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Inline Skating Accessories



For inline skating, the right accessories are essential to get the most out of your skates and use them for a long time. With us you will find, among other things, wheels in different sizes and degrees of hardness or also brake pads, so that you lack nothing for the ultimate inline experience. Look check out our inline accessories now!

How to find the matching accessories

When choosing roller skates, accessories should not be underestimated in any case. For example, the wheels alone make up a very large part of the riding-quality while inline skating. And the brake rubber should also be of high quality, so that it can reliably ensure your safety - but not wear out too quickly.


The most important element of inline skates are probably the wheels - because without them you could not even ride them. In our store you will find wheels in different hardnesses and sizes. So you can customize your inline skates according to your preferences.

· sizes: 76 mm to 90 mm

· hardness grade: 82A to 85A

What are the right wheels for me?

With our diverse selection of inline skates wheels you may wonder which ones fit you best and how you can find out. Two factors are particularly important: the size of the wheels and the wheel hardness. We are happy to help you find the perfect wheels for you.

The right size

In general, it can be said that larger wheels also provide a faster speed than smaller ones. But smaller ones are also easier to control during the ride and give you more stability. Especially for beginners, we recommend a smaller wheel size. The more experience you have, the larger your wheels can be. Basically, you can use the following sizes depending on your experience:

· Beginners: Wheel sizes about 78-80 mm

· Advanced: Wheel sizes about 82-84 mm

· Expert: Wheel sizes about 90 mm

The right hardness grade

The wheel hardness is indicated by a number in combination with a letter in the article designation of the products, for example 82A. Again, a general rule: the higher the number, the harder the wheels.
A high hardness provides more speed when driving and a slower wear, but the riding comfort is less than with a lower degree of hardness, especially on uneven ground. Hard rollers are therefore more suitable for advanced or professional skaters.
Wheels with a lower degree of hardness are slower in comparison and wear out faster, but at the same time you have a higher riding comfort and better grip on uneven surfaces. Therefore, they are more suitable for beginners or advanced skaters. Orient yourself according to experience to the following degrees of hardness:

· Beginners: lower hardness grades

· Fortgeschrittene Fahrer: medium to high hardness grades

· Experts: high hardness levels

Ultimately, however, it also depends on what your personal preference is and what kind of tracks you are on. Even for experienced skaters, softer wheels can be worthwhile if they want to skate not only on smooth asphalt.


The brake rubber also plays an important role when skating. It ensures your safety during the ride and should therefore be of high quality, stable and not too worn. Therefore, it is recommended that you always keep an eye on the condition of the brakes to replace them if necessary. You can find high-quality brake pads in our store.

Advantages of inline skating

Of all the sports, inline skating is the ultimate all-rounder, as it trains the whole body. Thus, the sport trains the back as well as the glutes, legs and abdomen at the same time. In addition, researchers have already come to the conclusion that inline skating can improve balance and strength. So inline skating is not only fun, but also healthy for your body. In the city, you can also easily get from A to B with your inline skates if you're looking for an alternative to a bike.

High quality inline skating accessories at Sport Conrad

If our customers are satisfied, so are we. That's why we always pay attention to the quality of the offered items. Do you have any questions about our accessories or inline skates in general? Then simply contact our information and service team! We will be happy to advise you.