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VAUDE stands for sustainability throughout the entire product life cycle and assumes responsibility for people and nature. A “green thread“ runs through all the phases of the product lifecycle, from the purchase of raw materials through production and to care, repair and recycling. In 2010, VAUDE introduced its own Green Shape label for functional, environmentally friendly products manufactured from sustainable materials under fair working conditions.

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Why is VAUDE a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

Founded by Albrecht von Dewitz, the family business is now run by his daughter Antje von Dewitz - and has always been based in Obereisenbach near Lake Constance. The VAUDE brand stands for outdoor clothing and equipment of the highest quality and, as a "Wir Denken Um" brand, is characterized above all by the following points:

- The company is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain and ensures fair working conditions

- It is aware of the impact its business activities have on the environment and systematically analyzes and prioritizes risks

- VAUDE prides itself on ecologically friendly, resource-saving production.

- Member of the Fair Wear Foundation (Leader Status)

- VAUDE is a climate-neutral company    


VAUDE is a family-owned company that has been in family hands since its founding. The brand name is derived from the initials of the company's founder, Albrecht von Dewitz (VD). Today, the brand stands for high-quality products and equipment for the outdoor sector as well as for various sports. Nature and people are close to the company's heart, which is why sustainability is a fundamental principle of the manufacturer. Discover the products of VAUDE and be convinced by bike bags, backpacks, rain jackets and much more.


For VAUDE, responsibility is not a platitude, but the basis of their business: "We want to make our contribution to a world worth living in so that people can still enjoy nature tomorrow. That is our motivation", says Antje von Dewitz. While the innovative product range and its production meet the highest ecological and social requirements, VAUDE is also particularly committed to its employees and the region, particularly around the company's  headquarters. Since 2012, the headquarters are 100% climate-neutral with all products manufactured there. In the local a selected range of bags is produced in the factory - Made in Germany. Since 2015, VAUDE became the first company in the outdoor industry to be certified with the "Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie" (GWÖ).


VAUDE takes responsibility for our planet, because for VAUDE it is important that the customer comes back and not the product. And to meet the customer, the company has many ideas.

If you want to do something good for the climate, repair your everyday items instead of simply throwing them away. This principle should not only be accepted by society, but also by industry and various manufacturers. VAUDE is a good example of what repairing instead of buying new can look like. For example, there is a help page where you can find valuable tips on how to care for and repair your favorite items. VAUDE also works with iFix-it and Repair Cafe. The manufacturer also has the right spare part in stock for almost all products and makes it available to you through a dealer. With the right tools, you can repair your jackets, pants, bags, tents or backpacks yourself. And if things get more complicated, you can always send everything to VAUDE.

Not only does the firm make sure the product gets to the customer, it also helps the customer recycle it. Either there is a "FairWertung" in your area, where VAUDE places a container outside the store and all items collected are given a new life in some way. You also have the option of auctioning your used items on a re-commerce platform such as eBay. In this win-win situation, you not only give your old items a new lease on life and a lot of joy to someone else, but you can also earn a little extra money with the proceeds and buy yourself a new VAUDE favorite.


At VAUDE, cycling is a top priority. You'll find everything you need for a bike tour in their bike clothing range. New in the range is the eMoab series - especially for eBikes. But you can also find the right outfit for all other areas at VAUDE. Bike jackets, bike vests, bike shirts and bike shorts for mountain bikers or more streamlined tights and jerseys for road bikers. At VAUDE you will also find cycling shoes for downhill-oriented mountain bikers or the popular TVL Skoj cycling shoe, which fits your foot perfectly and is suitable for any cycling tour. We have created a mountain bike shoe advisor to help you find the right shoe for the perfect bike ride.

All products are Green Shape certified, functional and sustainable, so you are not only doing something for your health, but also for the environment. Highly innovative products made from sustainable raw materials such as castor oil or cow's milk and merino wool, which you can use for several outdoor activities at the same time, are also a way to reduce your impact on the environment. VAUDE's Green Core collection is a signpost in the right direction.


Yes, it can! Have you heard of the Higg Index? It is a self-assessment standard for the apparel and footwear industry. The Higg Index evaluates environmental and social sustainability throughout the supply chain. The company is also taking other important steps towards "measurable sustainability". For example, since 2015 VAUDE has had the Leader Status of the Fairwear Foundation, which means that clothing production in Asia is fair and responsible and the company headquarters in Tettnang is climate neutral.

As a Bluesign® and FairWear system partner, VAUDE's production facilities are inspected according to strict guidelines. Everything from MRSL testing of chemicals, fabrics and ingredients to dyeing and water consumption for production is checked. A Bluesign Guide checks every fabric, which is then added to a white list of approved materials. There is also a Greenpeace Detox campaign, which aims to replace hazardous substances such as PFCs.


Rugged, functional and sustainable - this is how VAUDE describes its outdoor clothing. Whether you are a biker or a mountaineer, an experienced pro or an absolute beginner, VAUDE has the right clothing for your outdoor adventure. In addition to environmentally friendly fabrics, beautiful designs and appealing colors, the durability of the products is particularly noteworthy. VAUDE offers functional clothing made from recycled materials such as old PET plastic bottles and surplus fabrics. The Less Color series uses minimal dyes to save resources such as water, chemicals, energy and CO2 emissions. VAUDE also focuses on sustainability when it comes to outdoor clothing. The firm offers attractive fashion for women, men and children that is suitable for outdoor use as well as everyday wear. From sweaters, t-shirts and hoodies to functional underwear, rain jackets, windbreakers and cycling jackets: VAUDE equips you with conscious clothing that lasts and looks good.


The history of VAUDE began in 1974 with the idea of company founder Albrecht von Dewitz to produce backpacks for mountain sports. Since then, the company has become well-known and popular for its high-quality backpacks. Whether you need a cycling backpack, a climbing backpack, a mountaineering and hiking backpack, a special ski touring backpack or a running backpack, VAUDE has the right backpack for all your favorite outdoor activities.

But they not only have the right bags for your favorite sport. VAUDE also equips you with high-quality and durable bags for work, everyday life and your upcoming trip. Whether you're looking for a toiletry bag, trolley, wallet or fashionable bum bag, VAUDE is also the right manufacturer for you outside of mountain sports. The best part? All VAUDE bags, whether laptop or bike bags, are produced in Tettnang, Germany and are therefore completely "Made in Germany". In line with VAUDE's love for the planet and its measures for climate-neutral production, the brand also had a great idea for recycling fabric scraps, as bags are also made from the fabric scraps and all scraps are processed.


When you're out and about in the winter, it's not enough to just wear a warm jacket. That's why VAUDE also makes hats that protect your head from the cold and are made from recycled materials. The company also offers gloves made from recycled fabrics or certified wool. Do you like the mountains? VAUDE also has a lot to offer when it comes to mountain sports equipment. Whether it's high-quality trekking shoes made from certified leather, waterproof outdoor shoes or the right rain cover for your backpack, VAUDE has you covered for long and short trips.


VAUDE has also made sure that you are fully equipped. Tents for all areas, be it a small 1-2 person tent, a lightweight tent that you can transport on your bike or an awning for your camper. Sleeping bags, mats and pillows are also available. To make your nights as comfortable as possible, check out our sleeping bag guide. We also explain why sleeping pads are so important. If you've never been camping before and aren't sure if it's for you, you can rent your gear. VAUDE calls it iRentit. Once you have decided on your favorite tent, just pick it up from us.


Are you looking for a brand with a green heart and high-quality outdoor equipment? Then VAUDE is the right place for you. From warm fleece jackets and sturdy outdoor shoes to high-quality bags, VAUDE provides you with everything you need thanks to its wide range of products, and so does Sport Conrad. Discover the wide world of VAUDE on our website and equip yourself from head to toe with the best products.