Grüezi Bag

Woman lying in a Grüezi sleeping bag by a mountain lake.
Grüezi Bag: Sleeping bags with optimal climate control and comfort for healthy and restful sleep - made by Nature: Thanks to innovative DownWool and AlmWolle insulation materials are made of 100 percent renewable raw materials.
Woman lying in a Grüezi sleeping bag by a mountain lake.
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Why is Grüezi Bag a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

Sustainability is a conviction that is reflected in Grüezi Bag products. The Bavarian sleeping bag specialist’s code of ethics is based on a commitment to three key elements: nature conservation, animal welfare and humanity. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Grüezi Bag stands out in the following ways:

- The company is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain
- It prides itself on ecologically friendly, resource-saving production and
- compliance with strict animal welfare criteria

Grüezi Bag in tune with nature

Grüezi Bag was founded by Markus Wiesböck in 2015 and is based in Bad Feilnbach, Bavaria. In keeping with its code of ethics, the innovative sleeping bag brand is dedicated to the conservation of nature, animal welfare and humanity. The company differs from many of its competitors in that its “green” image is not a marketing tool, but rather a genuine passion that is evident in the individual components of the products. In the production of its wool sleeping bags, Grüezi Bag uses only European lavalan wool from a German wool processing company that does not practice mulesing. The wool used comes exclusively from sheep in Norway and Switzerland, the countries with the highest animal welfare standards. The company also uses UniqueTrace, an online traceability platform that ensures real-time tracking of goods and analyzes the entire lifecycle from producer to consumer. Grüezi Bag is not only know for the first 100 percent natural sleeping bag, it also developed the first 100 percent compostable sleeping bag.

Grüezi Bag: DownWool and AlmWool

We all know: If you’re sweating, you won’t sleep well. If you're cold, you won't sleep at all. The temperature and humidity in your sleeping bag are of vital importance for healthy and relaxing sleep. People have been using wool blankets for centuries - reason enough for founder Markus Wiesböck to use the temperature-regulating properties of wool for sleeping bags.

AlmWolle (=Alps wool) consists of pure wool from sheep from the alpine region. The benefit for you: AlmWolle is not sensitive to moisture. On the other hand, it is not as lightweight as DownWool insulation. DownWool is arguably the best insulation material currently on the market for sleeping bags. It is made of 70 percent RDS certified down and 30 percent wool. The high down content gives it very good insulation properties at a minimum of weight. The wool content makes DownWool less sensitive to moisture and provides effective temperature control. 

DownWool is 100 percent natural and sustainably produced with strict adherence to animal welfare guidelines. Grüezi Bag does not use down from live-plucked geese or geese that are force-fed for foie gras. The alpine wool for the sleeping bags comes from sheep from the alpine region with clear proof of origin. Naturally, the Grüezi Bag is produced locally. The company is still managed by founder and owner Markus Wiesböck. The sleeping bags are developed in Bad Feilnbach, Bavaria, right at the foot of the Alps.