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Useful things around the Vest

Mountain boots, backpack, rain jacket, snacks, summit beer. That's the checklist that many person goes through in their heads before they start a tour. But often a part is forgotten that is usually very underestimated the vest. Especially when you are sweaty, the wind is blowing, and you need something to not cool down. But outdoor vests have much more to offer.



You sweat quickly when you do sports? Especially when you are skiing, running or hiking, and you start to sweat, it can get a bit chilly. If you put your jacket over it, it helps for a short time, but after a while you start sweating even more, so you better leave the jacket off. If the wind also comes along, it gets freezing – you cool down and catch a cold. Probably everything could have been avoided with only one piece of clothing.
But doesn't it freeze my arms then? No, not as long as you keep moving. When you exercise, your heart beats faster, which causes your blood flow to speed up a bit. So warm, oxygen-rich blood gets to your arms faster, and you don't freeze.



There is no such thing as the perfect vest, as a different model makes sense for every occasion. Whether softshell or lined quilted vest, hood or stand-up collar, as cargo or with few pockets, red, blue or beige. Who once climbs a mountain with her will quickly realize that this faithful companion has what it takes to become a favorite piece. The biggest advantage of the vest over the jacket is that the vest is more breathable. If you take a softshell vest and a softshell jacket to hand,

so the material is the same but with vests the heat that emanates from your torso has a shorter path to the outside, where it still has to go along the whole sleeve with the jacket.

The softshell vest is therefore especially for the faster among us, and for sports enthusiasts who start sweating a little earlier.
If you prefer to take it easy, or are just a frostbite, then you should rather buy a lined vest. The so-called quilted vests offer not only protection from the wind, but also warm you. Here, however, there are again different types. Either you reach for the down lined, or the synthetic fiber padded sports vest.

Down or Synthetic fiber?

Down is warmer than most synthetic fiber batting, which is why it is popular in winter jackets. However, there is unfortunately one major drawback, if the down in your vest gets wet, it will collapse and no longer provide warmth. From that point on, you're just lugging around a wet bag. Also, you have to take good care of down so that you can enjoy it for a long time. Still, a down vest is perfect for a walk on a dry, mild day when your jacket is just too warm.

If you want a step between a Sunday walk and trail running, the synthetic fiber padded vest is a good choice. This is because not only does it keep the wind out and warm, like down, but it is also more weather resistant. That is, if the vest should get wet, you are still warm. The padding keeps its shape and thus dries faster. Furthermore, such a padded vest is also easier to clean. This vest suits you best if you are an avid athlete, love outdoor activities, but also start to freeze a little faster.

Still nothing for you? Don't worry, we still have one outdoor vest in stock, and that is the fleece vest. It's great when you need lightweight gear that's warm and functional. Most fleece vests are more moisture and temperature regulating than the above and still provide warmth. So this has to be the perfect vest, right? No, because this vest also has one drawback, it is not wind resistant. So if you require a vest to protect you primarily from the wind, you should rather choose one of the others. Nevertheless, the fleece vest is a quick-drying and functional garment that suits you on days when the T-shirt is too cold and the jacket too warm.

With all vests, there is then of course the decision whether you should be equipped with or without a hood. Again, it depends on what you want to do with it. Sure, a hood is handy when the wind whistles around your ears, but if you pull a jacket over it later, it can be quite uncomfortable. In this case, a vest without a hood would be better, especially if you go out of the house in the onion principle. Speaking of the onion principle, you have through a vest the possibility to dress optimally for all weather conditions, because you can work in combination with T-shirt, sweater and jacket.

The vest in everyday Life

A vest is simply an all-rounder and should not be missing in any closet. Whether casually combined with jeans or something fancier with a dress, through the different models, such as a knitted vest, everything is possible. In addition, it can be a fashion accessory and give your look that certain something, both ladies and men. Besides, you can wear it in almost every season. In the spring, as soon as the first beautiful days come, in the fall, when it is already a little colder, or in the winter under a jacket.

If you are now wondering which company has the best vests, then just look in our store, there you will find all the top brands for outdoor vests such as Ortovox, Dynafit, Patagonia, and Salewa. But not only that but also backpacks, hiking boots and other clothing. Maybe you have a little luck and can get your new favorite piece in the sale. Everything you need to go on your outdoor adventure for women, men and children in all sizes can be found here. Now you just have to decide which color your vest should be: black, red, blue, beige ...?