Downhill skiing/ alpine skiing, freeriding, backcountry skiing/ ski touring, cross trails, trekking, trail running, skate skiing or Nordic walking: for all of these, Leki offers high-quality poles, developed and manufactured at its own sites in Germany and the Czech Republic.

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More about Leki

Why is Leki a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

Taking responsibility for one's own actions has always been a deeply rooted value of the founding family, long before sustainability was on everyone's lips. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Leki stands out in the following ways:  

- Leki is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain

- It prides itself on environmentally friendly, resource-saving production

- Regional production with short transport routes  

Leki: Home in the mountains

When founder Klaus Lenhart was asked why he repaired old poles, his answer was, "Because it's the right thing to do." Responsibility and sustainability are not a stand-alone project for Leki, but instead are a permanent part of daily operations. The first sustainability report was published back in 1996. Innovative and intelligent products with a very long service life are as much a part of the company’s philosophy as the maintenance and repair of worn components. The complaint rate is less than 0.3 percent per year. That, plus the fact that 93 percent of all complaints can be resolved by Leki, reflects the company's attitude. The manufacture of durable products requires the use of energy and resources, as well as measures that make it possible to return or recycle production residues. Leki's own production at the Czech site allows the company to control all processes and transparency with regard to the vertical range of production. State-of-the-art production processes and facilities ensure resource-saving production.

Leki Poles and gloves

The core business of Leki always has been, and still is, poles made for the outdoors and mountains. As a logical consequence, the subject of gloves has become increasingly important at Leki. These were added to the range at the end of the 90s and, like the pole range, cover the entire spectrum. Thus, there is equipment for the Nordic discipline of cross country skiing, alpine skiing poles, freeskiing and ski touring poles. In summer, Leki’s combination of gloves and poles is very popular in the areas of trekking, trail running and Nordic walking. Recently, Leki has added camp furniture, to its product range. Meaning that now, you are able to relax in Leki quality!

Leki: The brand of victories

Athletes have put their trust in the brand’s quality for many, many years and at the same time, they are supporting Leki to further improve and optimize their products. As of this, new products and technologies are constantly published and used in all disciplines: Kaisa Mäkäräinen pushes herself through her biathlon races. David Lama uses them on his expeditions. And alpine World Cup champions such as Mikaela Shiffrin and Felix Neureuther trust in Leki when racing down the slopes, be it through the narrow slalom poles or on rapid downhill descents.

Leki Trigger S – and much more innovation

The ISPO award in 2007 was the starting point for a huge innovation in alpine skiing poles. Leki’s Trigger S System combines a maximum of safety with great comfort. The loop holds a patented safety spring release system. Injuries caused by poles when falling can thereby be decreased.


This is just one of many innovations of the last few years. As are the Speed Lock System or folding poles. Since people are increasingly demanding equipment to be lightweight and small and speed has become more important, Leki’s foldable poles are, thanks to their small size and weight, just the right thing to have! The main reason for this very low weight is the use of different materials. Poles are produced using either aluminium or carbon: Carbon is known to be of extremely high stiffness while at the same time being very lightweight. Those who want their poles to be super stable and very durable, tend to go for aluminium poles. Leki also offers poles made of carbon composite, meaning poles ranging between 70 and 85% carbon. For its hight-adjustable poles and some of the highest quality racing poles, Leki combines shafts of carbon with aluminium shafts. Through this, Leki is able to offer great variety in pole characteristics.

In total, more than 250 patents are proof of Leki’s great drive for innovation in the skiing and outdoor sector. Leki’s great competence for poles and accessories can also be found in their extensive service and guiding. Advisors regarding pole lengths and glove sizes, as well as product care advice help optimize the use of these high quality products. Having the right length on your poles is essential for power transmission. No matter which discipline, be it alpine poles, hiking or trekking poles, nordic walking poles, cross country, trail running, touring or snowshoeing poles.