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Nature experience through speed and lightness – Dynafit is a manufacturer in the outdoor industry that has become indispensable in the meantime. 


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More about Dynafit

Early successes in the area of ski mountaineering

Already in the 80’s, Dynafit celebrated their success with innovative products in winter sports. Today, they are known as a leading manufacturer in the area of ski touring, revolutionizing the industry! Along with their motto “light, lighter, Dynafit”, the brand designed Tourlite in 1983. At that time, this was the most light-weight ski touring boot. Their next innovation was the first alpine ski boot with Gore-Tex® Thermo Dry, which was another milestone in ski mountaineering.

Throughout the years, Dynafit has very much been shaped by active ski tourers. In 1998, Dynafit stopped producing ski boots and started focusing on the production of ski bindings instead. At that time, they changed their name to Dynafit Sports GmbH. A few years later, in 2003, Dynafit was bought by the Salewa Group. Since then, Dynafit is part of the South Tyrolian brand with its headquarters in Bozen.

Innovative binding systems by Dynafit

Along with their slogan “Speed Up”, speed and minimal weight, as well as efficiency and technology are the focus of the product development. The brand has had some major successes, especially in the area of binding systems. It all started in the 90’s, when Dynafit introduced their boot and binding combination Tourlite Tech. That was the lightest touring safety binding out there at that time! The TLT Vertical followed, and with the Beast, Dynafit created a freeride binding that is hard to beat!

Another break through was created in cooperation with the sports product developer Pierre Gignoux. The RC 1 binding is still the lightest binding there is, consisting of two master pieces weighing only 75 grams! Along with the RC 1 ski boot, that only weighs 500g each, this really opened some great possibilities in the ski touring area.



The snow leopard: a synonym of Dynafit’s brand philosophy

In 2005, the brand chose a new logo: the snow leopard. This animal really represents the brand: speed, light-weight, performance and technology. It should serve as a role model for ambitious sports men with graceful speed and ease to get up the mountain. Also, the brand is engaged in the protection of this animal, cooperating with the organization Snow Leopard Trust.

The winter product portfolio holds ski touring boots, bindings and poles and skis. The touring skis differentiate from other brands not just by their light weight, but also by their names: they are all named after famous mountains such as Nanga Parbat, Manaslu or Denali. The brand also offers functional clothing, jackets and pants, touring helmets and headlamps. Representing high tech, functional innovation and stylish products for ski touring beginners, professionals, racers of freeriders. The high quality is attained by cooperating closely with top athletes and a young, dynamic development team.

Vertical and trail running in summer

Dynafit is not only active in winter, but also in summer! Vertical running, alpine running and ultra running are the disciplines in which Dynafit shines. Functional outerwear, super light-weight trail running shoes and trail running backpacks all meet the high standards of functionality and technology that can also be seen in their winter collections. Our online shop offers a gread selection of Dynafit products, both summer and winter. We have the right equipment for all your ski touring and trail running adventures!