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Buy All Mountain Snowboards online at Sport Conrad

You want a snowboard for everything? You have just started to board? You are already an experienced rider who feels comfortable even at high speed? You like to ride on the slopes, but maybe you also like to plow through powder from time to time? Do you also like to do small tricks in the park? Then an all-mountain snowboard is exactly the right thing for you! But isn't that a bit much of a promise - just one board for all preferences? Well, ALMOST all preferences. We'll show you what's important when buying and give you tips on how to find your perfect all mountain board!

What exactly is an all mountain snowboard?

An all-mountain board is exactly what the name promises: it's suitable for the whole mountain, you can do an incredible amount with it.

For one thing, it can help you as a beginner get familiar with snowboarding. The good thing is that you can continue to ride it when you are more experienced and advanced. The board doesn't have specific features that are specially designed for one riding style or another.

When is an all-mountain board not the right board for you?

If you are a real pro, a real freerider, backcountry lover or freestyler, then you should definitely get a special board. In all other cases, an all mountain snowboard is an ideal compromise.

Advantages of All Mountain Boards
• All mountain snowboards are a mixture of stable and flexible, which makes them extremely versatile
• You can try different styles of boarding without always buying a new board

Disadvantages of All Mountain Boards
• A compromise is a compromise: for racing, proper powdering or for extended freestyle sessions you should go for special boards

An All Moutain Snowboard can be used in different terrains

The shape and the material for your All Mountain Board

The shape refers to the geometry of the snowboard. Depending on this, it is better suited for one or another use. All mountain boards usually come in three types.

Directional Twin: Also for tricks in the park
The shape of a Directional Twin snowboard is symmetrical. On an all mountain snowboard, the binding is usually shifted backwards with a slight setback (Directional Twin Tip). That is, the nose is slightly longer than the tail, because the front binding comes along a little backward offset. Otherwise, the nose and tail are built pretty much the same (same hardness, etc.). A Directional Twin Snowboard works in addition to all-mountain riding also in the park.

Directional: For carving on the slopes and deep snow
With the Directional Shape, the binding position is also further back and the board is designed for forward riding. This has advantages for carving on the slopes, but you can also use such a board for your powder attempts.

Asymmetrical: Easy carving
An assymetric board has a smaller sidecut on the heel edge than on the toe edge and provides better control of the board. Assymetric boards are available for freestyle and freeride boards in addition to all-mountain boards.

The material
Not only in the shape, but also in the material, all-mountain boards can differ enormously. Wood or carbon - this is not so important, at least for beginners. Carbon is lighter, but also more expensive. It is more important to distinguish between soft and hard boards.

The flex: soft or hard board?

The flex of a snowboard shows you how elastic the board is and it defines how much force is required to bend the board and initiate movements. The harder, the more force you need to apply. Why is this important?

Softer boards are more forgiving of riding mistakes that happen automatically at the beginning, much better than a harder model. In addition, a soft board is easy to turn even at low speeds. Freestylers who aren't quite as skilled can also benefit from soft boards - some tricks are easier with them, and a messy landing doesn't matter as much. At higher speeds, however, it becomes more difficult to control the soft board: If you're already riding really well, going fast or off-piste, you need a stiffer board.

All mountain snowboards come with a compromise: they usually have a medium flex - they also forgive mistakes, are not too hard for freestyle tricks, but bring enough hardness to carve controlled and have fun on the slopes.

Length, width, weight

All mountain boards come in different lengths and widths and are sometimes heavier and sometimes lighter. The snowboard must fit your body so that you have fun while riding.

Your all mountain snowboard should be at least long enough to reach just under your chin and definitely not go past your nose. The more beginner you are, the shorter the board should be - it will make it easier for you to initiate turns. 

Bigger feet need a wider board than smaller feet. The snowboard boots must not protrude beyond the edges of the board. Otherwise, go for a wide board. 

Of course, a lighter all-mountain board is easier to handle for beginners than a heavy one. But snowboards are classified by load weight - so be sure to stick to the weight classes.

The snowboard must fit your skills and your body

The right equipment for your snowboarding adventures

Now that you know how to pick your perfect all-mountain board, you're almost ready to go! Maybe you still need the rest of the equipment to finally go shredding.

For your board you need the right binding - make sure that binding and board are compatible. Of course, you also need good snowboard boots.

Also important is a good pair of snowboard pants that guarantee freedom of movement and keep you warm at the same time. You should also buy a snowboard jacket to go with them. Warm underwear belongs underneath, of course, and cozy, sturdy gloves on your hands. So that your feet find good grip in the boots and your feet stay warm, there are also snowboard socks.

Last but not least, you should buy a pair of snowboard goggles and a helmet to protect you during your adventures.

In our online store you will find the right equipment. Of course, you can also browse our top snowboard brands, such as Burton, Capita, Deeluxe, K2, Nitro or Rome.

And now we're just left to wish you a lot of fun while boarding!