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Let's do no gifts this year

Let's do no gifts this year

Who does not know it? The usual topic is "We don't do gifts this year" and then you get something. We will of course help you with this annually recurring problem and have the "Let's do no gifts" problem solver for you!

Discover gifts for ski touring fans, skiers, cross country skiers, or winter runners and get inspired for meaningful gifts!

Let's do no gifts this year
Can't decide for a gift? Here comes your plan B

You haven't found what you are looking for despite our many gift ideas?

Or are you not sure about the size?

Then we have a plan B for you!

Try our online or branch vouchers. We have created different motifs for you, so there is something for everyone.

Give joy, without risk! And that both online and in our branches.

Because there is nothing worse than a Christmas present that you can't use right away!

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Outdoor-gifts at Sport Conrad

It's that time birthday is coming up, Christmas is just around the corner or another occasion calls for an original gift that will bring joy to friends or family. But what to give athletes and nature enthusiasts? We have just the right things for you. Get inspired and discover the perfect present for friends and family among our gift ideas.

Gift-ideas for outdoor sports enthusiasts

Whether you are an enthusiastic hobby sportsman or a professional, you are guaranteed to find the perfect gift idea for outdoor fans in our range. From outdoor equipment, backpacks and clothing to individual vouchers, the selection of gifts and the variety of ideas are large.
Is it going to the mountains or to the forest, does the outdoor adventure take place in winter or in summer?
The possibilities are endless, so we have summarized the best tips for you here. Unusual and creative, useful and meaningful - the perfect gift idea is available in our online store!

The perfect present for different outdoor-activities

You lack inspiration and socks for Christmas or a boring voucher for a birthday are worn out? No problem. Find the right gift idea for different outdoor friends. Whether skiing, snowboarding or cycling, enthusiastic runners or ambitious hikers, our selection of gifts is guaranteed to make every athlete's heart beat faster.
Outdoor equipment for climbing, stylish clothing for skiing or useful gadgets for running and co.
Thanks to the numerous categories of outdoor activities, you are guaranteed to discover the perfect gift idea for your loved ones.

Presents for Skiers & Snowboarders

The mountains are covered with snow and the slopes are not far away? For all ski and snowboard lovers, you're sure to find the perfect gift in this category. How about avalanche equipment for the next ski tour or the perfect accessories for preparing skis for enthusiastic cross-country skiers? Also ski helmets and useful tools for snowboarders are always a popular gift idea. Also discover the modern functional underwear in our range. After all, the adventurers should have fun and not freeze. Discover even more gifts for a winter sports friend now!

Perfect gifts for bikers, runners and climbers

Whether cycling, running or climbing, a stylish sports watch that measures the pulse or displays the speed and distance traveled is always a practical tool and also the perfect gift idea for outdoor enthusiasts. But also a running or bike light, drinking bottles in modern designs or shoes for climbing are very popular. What about a climbing harness or carabiner for the climbers among your friends.

Even more outdoor items & vouchers

Hikers are also outdoor adventurers and can be surprised with an unusual gift idea.
Snow shoes for the winter fans, a thermos bottle, gloves or sweaters with eye-catching prints, the possibilities are endless. A backpack or shoes are also very popular as outdoor gifts.
Discover even more items for outdoor fans now.
You still haven't found the right inspiration despite the large selection? Don't worry. Just give an individual voucher from Sport Conrad and let the lucky person decide for himself what he wants. You can easily get our vouchers online with different gift credits.

The very best outdoor-gift ideas by Sport Conrad!

Outdoor equipment like a backpack or climbing ropes, stylish jackets or helmets for skiing and snowboarding or the ideal accessories for the next tour on the mountain, the perfect gift idea for all outdoor lovers can be found at Sport Conrad. Let us inspire you to find personal, original and useful outdoor gifts for Christmas, a birthday or any other occasion. Discover even more gift ideas online at Sport Conrad!