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Cross country bindings

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More about cross country bindings

Cross-country bindings are the link between your cross-country ski and your cross-country boot. Accordingly, it is especially important to choose a cross-country binding that suits you and your skills. Whether you prefer classic or skating, Sport Conrad offers you cross-country bindings with different systems from different brands, so that you always have optimal grip on the trail.

What is a cross-country ski binding?

The cross-country binding is the part of a cross-country ski that connects the ski boot to the ski. Different binding systems can be used for cross-country skis. What they all have in common, however, is that the tip of the boot is always attached to the ski by a cross-country binding. To do this, you attach the toe of your boot to your cross-country binding using a lever. By attaching only the toe, the foot retains its vertical mobility.

A special safety feature that separates the boot and the ski in the event of excessive pressure, as is the case with other ski bindings, does not exist in cross-country ski bindings.

What types of cross-country ski bindings are offered?

There are currently four types of cross-country ski bindings, but they are only partially compatible with each other. That is, not every ski boot can be connected to every cross-country ski binding. Currently, there are the following binding systems: the NNN system, the Prolink system, the Turnamic system, the SNS system.
However, since the cross-country binding is the heart of the cross-country ski, manufacturers are constantly developing new and different bindings that are perfectly adapted to the needs of cross-country skiers.

NNN System

The NNN system comes from the company Rottefella. The abbreviation of the system stands for New Nordic Norm. The NNN binding consists of a bar and two narrow center bars. The binding plate of the system is wider than usual, which makes the contact surface to the ski larger. The New Nordic Norm system provides optimal control and stability and is suitable for beginners as well as advanced skiers and professional skiers. Extensions of the NNN are the NN (Nordic Norm) and the NIS (Nordic Integrated System).

Prolink System

The Prolink system from Salomon and Atomic is based on the NNN system. It has just like the NNN system two bars. The binding system is designed to make the contact between ski and ski boot particularly direct. This direct power transmission gives cross-country skiers absolute precision, which makes the Prolink system attractive to racers, among others.

Turnamic System

Fischer's Turnamic binding system proves itself by being extremely easy and intuitive to use. With two guide rails, it is not only compatible with a variety of ski boots, but its ease of entry and exit also makes it a suitable binding system for cross-country skiers of all skill levels.

SNS System

The SNS System (Salomon Nordic System) from Salomon is a cross-country ski binding with a guide rail. This binding provides an easy entry into cross-country skiing, especially for beginners, as it provides extra stability and allows the foot to roll ideally.

The SNS Pilot system is a binding that was developed especially for skating. The Pilot binding not only connects the toe of the shoe to the cross-country ski, but also has an additional attachment under the shoe. This helps to better transfer the power when skating.

Which binding systems are compatible?

Cross-country ski binding and shoe sole must necessarily fit together, otherwise cross-country skiing can not even take place. Therefore, here is a brief overview of which shoe soles and binding systems fit together:

• SNS shoe soles and SNS bindings

• NNN shoe soles and NNN, Prolink and Turnamic bindings

• Prolink soles with Prolink, NNN and Turnamic bindings

• Turnamic shoe soles with Turnamic, NNN and Prolink shoe soles

Best equipped with Sport Conrad

Finding the right cross-country ski bindings is no easy matter, that's why Sport Conrad offers you a wide range of different bindings and binding systems, so that you are optimally equipped for the next cross-country skiing season.

We offer you not only cross-country bindings, but also cross-country skis and cross-country boots from various manufacturers. With our ski configurator you can easily put them together by yourself to a set with a cost advantage.