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Skiing Category at Sport Conrad

It happens every year at the beginning of fall: as soon as the first mountaintops turn white, countless enthusiastic skiers await the first resort day. No matter if all mountain, race or on-piste skis: every skier, no matter the level, is sure to find just the right piece of equipment for the upcoming ski season in our assortment!

Whether on freshly groomed slopes, in the park or off-piste - for enthusiastic skiers it is clear from the first snowflakes that they want to get out in the snow and onto the skis! With us, every skier, whether professional or beginner, is sure to find the right ski equipment for the next winter! Because before your first day on skis, you should check whether you really have all the equipment you need. From skis and boots to poles and the right clothing and headgear - skiing is only really fun when your equipment is suitable for the given weather conditions and offers you support and safety. But one thing at a time: in this article, we offer you an overview of the products you shouldn't be without and explain what's important when buying them.

The perfect ski for you

Let's start with the most obvious piece of ski equipment: the skis. Before you choose a ski, you should think about the terrain you ski most. If you like ski touring, you should check out our ski touring category.

All-mountain and race skis

If you mostly ski on groomed slopes, you should go for an all-mountain ski. The name says it all - these skis are true adaptability wonders. You can cruise for hours on the slopes as well as take a detour into the deep snow. An all-mountain ski is always a reliable companion for every skiing style. There are even special women's models that are adapted to a woman's anatomy and her body's centre of gravity. This makes them even easier to control and guarantees fun on the slopes. However, if you race, of course a race ski is the right choice. A race ski has to withstand fast speeds and extremely hard slopes. Special racing models are designed to do just that, and are significantly harder and heavier than all-mountain skis. To make your choice easier, we at Sport Conrad have already selected and mounted the right binding for all-mountain and race skis.

Park & Pipe Skis

Classic skiing is too boring for you? You prefer skiing in the park and want to work on spectacular jumps and tricks? Then you'll find the ski that can handle rails, boxes, half pipes and kickers in our Park & Pipe category.


Park skis are characterised by their lightweight construction and soft flex. At the same time, they are robust enough to withstand hard landings and absorb shocks. In addition, park and pipe skis have to be light, which is why they have comparatively small dimensions and twintips. To make it easier for you to choose the right model, we have included the "Level" filter. This way you can find the ski that is exactly suited to your ability.

Freeride / Freetouring Ski

In order to find hidden spaces and untouched, open areas, freeriders and freetourers climb the last metres of altitude with muscle power and skins. In order to glide over the deep powder snow and remain agile on the subsequent descent, the appropriate skis in this category are designed to be wider. The medium width lets you float effortlessly over the snow on the one hand and stabilises landings in deep snow on the other.

Big Mountain Powder Ski

The skis in this category are even wider. Admittedly, days with masses of fresh snow are rare in the Alps. But if the weather forecast is positive, optimum deep-snow enjoyment in the backcountry is guaranteed with Big Mountain Powder Skis. The extreme centre and shovel widths provide plenty of lift, so you almost feel like you're floating.

Ski poles

The right choice of ski poles should not be underestimated. They provide balance and help you turn corners, especially in steep terrain. Short turns are also inconceivable without the use of poles. Ski poles made of carbon are particularly light and popular. In this category we also give you tips on how to determine the right length based on your size.

Ski Boots and more

Ski Boots

The ski boot is the link between the skier and ski and ensures the correct transmission of power. Only a suitable boot allows you to control and steer your ski in a targeted manner. Your ski boots should sit firmly on your feet, but should never pinch. One indicator of how comfortable you feel in your ski boot is the flex of the boot, i.e. the degree of hardness. Racers and professionals use boots with a very high flex of 130 upwards. If you don't ski competitively, a lower flex is best. In our category, you will also find the appropriate rush soles as well as other accessories.

Ski Apparel

Skiing is only fun if your clothing is perfectly adapted to your movements and the temperatures. When buying, comfort and functionality should be a priority, so that you are neither too warm nor too cold and are protected from the elements. You are best dressed with a layered look consisting of a moisture-regulating baselayer, a heat-insulating midlayer and a waterproof and windproof ski jacket and ski pants. Of course, you also need the right ski socks, gloves and hat. In our category you will find everything a skier's heart desires to always be perfectly dressed.

Ski Goggles

Ski goggles are not only a fashion statement: they protect your eyes from precipitation, dirt and the sun and are therefore an essential accessory for every ski day. It is important that the goggles fit your helmet perfectly and that there are no gaps that allow wind to get in. In our category you will not only find a wide range of ski goggles, but also sunglasses for your time out at the hut.


Ski helmets

No matter how good your skiing skills are - never hit the slopes without a helmet, because falls and injuries happen all the time when skiing. Once frowned upon, the ski helmet is now considered the be-all and end-all on the slopes. To protect your head optimally, you should pay particular attention to the right fit when buying and match the ski goggles to the shape of the helmet.

Tuning & Waxes

The final touch for a perfect ski day is the right ski service. If your skis are freshly waxed and the edges sharpened, this not only brings more skiing fun, but above all an increase in safety. You make better progress on the snow and your edges grip even on icy slopes. In our stores in Penzberg, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Wielenbach you can let the professionals do the work for you. If you want to do the service yourself, you can find the right waxes and tools for ski service at home in this category.

The selection at Sport Conrad

With the large selection of ski gear at Sport Conrad for men, women and children, you are perfectly equipped for a successful day of skiing. Every winter sports enthusiast will find what they are looking for. Browse through our range of top brands like Atomic, Völkl, Salomon, Norrona, K2 and Scott. And then off you go on your skis!