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The mountain sports specialist boasts an extensive selection of top quality, durable products for alpine adventures with a minimal footprint.

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Salewa: Outdoor shoes, ski jackets and more

The Salewa brand not only stands for innovation, but also for high-quality clothing, accessories and equipment. In various areas such as hiking, alpine life, speed hiking, ski touring and climbing, Salewa provides men, women and children with ski jackets, hiking boots and more. Find out here what makes Salewa so special and why the brand can be seen as a true "We Think Around Us" brand!

Why is Salewa a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

Sustainability is an essential part of Salewa's corporate values and daily work. Just like at the Südtiroler Oberalp Group, which also owns brands such as Dynafit and Wild Country. But what makes a modern, sustainable and conscious brand? It takes more than just promises. Salewa stands out as a "We Think" brand above all because of the following points:

• The company takes responsibility along the entire supply chain.
• The company knows the environmental impact of its operations and systematically analyzes and prioritizes risks. 

• Salewa is committed to fair working conditions and holds the Leader status of the Fair Wear Foundation.

These factors have enabled Salewa to establish itself as a fair brand that not only produces highly functional products, but also leads the way in ecological awareness.

Cohesion, Responsibility and Innovation

"Sustainability is a matter of individual action. Every day" - but implementing this principle requires the will and strength to be a sustainable brand. Eight deeply rooted Salewa principles provide orientation: Passion, People, Courage, Responsibility, Ethics, Sweat together, Innovation and Future.

For Salewa, this means producing durable mountaineering products with as small an ecological footprint as possible, while at the same time promoting the people who work for and with the company. The products are monitored and controlled from the beginning of the design process until they leave the warehouse. For Salewa, this means
• the use of socially and environmentally responsible materials 

• strict control of the use of chemicals before and during production
• the longest possible shelf life for products 

• regional product development
• Efficient management of product lines
• Minimization of textile waste

Nevertheless, the company is aware: "We still have a long way to go, but we are improving step by step. Sustainability is a choice we invest in because we believe in it.


The history of the Salewa brand goes back to the 1930s. A time when alpine mountaineering was still in its infancy and many peaks had yet to be conquered. Salewa was founded in 1935 by Josef Liebhart and was initially known as a Munich leather goods factory. At the beginning of the 50s, the company's focus shifted more and more towards mountaineering. The rest is history.

As a manufacturer of alpine equipment, Salewa took Scandinavian cross-country ski skis or ski poles into production and equipped expedition teams with the necessary alpine sports articles. Today, Salewa is one of the most successful international outdoor manufacturers.

When Oberalp AG took over Salewa in 1990, the company's headquarters were moved from Munich to Bolzano in South Tyrol. The new headquarters in Bolzano was completed in 2011 and reflects the innovative and progressive spirit of the company with its modern concept and architecture in the form of a mountain crystal. The overall concept of the new Salewa headquarters includes a logistics and distribution center, a flagship store and a climbing hall. With a climbing area of around 2,000 square meters and a height of 24 meters, the latter is the largest climbing hall in Italy and invites visitors and athletes alike to go climbing.

Outfitter for athletes & sports personalities

Salewa's entrepreneurial success is also reflected in the development of its own athlete squad, which represents the Salewa brand internationally and acts as an ambassador for a more respectful approach to mountaineering and nature. As there are always new challenges in mountaineering, the Salewa athlete team changes from time to time. In 2009, for example, athletes from the new field of ski mountaineering (a technical sport in which previously inaccessible peaks are conquered using ski and climbing equipment) were added for the first time. Today, the team includes alpinists, freeriders and paragliders.

A range that speaks for itself

Today, Salewa's extensive product range includes a variety of alpine mountaineering equipment for men, women and children. Whether you are interested in mountaineering, trekking or winter sports, Salewa has the right products for you.

Are you still looking for the right clothing for your next winter adventure? Salewa offers you Salewa women's ski jackets or the Salewa women's cross-country skiing jacket in various colors and designs. Men will also find what they are looking for at Salewa, for example the Salewa men's ski jackets or the Salewa men's ski suit. Of course, the men's clothing is also available in different colors and designs. You can rely on the functionality and durability of the Salewa Powertex outer material, which not only provides reliable protection from wind and cold, but also has a water column of 20,000 millimeters.

Even the little ones need protection from wind, weather and cold, which is why Salewa has an extensive range for children. In addition to the Salewa children's ski suit, there are also ski jackets and pants as well as the matching base layer for your little ones. Equipped with high-quality materials such as TirolWool® and Powertex, your children can dive headfirst into their next ski adventure.

But Salewa has more to offer than just clothing. A wide range of winter sports equipment and accessories such as climbing harnesses, crampons, shoes, climbing helmets, functional outdoor clothing and backpacks for hiking are just as much a part of Salewa's product range as its extensive winter fashions. In addition, Salewa produces high-quality tents and sleeping bags that are suitable for everything from extended trekking tours to high alpine expeditions.

Salewa at Sport Conrad

You are interested in a new ski or functional jacket from Salewa? Then you have come to the right place! We carry various products from Salewa in different designs, colors and sizes. In our extensive assortment you will not only find products from Salewa, but also from many other top brands. Browse our site and find clothing and equipment for your next sporting adventure!