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Experience nature through speed and lightness, that's what Dynafit stands for. Light, athletic and sustainable, the engineers and designers in the textile and hardware areas develop collections for the highest demands.

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Dynafit: Full support all year round

There is a reason why Dynafit is a brand that is known all over the world. Not only the snow lion, which is the brand's crowning glory, is impressive, but also the manufacturer's broad product portfolio.

Ambitious mountaineers will get their money's worth at Dynafit and receive high-quality products with a sustainable core and maximum performance. Whether skitouring in the winter or cross-country running in the summer, with Dynafit you are perfectly equipped all year round.
But not only that! Dynafit also has the right products for alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, climbing and running, and equips you with clothing, bindings, shoes and accessories that should be part of your equipment. Find out what Dynafit is all about and how the brand became so popular!


Dynafit is a family-owned company whose origins can be traced back to the 1950s. Today, Dynafit's focus is clearly on people and the protection of nature. The fact that Dynafit is a brand that is innovative, rethinking and conscious of its role is expressed in the following points, among others:

• The company takes responsibility throughout the supply chain.
• The company promotes fair production conditions and has been a Fair Wear Foundation Leader for several years.
• As part of the Oberalp Group, Dynafit pursues ambitious sustainability goals.

Dynafit not only stands for high-quality products that reliably accompany athletes on big and small adventures all year round, but also for a pronounced awareness of climate protection and sustainability. For us, Dynafit is a true WIR DENKEN UM brand.


Dynafit has set itself the task of equipping mountain athletes with innovative and high-quality products. In doing so, the family-owned company is clearly committed to sustainability: "We are aware that we bear a great responsibility not only with regard to our product solutions, but also towards nature, the sustainable development of mountain sports, and ultimately towards people."

Dynafit's focus is on production conditions and on the people who make clothing and equipment. For its textile collections, Dynafit works with partners such as bluesign® and the Fair Wear Foundation to ensure compliance with environmental and social standards. With the Lifetime Guarantee, Dynafit also underlines the trust in its own products. Since 2019, a lifetime warranty applies to bindings, which includes both material and workmanship defects. Since winter 2021, this guarantee also applies to ski boots. Furthermore, it is important to mention that Dynafit pays attention to a regional production of their products. Thus, bindings are manufactured in Germany and ski boots in Italy.


As early as the 1980s, the Dynafit brand celebrated unique successes with its innovative products in the field of winter sports. Today, the brand with the snow leopard is primarily known as a leading manufacturer in the ski touring sector.

Again and again Dynafit brings true highlights to the market, which revolutionize and have revolutionized the ski touring sport. True to the motto: "Light, lighter, Dynafit", the manufacturer developed the "Tourlite" in 1983. A true sensation, because at that time the ski mountaineering boot was the lightest in the world. The next Dynafit innovation was not long in coming: with the then first and unique alpine ski boot with Gore-Tex® Thermo Dry, Dynafit set another milestone in the field of ski mountaineering.

Over the years, active ski touring athletes determined more and more the development of the company. In 1998, Dynafit discontinued the production of ski boots and focused predominantly on the development of ski bindings. At this time, the company name also changed from "DYNAFIT Skischuh GmbH" to "DYNAFIT Sports GmbH". In 2003, Dynafit was acquired by the Salewa Group, which is part of the Oberalp Group. Since then, Dynafit has also belonged to the South Tyrolean family business in Bolzano.

Over the years, active ski tourers determined more and more the development of the company. In 1998, Dynafit stopped manufacturing ski boots and focused mainly on the development of ski bindings. At this time, the company name also changed from "DYNAFIT Skischuh GmbH" to "DYNAFIT Sports GmbH". In 2003, Dynafit was acquired by the Salewa Group, which is part of the Oberalp Group. Since then, Dynafit has also been part of the South Tyrolean family business in Bolzano. 

Innovative binding systems from Dynafit

True to the brand motto "Speed Up", Dynafit continues to focus on lightness, speed, efficiency and technology in product development. Especially when it comes to binding systems, the manufacturer has made groundbreaking progress in recent years. The success story began in the 90s when Dynafit presented the "Tourlite Tech" boot-binding combination. After this then lightest touring safety binding in the world, the manufacturer developed the TLT Vertical binding. With the "Beast", the brand created a freeride binding in 2013 that can hardly be surpassed in terms of lightness.

Dynafit achieved another masterpiece in terms of weight reduction and speed in 2014 in cooperation with sports product developer Pierre Gignoux: the RC1 binding is the lightest binding in the world to date, weighing just 75 grams. With the accompanying RC 1 ski boot, which weighs only 500 grams/piece, new possibilities open up in the ski touring sector, especially in terms of ascent.


In 2005 Dynafit chose the logo that is still representative of the brand: the snow leopard. An animal that perfectly reflects the characteristics of the manufacturer: Speed, Lightness, Performance and Technology. The snow leopard is intended as a role model for all ambitious athletes who want to advance on the mountain with graceful speed and lightness.

The snow leopard is not only symbolic for the brand, Dynafit is also committed to the protection of the animal and cooperates with the Snow Leopard Trust organization for this purpose.


Whether you love winter or you're a summer kid through and through, if you really feel at home in the mountains, Dynafit is the brand for you. Whether you're trail running or touring skis, Dynafit supports you all year round with high-quality apparel, skis, boots and more. The Dynafit product portfolio is extremely broad and therefore suitable for a wide range of athletes.


Winter not only brings special requirements as far as sportswear is concerned, but is also an excellent season for various sports. Dynafit is of course well prepared for this. From touring ski boots to binding systems and poles.

Dynafit touring skis are not only particularly strong in terms of performance, but also impress with their extreme lightness. The manufacturer is also creative in its choice of names and bases the model names of the touring skis on the names of famous mountains. For example, the Nanga Parbat, Manaslu or the Denali Ski. Thus, the touring skis not only convince with their ability, but also symbolize the size and strength of their namesakes. 

Furthermore, the manufacturer offers functional underwear, pants, jackets, ski touring helmets and headlamps. So you are not only equipped with excellent skis, but also get the right accessories to complete your equipment. Dynafit stands for highly technical, functionally innovative and fashionable products that are suitable for ski touring beginners as well as for professionals, racers or freeriders in the backcountry.

Why Dynafit products are so high quality, functional and innovative, is quickly explained. Through close cooperation with top athletes and a young dynamic development team, Dynafit manages to develop products that adapt to the spirit of the times.


You prefer walking and have found your passion in trail running? Dynafit has the right products for that, too. In the meantime, the Dynafit brand can also compete with other manufacturers in the summer months with performance-oriented and advanced products.

Vertical Running, Alpine Running and Ultra Running are the disciplines in which Dynafit distinguishes itself. Functional outerwear, super-light trail running shoes or backpacks meet the high standards of functionality and technology.

Especially with functional clothing Dynafit can convince. The running clothing for men and women is available in short versions, for particularly warm days, as well as in long versions for colder days. The functional, breathable materials with integrated reflectors not only ensure the best possible moisture exchange and optimal climate regulation at every performance level, but also provide more safety through better visibility. Practical wind vests are also part of the manufacturer's large portfolio.


At the heights of the mountains, it's important that you and your equipment are perfectly matched. Dynafit, in turn, offers you the opportunity to put together equipment in which each piece has the same quality, technology, performance and the right sustainability mindset. Whether on the ascent, the descent, on the bike or running, with Dynafit you are not only well equipped all year round, but also in almost every mountain sports discipline.

With us you will find a wide selection of Dynafit products - whether for summer or winter. We have the right equipment for your next ski tour or your next alpine trail running experience, take a look around and see for yourself! 


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