and thus usually offers additional stability. A compression zone at the ankle and midfoot of mid-cut running socks stabilises the arch of the foot. In addition, more of these zones protect the sole of the foot and thus reduce the pressure on the heel. Mid cut socks are a popular choice among runners, especially in the slightly cooler months.

Compression socks

Another way to protect and support your feet is with compression socks. These socks are available for both men and women. They reach up to the knees and are also very tight. This puts constant pressure on the calf, which helps to supply the muscles with oxygen. What also counts in favour of compression stockings is the positive effect that the compression has against sore muscles and cramps. At the same time, pressure on the heel and Achilles tendon is reduced.

Fit, material and care of running socks

As already mentioned, running socks need to fit perfectly. After all, you only want to concentrate on the trail or the asphalt while running and not be distracted by ill-fitting socks. Unlike everyday socks, which are usually made of a high percentage of cotton, sports socks are made of a breathable synthetic fabric blend. Polyester, nylon, acrylic or natural fibres like merino wool are often used. To achieve an individual degree of cushioning, the socks also differ in material thickness. Especially in summer, thin socks are preferred by athletes. Thicker running socks, on the other hand, are preferred in the cooler seasons. These are somewhat thicker in the weave and therefore take up a little more space in the shoe.

The right socks for running are important!

Whether you're looking for low, mid or compression running socks, you'll find them in plain to brightly coloured, unisex, for men, for women, in 3-packs or individually - no matter what you're looking for, brands such as Asics, On, CEP or adidas offer a range of different sock models for men, women and children. When buying running socks, it is always important that you feel comfortable in them. Especially on long runs, the shoe and sock are exposed to constant movement and thus constant friction. A good pair of running socks prevents friction and blisters, is breathable, prevents unpleasant odours and fits well.