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Light my fire

The outdoor products of the Swedish company Light My Fire stand for inventiveness, sustainability, cheerful colours and original design. As a contrast to the high tech world we now live in, Light My Fire makes low-tech products that are simple but irresistible. 

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In the beginning was fire

In 1995, Michael Odqvist, the founder of Light My Fire, had the idea of bringing Mayan sticks made from the stalks of felled pine trees to the market in Guatemala. This was a sustainable way to light fires easily and quickly, and the project also supported descendants of the Mayans. Unfortunately the market was not yet ready for this product and the project became a flop.

From idea to FireStarter

But Michael Odqvist did not give up and in 1996 he had a brilliant idea: a magnesium fire starter, designed by the Swedish Army, combined with TinderSticks, kindling wood made from particularly resinous pine, and the FireStarter was born - a set of the simplest means of lighting a fire in an uncomplicated way and under virtually any conditions - the foundation stone for the Light My Fire brand.


Ideas for outdoor life

The FireStarter was just the beginning, there were and are ideas without end. Why do outdoor products have to be grey, green or brown? Colour and design play a major role, especially in the outdoor tableware range from Light My Fire. The functional camping tableware in cheerful colours and clean design not only cuts a good figure outdoors, but is also an attractive eye-catcher in everyday life.

Sustainability for nature lovers

The employees of Light My Fire love nature and have therefore made it their mission to contribute to its preservation. The camping utensils are made of organic plastic, i.e. plastic that is obtained from plant-based raw materials. In addition, Light My Fire produces locally in Sweden, which means less transport and emissions. And last but not least, Light My Fire's inventiveness does not stop at the packaging material, as recyclable or recycled materials are being used.