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Running equipment at Sport Conrad

As a mountain sports retailer, we not only carry running shoes and apparel for trail running, but also running gear for road running. Meanwhile, the selection of trail running shoes is so large that they surpass the road running shoes in our range. The best-known brands are also represented in our running clothing. Here you will find everything you need for your favorite sport. But we have even more! Running backpacks, running poles, sports watches, sunglasses, headlamps also find their place in our assortment!

The right clothing for every application!

Almost all functional tops or first layers such as a functional shirt or a longsleeve are made of synthetic materials, because they can transport sweat faster than natural materials (click here for our material encyclopedia). If you still prefer natural textiles, you should get yourself a thin merino shirt. Here it is important to note: The thinner the merino fabric, the less sweat the shirt can absorb. A running shirt should always be the first layer on your skin.

Most of the time you don't need more over it while running, unless it gets really cold in the transitional season or you want to run in winter. Then we recommend an additional midlayer. This is slightly thicker than a functional shirt, but keeps you warm and remains breathable.

If it is windy or rainy, take a windbreaker or a rain jacket. However, a windbreaker is usually sufficient for running, as it is more breathable than a rain jacket. Most of the time, you will sweat faster in a rainproof jacket. Also, windbreakers are very light and you can pack them up small and put them in your pants pocket or attach them to your backpack/belt. For light drizzle this is quite enough, for heavier rain and long runs you should resort to a rain jacket.

The running pants: an important component in terms of mobility and running comfort

Your running pants should provide many hours of good comfort in your movement and must not chafe or interfere anywhere. Therefore, there are also some differences here: There are running shorts with and without inner pants. The inner pants often have a compression effect and ensure better blood circulation. If you prefer a looser fit, you should opt for running shorts without inner shorts.

It's a similar story with long running pants. There are loose, breathable running pants for working out at home or at the gym. But there are also tight-fitting running tights. You need to determine whether your running tights should be long or short based on your sensitivity to cold.

Colorful variety for your feet

A good pair of running socks is a must for every runner. Running socks are an important part of your gear. They should complement your running shoes and make running more comfortable. They also help prevent blisters and keep your feet comfortable inside your running shoes. Running socks should end at least above the ankle to prevent the sock from slipping. For demanding trail runs, we recommend mid- or high-cut compression socks. In fact, a good pair of compression socks can help improve your performance, prevent discomfort, and speed recovery.

What else you need in running clothes

Arm and leg warmers are for those who want to save themselves the trouble of changing quickly when the weather turns. They can be quickly tucked into your pants or jacket pocket and pulled over during your run, depending on how cold it gets. There are a variety of sports bras available for women to ensure proper support and comfort while running. Before buying, you should definitely pay attention to the specified support strength of a sports bra. In the colder season it is recommended to have a pair of running gloves with you.

The right headgear is a must-have for running in hot temperatures. In summer, you can choose between two types of caps: Closed at the top or open. If you have long hair, it's better to choose a cap with an opening. In colder temperatures, the same principle applies: for people with long hair, a headband and for people with short hair, a functional, closed cap.