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Ortovox is a mountain and ski touring brand of the very first hour. Thanks to the Bavarians strength in innovation, new trends were constantly formed and the brand proved itself as a safety and clothing expert in the skiing and outdoor industry. 

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More about Ortovox

Swisswool and Merino Cool are known by mountaineers and freeriders to be part of the Ortovox quality. What is more, the products have a fresh and colourful design, loved by men and women. Proving that design and functionality can indeed go hand in hand.

Merino and swisswool are what count in Ortovox’s clothing

This brand’s clothing collection hold everything you might need as a rider: head bands, beanies, socks, merino baselayers, warming 1st and 2nd layer fleece, hardshell jackets, pants and gloves.

Wool plays a central role here. Already in 1988, Ortovox put their trust in this natural product and due to a couple of innovative ideas, they managed to make themselves experts and wool sure got back its popularity. Revolutionizing concepts and Ortovox own philosophy have guided the brand to its position in the clothing market.

For example, the well known Ortovox Swisswool collection is made of wool from sheep oft he Swiss alps. Regionality and natural climate are what make this resource so special and form the basis of modern alpine equipment. Another classic is the merino collection Rock’n’Wool. High-quality merino wool from Tasmania is used for insulation clothing such as fleece, hoodies and first layers such as shirts and baselayer pants.

Especially important tot he brand is sustainable production, ecological standards and fair treatment of workers. That is why Ortovox, since 2015, is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, which guarantees fair working conditions for suppliers. That is also why Ortovox gives a 2-year warranty on all their cloting.


 Wool plays a central role here 

40 years of experience in avalanche safety

It all started with the success of Ortovox in the 80’s in avalanche safety equipment. Gerald Kampels and Jürgen Wegners made the tracker beacon ORTOVOX F2 a market leader. And of course, shovels and probes were added to the brand. The next step was innovative backpacks, focusing on the needs of mountaineers. When freeriders came along, these backpacks were further developed and specified.

And again – functionality was key. Because the qualitative and clean design makes these backpacks so special. This also accounts for the newest addition: the Ortovox Avabag avalanche backpack. It is quite a bit lighter than the competition while still being easy in handling and still offering the same reliable safety standard.

By further developing and enlarging their product portfolio, Ortovox now offers everything a freerider or mountaineer might wish for!

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