VAUDE stands for sustainability throughout the entire product life cycle and assumes responsibility for people and nature. A “green thread“ runs through all the phases of the product lifecycle, from the purchase of raw materials through production and to care, repair and recycling. In 2010, VAUDE introduced its own Green Shape label for functional, environmentally friendly products manufactured from sustainable materials under fair working conditions.

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Why is VAUDE a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

Based in Obereisenbach near Lake Constance and founded by Albrecht von Dewitz, the family business is now run by daughter Antje von Dewitz. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, VAUDE stands out in the following ways:

- The company is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain and ensures fair working conditions

- It is aware of the impact its business activities have on the environment and systematically analyzes and prioritizes risks

- VAUDE prides itself on ecologically friendly, resource-saving production.

- Member of the Fair Wear Foundation (Leader Status)

- Climate-neutral company    

Outdoor products with a green soul

At VAUDE, accountability is not just an empty word − it is the foundation of the company’s business. “As a sustainable, innovative outdoor outfitter, VAUDE makes a contribution to a world worth living in and focuses on maintaining nature for future generations. This is what drives us,” says Antje von Dewitz. While the innovative product range and its production meet the highest ecological and social requirements, VAUDE also has a particularly strong commitment to its employees and the region, especially to the local community. The company’s headquarters with all the products manufactured there have been 100 % climate-neutral since 2012. A selected range of bags is manufactured in the local factory – Made in Germany. VAUDE has been certified to the Common Good Economy (GWÖ) since 2015, as the first company in the outdoor industry.

VAUDE is on the top of the sporting trade with traditional and ethical principles.

Credibility and transparency are the most important principles in their guidelines. Their great motivation and heartfelt concern is to be sustainable and innovative with holistic concepts and to remain faithful to the green line. If you think on high-quality mountain sports equipment you think primary on VAUDE.

VAUDE is particularly well-known for its BlueSign® certified product lines, which representatives the world's most stringent standard for environmental and consumer protection in textile production. 

Vaude - more than just sports equipment

The company name is derived from the initials of the senior owner Albrecht von Dewitz - VAUDE since 1974. Today, his daughter Antje von Dewitz is responsible for the successful family business based in Obereisenbach near Tettnang.

She studied in cultural studies and further has a doctor title as an economist. The perfect prerequisites for a sustainable orientation and further development of a company. Meanwhile the more climbing-oriented brands Red Chili and Edelrid are also included. Edelrid is led by father Albrecht as a subsidiary company.

Vaude Made in Germany

At the beginning, the core business started with backpacks, then functional sleeping bags had been added as well as tents and functional outdoor apparel. Since 1992 the biking and cycling scene is also equipped with fashionable and functional outfits. The range was extended by bags, pads and shoes. All shoes are made of German certified leather and VAUDE also takes great emphasis placed on environmental and animal protection. Thanks to the expanded own manufactory in Tettnang, more products are labeled "Made in Germany".

90 % of the productions are certified by the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), which honors their high commitment and fair working conditions, and 80 % of VAUDE's clothing is of recycled-materials and covered with the green shape label, which representatives an environmentally friendly, ecologically sustainable supply chain.

Economical and ecological aspects

VAUDE can be proud of a lot of given awards und praise. The brand received the DNWE Award for Corporate Ethics from the German Network for Economic Ethics, the GreenTec Award for Business and the Environment, and the Ecosport Award for Sustainable Management.

In 2012, the German Sustainability Code was signed in Berlin. The productions in Obereisenbach and Vietnam are Bluesign-certified. Their headquarter and all the products which are made there are climatically neutral. Since 1994 it is also known that functional high-tech clothing can be recycled fully to 100 %. Not only the certified organic cotton is in their program, also the cafeteria and canteen at VAUDE are bio-certified. VAUDE is regarded as one of the most family-friendly companies in Germany and has been awarded with the A.T. Kearney Family Award this year.

At eBay VAUDE offers a platform for all responsible consumers, where second-hand products can be resold to protect them from being thrown away. Sporting goods and clothing that no longer fits have the opportunity to live on. The quality is almost indestructible. Or the used textiles are passed on to non-profit organizations. A very social aspect is the fact that VAUDE has saved the closure of the local swimming area and has briefly tooked the responsibility for it. Since 2002, VAUDE is also an official partner and sponsor of the German Alpine Association (DAV). It is a gift to the world, to work at VAUDE, to have VAUDE as a partner and to consume the high-quality products with a good feeling. Young, dynamic, cosmopolitan and goal-oriented - the "green thread" pulls through.