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Ski backpacks are the ultimate companions for your skiing adventures and therefore an essential accessory for all passionate skiers. Skiruck backpacks offer space for everything you need for your ski tour and downhill run without hindering you. So you have your hands free and can concentrate fully on your performance. At Sport Conrad, you will find ski packs that fit you and your taste exactly and are highly functional at the same time.

What is a skirucksack?

Ski backpacks are special backpacks for skiing and snowboarding. Unlike traditional backpacks, ski packs are made of durable, water-resistant materials that can withstand wet and cold conditions. In addition, ski backpacks are usually designed to withstand fast movements and not hinder your skiing or snowboarding.

Why do I need a ski pack?

If you think that a backpack is just a hindrance when skiing, think again. Klar, with a little more weight you are already on your way, but special backpacks have enough convincing advantages. Especially if you spend hours in the snow, ski packs are a good choice because they offer room for food, drink, spare gloves, and even avalanche gear. This is why ski packs are especially good for freeriders, because if something happens to you while freeriding, the gear in your pack can save your life.

Comfort & Function: What a good ski pack needs

What a good ski pack needs In addition to the look and design of your pack, you should also be impressed by its function. Knowing what to look for is important, because only when your pack fits you will you be able to get the most out of it.

Storage & size of a skirucksack
The most important feature of your new skirucksack should be its size. The volume of your backpack determines how much you can carry. Backpacks typically have a capacity of 12 to 25 liters. Which size is right for you is a personal decision. It is best to think about what you want to carry before you buy. For example, you will not need as much space to carry a small amount of food as you would for avalanche transceiver, avalanche shovel, snowshoes, ice axe, etc. Make sure you have the right volume.

In addition to volume, the distribution of your pack is also important. Ideally, your pack should have many small and large pockets to help you organize your gear. For example, your pack should have a separate compartment for your avalanche gear, a pocket for your helmet and goggles, and a pocket for your water bottle. With special compartments, you can make the most of your pack and carry as much as you can with as little space as possible.

The best fit for your back
Shape should also be a consideration when choosing a pack. Your ski pack should fit snugly against your body to distribute the weight evenly without affecting your balance. Not only will you not be hindered when skiing, but your pack will still feel comfortable after hours of carrying.

Make sure your pack has a comfortable back panel, adjustable shoulder straps, and a padded waist belt. This way you can adjust your pack to your body for maximum comfort.

The right backpack material
A good ski pack has to withstand a lot. Sun, wind and snow should not be able to harm your pack. So make sure your ski pack is made of durable materials that can withstand any weather. Your pack should also have a water-resistant coating to protect your gear from getting wet.

Other features for skiing
Some ski backpacks have special features, such as protectors that protect you and your back from various injuries in the event of a fall. Other ski packs have attachment points for your skis and poles so you can easily attach them to the pack. What you need to climb a mountain or ski down a slope is your personal decision.

How to take care of your skirucksack

So that your skirucksack can accompany you on many slopes, it is important to care for it a little to extend its life. So here are a few care tips:
• Clean your pack of coarse dirt and let it dry well before using it.
• For stubborn stains, use lukewarm water and a mild detergent, wash your pack gently by hand, and allow it to dry completely.
• Refresh your pack's waterproofing as needed, use only appropriate products, and follow the manufacturer's instructions.
• If you spot wear and tear in time, you can usually repair it by hand; remember that not every small hole means a new pack, which is better for your wallet and better for the environment.

Ready for every slope and every mountain with Sport Conrad

Ski Back Packs are more than just a practical accessory. Thanks to their design and quality, these sturdy ski packs are the perfect companions for your skiing adventures. Whether you are an experienced pro or an enthusiastic beginner, a skirucksack gives you the freedom and security you need to enjoy every day on the slopes to the fullest.

Not sure what you need?

Check out our online store for all the other items you need to keep you safe and comfortable on the slopes. From jackets, pants and skis to avalanche shovels and probes, Sport Conrad has everything you need for a safe and enjoyable ski season.

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