Alpine skiing, freeride, cross-country skiing, touring, cross trail, trekking, trail running or Nordic walking - the LEKI brand stands for speed, control, comfort, safety or simply the good feeling of being able to rely on your equipment. The products are developed in the Swabian headquarters, manufactured in the company's own production facility in the Czech Republic.


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Why is LEKI a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

Taking responsibility for one's own actions has always been a deeply rooted value of the founding family, long before sustainability was on everyone's lips. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, LEKI stands out in the following ways:  

- LEKI is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain

- It prides itself on environmentally friendly, resource-saving production

- Regional production in Europe with short transport routes 

- Service & Repair: worldwide network of specialized service centers where products are repaired and reconditioned after years of intensive use.

LEKI offers tailwind

When founder Klaus Lenhart was asked why he repaired old poles, his answer was: "Because it's the right thing to do." Responsibility and sustainability are not a stand-alone project for LEKI, but a permanent part of its daily activities. The first sustainability report was published as early as 1996. Innovative and intelligent products with a very long service life are as much a part of the principle as reconditioning and repairing worn components. Per year, the complaint rate is less than 0.3 percent and the percentage of all complaints that can be repaired is a proud 93 percent. The manufacture of durable products requires the use of energy and resources, as well as measures that make it necessary to trace or recycle production residues. In-house production at the Czech site gives LEKI control over all processes and transparency in the vertical range of manufacture. State-of-the-art production processes and manufacturing facilities enable resource-saving production.

LEKI started with ski poles

Klaus Lenhard was a tinkerer and visionary. When the trained toolmaker took over sole management of the family business in 1984, he strategically focused LEKI on manufacturing top products that meet the highest standards of safety, function and comfort. Poles, gloves and especially pole-glove systems for outdoor and mountain sports were and are LEKI's core business. This applies in winter to the areas of alpine skiing, freeriding, cross-country skiing and ski touring. And in summer for the areas of trekking, mountaineering, cross trail, trail running and Nordic walking. Collaboration with top athletes For LEKI, collaboration with top athletes:inside is the driver for excellence in development. "We continuously test prototypes with the best of the best. That's why our customers sometimes have to be patient. At LEKI, we plan for comparatively long test phases because we like to be 100 percent convinced that our products are fully developed down to the smallest detail. As fast as we are on the mountain, as thorough we are in development," explains Product Manager Christian Nordhaus. With a team of over 1,000 athletes from the Alpine skiing, Nordic, trail running and mountaineering sectors, LEKI has a unique pool of expertise. And that in all disciplines: cross-country superstar Johannes Klebo pushes on with LEKI, trail runner Hannes Namberger relies on the support of his LEKI's in the most important trail races such as the UTMB or the world's best skier Mikaela Shiffrin, who relies on the quality of LEKI in her races, whether in the tight Stangenwold or in the fast downhill disciplines.

Trigger 3D, Aergon Air and Nordic Shark - and other innovations

Innovation is still one of the most important building blocks for LEKI today, along with the five other core values of enthusiasm, quality, partnership, excellence and responsibility. But with so much innovation, how do you still come up with new ideas? Product Manager Christian Nordhaus reveals, "We get a lot of feedback from our athletes and then think about how we can implement it technically." Then several variants are tried out until one emerges as the best. It takes a good two years for a product or a new development to be ready: "There's just a lot of passion involved." With more than 250 patents, LEKI has fixed more innovations and patents than almost any other manufacturer in the outdoor and ski industry. LEKI's special expertise in poles and gloves is also reflected in its extensive service and consulting area. Pole length advisors, glove size advisors and product care are designed to make the most of LEKI's high-quality products. Because the following applies to all disciplines: the right pole length is the decisive factor for optimum power transmission: Whether alpine poles, hiking and trekking poles, Nordic walking poles, cross-country skiing poles, trail running poles, touring poles or poles for snowshoeing.