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For the fun on the slopes to not come up short, Fischer is an absolute all-around supplier in the realm of alpine skiing and skiing in general.

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Fischer: Top equipment for good performance

Whether alpine, freeride, touring, race or cross-country - the right equipment should always come first when skiing. Fischer not only offers the right skis from all-mountain to cross-country, but also many other products that support you on the slopes. Because the Austrian company is successful in every segment. From ski boots, ski poles and cross-country boots to cross-country bindings and cross-country poles: Fischer is a reliable brand with a broad product portfolio. In addition, Fischer also produces numerous accessories such as bags, hats, gloves and backpacks. But how did the Fischer brand become a successful brand? 

FAMILY COMPANY FISCHER: Groundbreaking Innovations & Great Successes

The successful history of the Fischer brand began as early as 1924, when Josef Fischer, a journeyman wainwright, started producing skis on his own in Ried im Innkreis - with great success. By the time of his death in 1959, the Fischer ski factory had already produced 500,000 pairs of skis.

In the decades that followed, Josef Fischer Junior turned the company into a true global brand with innovative ideas and entrepreneurial drive. Not only is the largest ski factory in the world created under the Fischer umbrella name, but successes in racing also ensure additional brand recognition and a brand name that is known worldwide.

At the beginning of the new millennium, Fischer's product range is expanded to include ski boots, ski poles and ski bindings. The fact that Fischer is an outstanding family brand with top equipment and top products will become clear in 2014 at the latest. Because with the successes at the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, Fischer managed to set a new medal record in the Nordic disciplines just in time for the company's 90th anniversary. Further proof of Fischer's undisputed top performance and world market leadership in this field.


The list of those who have achieved world fame on Fischer skis is as long as it is illustrious. It reflects more than half a century of perfect interaction between top athletes and top equipment. The first major Fischer success was Egon Zimmermann's 1964 Olympic victory on Fischer skis. This was followed by alpine greats such as Franz Klammer, Günter Mader, Isolde Kostner and Ivica Kostelic, who celebrated successes in all alpine disciplines. In the Nordic field, biathletes such as Thora Berger, combined skiers such as Eric Frenzel and ski jumper Gregor Schlierenzauer regularly entered the winners' lists on Fischer skis.


The Fischer brand stands for high-quality products and is a trusted brand for many, and not without reason. This is backed up not only by the sporting successes achieved by top athletes on Fischer skis. The constant innovation and further development of both the products and the brand also speak for a trustworthy and successful brand.

There are many current examples of Fischer's innovative strength. Both in the alpine and cross-country skiing sectors as well as in touring ski boots, product leadership must be proven time and again. Fischer, with its wide range of products, also has to prove itself time and again, and does so successfully. 

Twin Skin Technology

The revolutionary Fischer Twin Skin Technology for cross-country skiers is an innovation that makes Fischer skis even more individual and unique. The fur strips of mohair attached under the cross-country ski in the ascent area enable a climbing wax-free ski that is particularly convincing in hard to icy conditions.

Touring ski boot Traverse Carbon

The touring ski boot Traverse Carbon also convinces on the slopes. Because the touring ski boot combines perfect fit with maximum freedom of movement in a particularly successful way - and with sufficient torsional stiffness. This is ensured by the unprecedented rotation angle of 80 degrees and the BOA® CLOSURE SYSTEM.

Fischer Vacuum Ski Boot

An even more significant innovation was achieved a few years ago with the introduction of the Fischer Vacuum ski boot. With this special ski boot, it is possible to individually adapt each boot to the anatomy of the foot. This is made possible by a Vacuplast material specially developed by Fischer, which is thermally adapted in the Vacuum Station in just a few minutes. Fischer Vacuum ski boots are therefore custom-made products that adapt optimally to the respective skier.

Thanks to innovative products and constant further development, Fischer is not without reason one of the major brands in skiing


Fischer's philosophy is to offer World Cup skis for the hobby skier as well. This is how models like the Fischer RC4 Worldcup GS Curve Booster in original World Cup design become the ultimate speed experience for ambitious male and female piste skiers. The ski has everything that even the greats of skiing appreciate. Including thick binding plate and Freeflex binding with extended Z-value for absolute race demands, this ski brings you closer to the World Cup spectacle than almost any other. The Fischer Race RC4 WC SL with its slalom counterpart also brings you more World Cup feeling than ever before.

Other top models from Fischer are the My Turn 68 or the Progressor piste ski, which is considered one of the lightest performance skis on the market.

We offer this ski, for example, with the MBS 11 PR binding, which is compatible with various ski boot soles thanks to its multi-boot standard. The MBS binding fits alpine, grip walk, walk sole or walk to ride ski boots. 

The Fischer race models give you a World Cup feeling like no other skis.


No matter whether you want to stand on the podium with the greats of skiing in the future or simply stand on skis out of pure passion - with Fischer you get ski equipment that promises you the best possible performance. Whether Fischer is the right brand for you, you have to find out for yourself. But the high quality, the long history as well as the constant innovations and the successes that have already been achieved with Fischer skis speak for themselves.

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