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Mountain bike shoes ensure effective power transfer to the pedal and the right grip while riding the bike. But they should also offer a certain level of comfort when walking - in other words, they should be multitasking. Check out our wide selection of MTB products now!

What defines a  mountainbike-shoe?

Mountain bike shoes are cycling shoes that are designed specifically for the use of mountain bikes. It is not only important that you can ride well in the shoes - you should also be able to walk well in mountain bike shoes. After all, it is not uncommon to walk for short periods of time on certain stretches of rough terrain where the mountain bike cannot be ridden properly. Sufficient grip is therefore also important.

What do I have to consider when buying MTB-footwear?

There is not the perfect mountain bike shoe for everyone. In general, it can be said that the shoes should have a good fit on the foot, so that a certain hold in the shoe is guaranteed. In addition, the cycling shoes should also have an effective power transmission, since, unlike than with e-bikes, the rider is the only engine!
Mountain bike shoes are available in different designs - for example, with or without pedal system and with a stiff or even a soft sole. We will explain the differences.

Mountainbike-shoes with or without clicker system

Many mountain bike shoes are compatible with a click system, which allows a firm binding to the pedal. With the help of cleats, the shoes are connected to the pedal, which prevents the rider from slipping off the pedal.
However, a pedal system is not necessarily a must for mountain bike riders. Also cycling shoes in the mountain bike area without click system, so-called flat pedal shoes, can be quite efficient. The right sole with sufficient grip in combination with a lacing, Velcro or twist closure can also give you a very good grip on the pedal. Thus, flat pedal shoes are very suitable for beginners.

Stiff sole vs. soft sole

A stiff sole in mountain bike shoes provides better power transmission. At the same time, very stiff soles also have poorer rolling characteristics and lower comfort when walking.
Softer soles, on the other hand, are more comfortable, but also worse in power transmission. Thus, both stiff and softer soles have advantages as well as disadvantages.
So for the best possible power transmission with simultaneous comfort, an in-between hardness grade would be best.

Bike-footwear by top-brands

All our bike shoe models come from high-quality brands, including manufacturers such as Northwave, FiveTen, Scott, VAUDE and more. So you can be sure that the MTB cycling shoes were produced in high quality and reliably serve their purpose.


The topic of sustainability is very close to our hearts. Therefore, we would like to openly communicate with our customers how sustainable our offered shoes are. So you can also filter our mountain bike shoes by different categories in sustainability. We show you what's behind the names:
Recycled: Items that bear the label Recylced are partly made from recycled PET plastic bottles. This saves resources and energy.
Wir Denken Um: We created this label ourselves to be able to distinguish innovative, environmentally friendly and fairly produced products and brands. In this way, we want to highlight more sustainable alternatives.
Green Button: Companies that comply with more than 40 social and environmental standards are awarded the Green Button seal. The standards include a ban on forced labor or compliance with a wastewater limit.

Mountainbike footwear at Sport Conrad

On our store page you will find numerous high-quality cycling shoes from top brands. Do you have any questions about our mountain bike shoes that support your bike with a click system or flat pedal shoes? Then please contact us via our contact form and we will be happy to help you!