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Grüezi Bag

Grüezi Bag is a young Bavarian brand that has set itself the goal of developing innovative sleeping bags. For a good and restful sleep it is especially important that you neither freeze nor sweat and that your sleeping bag has a pleasantly dry climate. Markus Wiesböck, founder of Grüezi Bag, found the right material mixture and since 2015 has been the first manufacturer to produce sleeping bags using alpine wool as insulation material.  

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We all know, who sweats, sleeps badly, who freezes, does not sleep at all. For a healthy and restful sleep, the climate in the sleeping bag is of great importance.

Grüezi Bag remembers that people have been using wool as a duvet for centuries. With good reason, because wool is very temperature-regulating - the temperature range in which you feel comfortable with a wool duvet is very wide. In addition, wool continues to warm even when it gets damp.

Grüezi Bag is available with two different insulation materials

Almwolle (= alp wool) consists of pure wool from sheep from the alpine region. Your advantage: Alpine wool is very insensitive to moisture. But it is not as light as the DownWool insulation material.

DownWool is probably the best insulation material currently on the market for sleeping bags. It consists of 70% RDS certified down and 30% wool. Due to the high down content it insulates very well and is still light. The wool content in DownWool makes it insensitive to moisture and balances the temperature.

Sustainability and animal welfare

DownWool is 100% natural, sustainably produced and respects animal welfare. Grüezi Bag does not use down from the production of live plucked or foie gras geese. The alpine wool for the sleeping bags comes from sheep from the alpine region with clear proof of origin.And Grüezi Bag is local anyway. The company is still managed by the founder and owner Markus Wiesböck. The development of the sleeping bags takes place in Bad Feilnbach, Bavaria, directly on the Alps.