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Buying Splitboards at Sport Conrad

The exciting winter sports niche of splitboarding has developed rapidly in recent years, and more and more snowboarders are taking on the ascent with the divisible snowboard. Here you will find the most important information about splitboarding, what you need to consider when buying a splitboard and which models and suitable accessories you can find at Sport Conrad.

First things first: Splitboards are snowboards that you can split lengthwise in the middle to be able to climb the mountain on the two separate board halves. To do this, you need skins that allow you to go uphill on snowy slopes to the top, just like a touring ski. For the descent, the parts are firmly reconnected by a mechanism and the skins are removed. Last but not least, for splitboarding you need special splitboard bindings that can be remounted on the board without tools and allow a walking motion like a touring ski binding.

What are the different types of splitboards?

Splitboarding was born in the backcountry and most splitboards are also designed for use in powder, far from the piste. So, if you want to draw your lines through fresh powder, get a board with the board shape that was also built exactly for this area of use. For deep powder, the directional shape works best.

This means that the board is primarily designed for one direction of riding. In this case, the binding position is slightly offset to the rear, which puts a little more weight on the tail. In conjunction with a longer and relieved nose, the board floats easier in the snow. Best conditions for a lot of fun on the downhill. For even better performance, choose a splitboard with a taper. A tapered snowboard tapers from the nose to the tail, which contributes to even more flotation and an even better surf feeling.

What is the right splitboard length?

The right splitboard length depends on a number of factors. Decisive are your height, your weight and your experience. As a rule of thumb: Your height in centimeters minus 15 to 25 centimeters. Experienced, good snowboarders should subtract about 15 to 19 centimeters from their height for their splitboard. Beginners, on the other hand, should subtract about 20 to 25 centimeters from their height. If you already own a freeride board and are satisfied with the length, buy your splitboard in the same length.

Rocker, Camber and Flat - Board profiles and their differences

As with skis, there are very different profiles for snowboards and splitboards that snowboard manufacturers have come up with over the years. The three main protagonists are called: Rocker, Camber and Flat. But why limit yourself to just three profiles when there are so many options? That's probably what the manufacturers thought, too, and they're making us happy with two more profiles: Hybrid Camber and Hybrid Rocker.


Camber snowboards have the "classic" or positive preload. If you lay the board flat on the ground, the outer contact points lie on the nose and tail. Once the standard in snowboard construction, this type of camber still guarantees maximum performance, pop and edge grip.


A snowboard in rocker construction has a negative preload. Nose and tail are bent up from a certain length from the center of the board. Some board manufacturers also speak of a reverse camber, because the board is bent up the other way compared to the classic camber. The advantages here are clearly the better lift in powder, as well as a greater turning ability of the board, which makes it easier to initiate turns, especially for beginners. On the other hand, the board loses edge grip, stability and pop due to the rocker.


The name says it all: When you lay your board on the ground, it rests with the entire running surface. The middle ground between camber and rocker combines the advantages of both types of construction. The Flat profile usually has a longer effective edge than a rocker and is at the same time more turn-friendly than a camber.

Hybrid Camber

Hybrid Camber snowboards and splitboards have a camber in the middle. The rocker in the nose and tail provides better float in powder and is less likely to tuck. The remaining camber still provides stability and edge grip.

Hybrid Rocker

Hybrid Rocker snowboards and splitboards have a rocker in the middle for turning and floatation, while the camber, usually under the bindings, provides edge hold and stability.

Splitboard Accessories

Splitboard bindings

Matching the right splitboard, the splitboard binding, is also crucial. Here the interface must not be missing. Interface is the connection between board and binding. Without this, your splitboard is useless. The interface connects the splitboard and the binding for two different areas of use. The ascent and the descent. For the ascent, the heel remains vertically movable, as with a touring ski binding. For the descent, the binding locks into the so-called snowboard stance. Each manufacturer works in this area with its own technology, and compatibility between any combination is not guaranteed.

But do not worry! In our webshop, you will find our splitboard set configurator, which will do the research work for you. You can easily put together your splitboard according to your wishes and order it immediately. In the category splitboard bindings, you will find further information about splitboard bindings.

Splitboard skins

Together with skin manufacturers, many manufacturers of splitboards also offer specific climbing skins that are perfectly adapted to the respective splitboard. But if you don't want the skin recommended by the manufacturer, or if the manufacturer doesn't offer a suitable one for your model, you can safely fall back on cut-to-size skins, which, as the name suggests, are cut to size yourself. Here, a few points must be observed, and a little experience can not hurt, which is why we at Sport Conrad will gladly take over the cutting for you.

Splitboard Boots

For splitboarding you can wear your normal snowboard boots, but the best option is a boot made specifically for splitboarding. Such boots are usually stiffer for the ascent, better ventilated, and are basically more suitable for walking. In addition, there are features such as a particularly non-slip sole, as well as often an attachment option for crampons.

Splitboard crampons

To perform well with your splitboard even in particularly difficult conditions, it is advisable to buy crampons if you ever have to go through steep and icy terrain. The serrated irons are attached to the splitboard binding and give you more grip in icy and steep terrain. It is important to note that the crampon fits both your binding and your board.

Splitboard poles

As a splitboarder you can basically use the same poles as ski tourers. Ski touring poles are mostly telescopic poles, or folding poles with a possibility to adjust the length. Since you as a splitboarder need your poles only on the way up, it is recommended to pay attention to the packing size of the poles, among other things. Folding poles are usually the better choice here if you want to pack them in your backpack for your descent.

Wide Splitboard range at Sport Conrad

At Sport Conrad you will find splitboards for women, men and kids - from splitboard beginners to experts. Top brands like Arbor, Jones Snowboards, Lib Tech, Nitro and Burton offer you everything you need for your splitboard adventure. No matter what you're looking for for your winter sports, you're guaranteed to find it in our online store.