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Winter is just around the corner, the snow forecast says “go” for buttery powder lines? You're hot for freshly shaped kickers and thick-waxed rails in the park? Then we hope you've already swapped out that old knee-high baggy pants outfit! If not, we'll take you through our snowboard apparel in this category guide and show you step-by-step how to dress to perfection.

With snowboard core brands in the online store like: Picture, Jones Snowboards, Burton or Rehall, we offer you a rich selection and certainly the right addition to your equipment.

Hardshell in a Nutshell? Snowboard Jackets & Pants

This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff - literally!? Classic snowboard jackets or pants with integrated lining are being replaced more and more by hardshell clothing. These top layers serve as reliable protection against wind and moisture. Equipped with high-quality membranes such as Gore-Tex Pro or manufacturer's own fabrics, these jackets offer you maximum performance for every adventure on the mountain, whether just for relaxed sessions in the park or packed up small for extended splitboard tours in the back country.

The advantage of hardshell clothing is a small pack size and weight, as well as solid water columns while maintaining high breathability in combination of mid- and base layers. Depending on the weather and temperature, you vary with the clothing layers under hardshell jackets or pants when snowboarding. Looking for an all-in-one solution? Then simply set filters for lined snowboard clothing such as thermal insulation or synthetic fiber insulation. This way you will find all snowboard jackets and pants that are already insulated, and you can save a midlayermid-layer like an insulation or fleece jacket.

Are there differences in the cut and fit?

Only to a limited extent! In the area of snowboard jackets, the differences to ski jackets are minimal and these are worn wide or rather technically tight depending on preferences.

Pure snowboard pants come in the feature without edge protection on the inside of the leg cuffs, moreover, these are adapted to snowboard boots and their circumference at the pant legs and the arrangement of the pockets is geared to the movement pattern while snowboarding.

Snowboard midlayers:

Temperatures in the double digits below zero? Then it's time for midlayers! But what is meant by that? Basically, it can be anything that keeps you warm and fits under your snowboard jacket or pants. Whether it's a down jacket, insulated vest with Primaloft, fleece jacket or soft longsleeves with sewn neck warmers. Midlayers serve as an intermediate layer in the onion system and ensure that you do not have direct contact with the lining of your snowboard jacket or the layers of a pure hardshell pants.

Differences exist in the material of the insulation. Just use the filters and sort by down, synthetic fibre or certified Primaloft items. Pro-tip: Primaloft also offers high thermal performance in wet conditions. If you like to sit here and there on the edge of the slope in the wet snow, this could be of great interest to you.

Differences exist in the material of the insulation. Just use the filters and sort by down, synthetic fibre or certified Primaloft items.

Down jackets offer unbeaten properties in terms of their thermal performance, bulking power and weight. The fine down feathers form a multitude of air cushions through their fine feather branches, which insulate against the cold. The individual chambers of the down jacket keep the feathers in position around the body and ensure all-round insulation.

Snowboard baselayer & functional underware - watch out for skin contact!

Functional underwear is characterized by the fact that it does not absorb sweat, but transports it to the outside. Baselayers keep you dry and regulate your temperature. Materials such as merino wool ensure odor inhibition and long-lasting freshness thanks to their natural antibacterial properties.

You're planning the haute route with the split board and want to get through the week smelling good? Then reach for Merino!

Comfort and maximum style – The right Snowboard accessories

Round off your outfit – this is where technical performance and maximum style come together! With the right snowboard accessories, you can complete your equipment and concentrate on your runs all day long.

Snowboard socks

Snowboard socks will keep you in the snow all day without feeling like your feet are going to pop after a good compression. You can prevent blisters and chafing by choosing socks that fit true to size! Compression socks reduce fatigue and reinforcements in the heel and forefoot prevent blisters or keep your toes warm.

Snowboard gloves

It's the fingertip feeling that counts! Or!? Well, we hope you still want to feel your fingers at minus 15 degrees, then you should definitely reach for proper gloves! Thick gloves, whether finger gloves, lobster gloves or mittens, are simply indispensable, as they protect your hands from cold, snow and wind while snowboarding and keep them nice and warm.

Mittens provide maximum warmth! However, at the expense of fine motor skills. Lobster gloves provide high levels of warmth like mittens and have fewer seams than finger gloves. Separating the index finger from the middle, ring and little fingers allows for a better feel on the release handles of avalanche backpacks in an emergency.

Finger gloves give you the fine motor skills you need, which can be an advantage depending on the board binding system. Due to their construction, finger gloves offer less warmth and are somewhat more susceptible to wetness due to their seams.

Snowboard caps & neck warmers

Let's face it, a beanie or cap just can't be missed. They prevent Boris Johnson-like hairstyles between your sessions. Whether made of merino or synthetic fibre, beanies add an extra layer of warmth and comfort on the mountain. Combined with neckwarmers, you'll close that last little gap where coldness can seep in.

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