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Since 1921, Hanwag has stood for traditional craftsmanship, excellent fit and innovative and above all durable footwear - for alpinists, trekkers and outdoor enthusiasts.


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More about Hanwag

Why is Hanwag a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

As part of the Fenix Outdoor Group, sustainability plays an important role for Hanwag - resources are conserved, transport routes are shortened and environmentally friendly materials are used. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Hanwag is characterised above all by the following points:  

- The company is committed to responsibility throughout the supply chain

- The company pursues environmentally friendly, resource-saving production

- Hanwag manufactures in its own production facility

Leave nothing but Footprints   

Hanwag has always been driven by high quality standards. Raw materials are very selectively chosen for quality and durability as well as for processing that is as local and environmentally friendly as possible. In order to keep transport distances short and the associated CO2 emissions low, the traditional company based in Bavaria produces in its own production facility and with local producers working exclusively for Hanwag. All the necessary steps - research and development, raw material production, raw material supply, production - thus take place within Europe. In order to extend the wear life, shoes that have been worn down by closure can be resoled. Hanwag strives to leave "nothing but footprints" behind as far as possible and does everything in its power to further develop the sustainable tradition in a contemporary and forward-looking way in the form of new technologies and ideas. The aim is not only to make mountain and trekking boots even better in terms of functionality. It is to preserve the mountain world and leave it worth living in for future generations.

Hanwag stands for fit, function, quality and craftsmanship

Over nine decades of permanent learning and continuous development with innumerable shoe models, ideas and inventions, new materials and even new sports such as ski touring (1970), sport climbing (1980) and paragliding (1990). Today, the Bavarian company is known for the production of high-quality shoes such as mountain boots, hiking boots and trekking shoes. The basis for these superior products is the combination of traditional craftsmanship with the most advanced technologies and continuous innovation efforts.

The women’s and men's shoes of Hanwag are characterised by precise craftsmanship and elaborate manufacturing processes. The resulting accuracy of fit, robustness and durability make them the ideal equipment for any mountain sports activities. Furthermore, mountaineers can rely on quality "Made in Europe". Around 30 percent of the shoes, including high-alpine boots, are still made in Bavaria.

To ensure that outdoor enthusiasts are also able to explore the mountains with Hanwag shoes in the future, the Bavarian company is committed to protecting the environment through sustainable production. In addition to the reduced transport routes, Hanwag places great importance on the durability of its products and the sustainability of its materials. For example, around 20 models of the collection are made from CO2-neutral Terracare Zero leather. Furthermore, some of the company’s shoes are made of organic leather, which comes from appropriately kept cattle in Croatia. For the lining of these models anti-allergenic, chrome-free tanned leather is used and the footbed consists of leather and cork.

With Hanwag you are perfectly equipped for any of your outdoor adventures

As with all brands, Hanwag has a range of products that is particularly popular with mountain enthusiasts. These include, for example, the Makra mountaineering boots, which are particularly suitable for demanding mountain tours, and also master glacial sections. To ensure optimal grip, this lightweight and above all stable model has an aggressive sole and is crampon compatible. The optimised lacing in the toe area offers additional support. A soft textile finish with honeycomb structure ensures high wearing comfort.

Also popular with outdoor athletes, are the Banks hiking and trekking boots. They are characterised by particularly high comfort and light weight. Moreover, the nubuck leather provides a nice look. This model is best used for simple hikes in the lowlands, in the low mountain range or in the Alpine foothills. For a good grip off the beaten track, however, you should opt for a more robust and sturdier model like the Makra mountain boots.

For everyday life, leisurely walks as well as for easy hikes in the lowlands, the versatile approach shoe Belorado by Hanwag would be ideal. This extra-light, waterproof and breathable shoe is also available with bunion strips for people with hallux valgus, giving the big toe's base joint a lot more space than ordinary approach shoes