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Outdoor Shoes/ Boots

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Outdoor Shoes by Sport Conrad

During numerous outdoor activities, you are on uneven terrain and the weather can change quickly. So that you still have a secure footing and can continue the hike despite slippery ground, it is worthwhile to have the right footwear with you. Breathable, waterproof and equipped with a good profile, every trekking tour becomes a highlight. Find the right outdoor shoes in our Online Shop at Sport Conrad now!

Outdoor shoes - The must-have for every trekking tour

Whether on a hike or other outdoor activities, shoes with the right features are the absolute must-have. The right footwear offers you the necessary protection against injuries caused by twisting or slipping, various functions also ensure a pleasant foot climate and perfect wearing comfort. Shoes with sufficient tread guarantee optimal performance and stability even on steep trails. 

Waterproof or at least water-resistant upper material provides additional protection if it should get wet. Especially in the mountains, the weather can change quickly. So that the feet remain pleasantly dry in the shoes, attention should already be paid to robust materials when buying the shoes. Especially outdoor shoes with lacing are very popular on trekking tours, because they not only provide a secure hold and sufficient stability, but also provide reliable protection during long hikes. Discover the different models of outdoor shoes now and find the perfect pair of shoes in the right shoe size for men, women and children!

The Top Categories of Outdoor shoes

You don't always need the thick outdoor boots when it comes to hiking through the mountains. In warm temperatures and good weather, simple and light shoes with a non-slip sole are absolutely sufficient. Hiking boots with high or flat shaft, sturdy sandals and more can be found in our assortment. The different models and collections always offer the best possible support for any outdoor adventures. Decide for yourself, which brand, which item and which design you like best and let us advise you if you have any questions.

Outdoor shoes in the cold season

Whether in autumn, winter or on cool spring days - the weather is wet and cold, you need robust, waterproof and insulating shoes. In snow and ice, you should always opt for lined boots, with fleece or fur. Also look for breathable material that wicks away moisture to the outside, so that your feet stay dry and pleasantly warm even on long tours through the mountains.

Trekking shoes and hiking boots are not only available as boots. Shoes with a half-high shaft also offer you optimal support and sufficient safety. In rough terrain, always make sure you have a non-slip sole with a good tread. Lacing the shoes can provide additional stability for your joints, which protects you even better from injuries and falls. Shoes made of leather insulate particularly well against cold and moisture, they also adapt perfectly to the shape of the foot and thus ensure a good fit. They also adapt perfectly to the shape of the foot and thus provide a particularly high wearing comfort.

Light shoes for summer

Hikes in the summer can quickly become a sweaty affair. The sun, high temperatures despite the mountains and steep climbs - thick boots and warm hiking boots are out of place here. Therefore, airy and lightweight sandals and outdoor low shoes for ambitious hikers definitely belong in the shoe cabinet. Flat outdoor shoes with ventilation slits and breathable material are perfect for summer activities.

Nevertheless, the shoes should fulfill certain functions in order to offer you enough safety even in the summer. In addition to a non-slip outsole and sturdy materials, the insole should also have an antibacterial footbed and cushion your movements at the heel. Important for sandals are especially gel-padded straps and size-adjustable Velcro closures, so that the feet not only have sufficient support and stability, but also the wearing comfort is guaranteed on long tours, and you do not get any blisters or pressure sores.

If you want to wear hiking sandals in the summer, we recommend sandals with toe protection. They offer you additional performance and a stable hold. Always choose your shoes according to the terrain. If you are going to the mountains, you should wear closed shoes even in summer to protect and stabilize your feet and ankles. If it is more of a relaxed tour on paved forest paths, sandals are sufficient.

Outdoor Shoes for every day?

Can outdoor and hiking shoes be worn in everyday life? We can answer this question with a resounding yes. Hiking boots can be worn in everyday life without further ado, but some things should be considered here, because in the end hiking boots are designed for outdoor use and only conditionally intended to be worn in a heated office.

However, there are some everyday activities where a lightweight hiking or trekking shoe is just the right footwear. Sneakers and sports shoes with non-slip soles and made of sturdy materials are ideal for walks or hikes in the lowlands. For an extended round with the dog in the forest, a trip with the kids to a playground, gardening or visiting the city, you are perfectly equipped with outdoor shoes. 

The combination of sporty and stylish collections with the functionality for outdoor activities make hiking shoes the new trendy shoe for a shopping trip, a walk in the woods and more.

Sustainability is a top priority for Sport Conrad

For the sake of our customers and the environment, we want to be transparent about the sustainability of our products. That's why we have also classified our outdoor shoes in different categories of sustainability. We tell you what some of the categories mean in our online store.


The seal pays special attention to aspects of textile safety. All articles that are processed to at least 90% in certified factories are allowed to carry the Bluesign seal.

Fair Leather

This is not an official seal, but we use this designation for "leather from species-appropriate husbandry". Products made of leather, in compliance with animal welfare criteria and which have been demonstrably produced in an environmentally friendly manner, are labeled.


Recycling plays an increasingly important role in the production of outdoor clothing, apparel and hard goods. To keep track, we label products that are made from recycled materials. Many outdoor manufacturers use fully recycled or partially recycled materials. We give the category "recycled" to products if the main part of the item consists of recycled material.

Fair Wear

This seal denotes controlled trade, whereby producers receive a minimum price for their products. The price is determined beforehand by a fair trade organization.

Made in EU

This label is given to all shoes manufactured in the EU, this is not an official seal and we award this according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Climate Neutral

More and more companies are offsetting their corporate carbon footprint or product carbon footprint, i.e. after calculating their carbon footprint, the unavoidable CO2 emissions are offset by purchasing climate protection certificates. Even if the term "climate neutral" is used, this does not mean that these products do not cause any CO2 emissions - it means that the emissions are neutralized by offsetting. Offsetting is offered by providers such as ClimatePartner, MyClimate, etc.


PFC stands for a dirt- and water-repellent impregnation without fluorocarbon compounds. These compounds are considered harmful to the environment and to health. PFC-free products, on the other hand, do not release any harmful compounds.

Outdoor Shoes from Top Brands at Sport Conrad

The selection of our hiking boots, outdoor shoes and shoes for sports is versatile. Different models, for example from Adidas Terrex, La Sportiva or CMP, convince with function, performance and stylish designs. Comfort, stability and safety for your feet on every hike, on all trekking tours or when walking through nature - discover the perfect shoes for women, men and children in the right shoe size online at Sport Conrad!

You want a personal consultation, have questions, or would like to try on the outdoor shoes on site? Then visit us, if it is possible for you, in one of our stores and let us inspire you or contact us for an online consultation.

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